Best Shoreline Keys Free In 2022: Best Resort Keys Tarkov

Best Shoreline Keys

The size of the Escape From Tarkov map is well known. Players can visit and explore many different areas of it. The Shoreline is the most popular area of the map among gamers. It is among the most fashionable locations in EFT. It’s close to the port. The best shoreline keys were sought by a lot of players. These keys are helpful in the game, as we all know. Through them, you can obtain a lot of stuff.

As a result, we have listed the top beach keys in Escape from Tarkov in this article. Take notes, and don’t forget to do so!

Let’s get going.

1. West Wing Room Key 216

The west wing room key 216 is one of the first best shoreline keys. You get a good number of helpful things from it. The LEDX is the object most frequently discovered in this area, though we cannot promise the other stuff.

This key should be kept safe. In addition to LEDX, you can purchase various grenade types. Additionally, you are very likely to receive an M4A1, which is not a toy and can be helpful. If you appreciate the things we’ve stated, then keep this key safe.

2. East Wing Room Key 222 and 226

The numbers 222 and 226 are linked. Here, LEDX frequently spawns. Additionally, you might find crates, grenades, and weaponry of all kinds. This key is among the best shoreline keys, so you should secure it.

3. Tape Key

Among the best shoreline keys, the Tape Key is one of the most widely used. This key wasn’t available before an update, but it has now been added.

The Tape Key will assist you in obtaining all of the LEDX and Medic spawns you need to stay alive in the game. This key should be kept safe. Due to frequent attacks and widespread knowledge of this chamber, you must arrive there first. The loot must be obtained before someone else.

4. West Wing Room Key 301 and 304

Rooms 301 and 304 are connected, just like rooms 222 and 226 are. This room key should be on your shopping list because it unlocks a tonne of awesome things, such as desktops and the LEDX. It is situated on the resort’s west side.

5. East Wing Room Key 310

East Wing Room Key 310 is ranked as the fifth best shoreline keys room on the list. It is regarded as the second-most valuable key, behind the Tape key. There are numerous priceless artifacts in this room, including bitcoins.

It gives birth to extremely rare and valuable goods that you won’t find anywhere else. It is among the most frequently used rooms, so it is constantly full. This area is frequented by players looking to steal expensive stuff.

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6. Cottage Back Entrance Key

One of the important keys is the one for the back door. There is a chance that you will obtain the best in-game gear if you associate this key with such a task. The majority of players have previously tried it and liked it. You shouldn’t hesitate to try connecting it to a mission; you won’t regret it.

7. Key To Station Storage

You should look for the key to the station storage if you’re looking for epic weaponry and packages in the chambers. Here, you’ll probably find the best gear. It is also not hurried like the Tape Key Room.

You may do it there whenever you want and nobody will be there (unless it gets popular after this). Try it out; it’s unquestionably among the best shoreline keys from Escape from Tarkov.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have attempted to respond to some of the frequently asked questions, including the following:

Which keys work best for Shoreline?

The East Wing Key 310 and Tape Key are regarded as the best keys for shorelines. To obtain important stuff, you should safeguard these keys.

Can you throw the keys, Tarkov?

Players can no longer drop cash and keycards during the raid in “Escape from Tarkov.”

How long does the shoreline raid last?

A 50-minute raid on the shoreline takes place. The raid takes time because the map is so large.

Reshala is still at Shoreline, right?

Yes, Reshala has relocated to the shoreline, and they have a very high spawning rate.

Does Sanitar have a shield?

Sanitar does indeed equip armour. Even while their clothing varies, they typically wear armour.

Do key cards have tarkov durability?

Keys and keycards that can only be used a certain number of times have a durability meter in the bottom right corner of their icons and inspection screens.

Final word

The shoreline plays a significant role in the Escape From Tarkov map. In this blog, we’ve covered the best shoreline keys. in order to capitalize on them and steal valuables from them. Therefore, do have a look at them; they are all stated above.

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