Project Quarantine Release Date, Trailer, Weapons & More 2024

Project Quarantine is an upcoming multiplayer zombie survival game being developed by Lazarus Studio. Set in a post-apocalyptic setting, players will have to survive against hordes of zombies as they scavenge for supplies and try to cure the infection. Though not much is known about the game yet, here is everything we know so far about Project Quarantine’s release date, trailer, weapons, gameplay, and more.

Overview of Project Quarantine

Project Quarantine is an open-world zombie survival game with a strong emphasis on cooperative multiplayer. Players will team up with friends or other survivors as they try to withstand the relentless zombie attacks and find a cure to stop the outbreak.

The game features large open-world environments based in various real-world cities. Players will have to fortify structures, scavenge for weapons and supplies, rescue other survivors, and ultimately try to find a way to develop a cure and stem the tide of the undead hordes.

Release Date

Project Quarantine does not have an official release date yet. The game was first announced in November 2022. Based on the development timeline so far, a tentative release date speculation for Project Quarantine would be sometime in 2024.

The developers Lazarus Studio have stated that the game is still in early production. Given the scale and scope of the game, a 2024 release seems realistic. We expect more concrete details on the launch timeline later in 2023.

Expected Release Window

  • Q1 or Q2 2024

So while we don’t have an exact date, Project Quarantine seems to be targeting a release in the first half of 2024 based on current estimates. As the game nears completion, the developers should announce an official release date.


The first teaser trailer for Project Quarantine was revealed at The Game Awards 2022. The cinematic trailer sets up the tone and premise of the game without showing any gameplay footage.

The trailer depicts a family desperately trying to barricade themselves in an apartment as zombie hordes swarm the streets below. As they run out of supplies, the father finally decides to venture out into the dangerous world outside to scavenge for food and medicine.

The trailer ends on a grim note as the mother and daughter hear distressed screams indicating the father got infected or killed. The trailer effectively establishes the brutal struggle for survival amidst the zombie outbreak that players will experience in the game.

You can watch the announcement teaser trailer for Project Quarantine below:

We expect more gameplay trailers and previews to be revealed as we get closer to launch giving us a better look at the actual gameplay mechanics and systems.

Gameplay and Features

While full gameplay has not been showcased yet, the developers have shared some details on the key gameplay features and systems of Project Quarantine:

Open World Environments

The game will be set across large open-world urban environments based on real-world cities. These open-world spaces will be freely explorable and players can approach objectives from multiple routes. The cities will be highly detailed with enterable interiors and dynamic environments.

Cooperative Multiplayer

Project Quarantine is designed as a shared-world multiplayer experience. Teams of players can group up seamlessly and work together to survive against infected threats and complete objectives. You can help each other secure safe zones, scavenge for resources, and develop a cure to win the game.

Base Building

An integral part of surviving the quarantine will be finding and fortifying a safe shelter from zombies. Players will be able to build up base camps from various location types like apartments, malls, hospitals etc. You can craft barriers, traps, and defenses to create a protected sanctuary.


Resources will be scarce in the devastated urban regions. Players will have to carefully explore their surrounding areas to scavenge for supplies like weapons, ammo, medical items, raw materials for crafting etc. Unique scavenging skills will help you find precious resources.

Stealth and Tactical Combat

When you do have to engage in combat, the game allows for both stealth and direct action. You can sneak past zombies or silently take them out. Large zombie hordes will require tactical coordination and use of the environment.

Cure Research

The ultimate goal is to find a way to develop a cure and make the city livable again. Players will work towards researching this cure by rescuing scientists, gathering virus samples, and restoring research labs.

Dynamic NPCs

The cities will be populated with other non-infected human NPC survivors that you can interact with. They may provide valuable stories, resources, or side quests to help you survive the quarantine.

This mix of base building, survival, stealth, and combat makes for an exciting cooperative PvE experience as you work to cure the zombie virus outbreak.


Since Project Quarantine takes place in a contemporary urban setting, many of the weapons will be improvised and makeshift. Detailed weaponry has not been revealed yet but we can expect firearms like pistols, shotguns, rifles, SMGs, etc.

Close-combat melee weapons are also likely given the zombie threat. Crowbars, machetes, knives, and bats are weapons that can be useful against individual zombies at close range. Crafting and customizing weapons from scavenged parts will also be an important aspect.

There is also potential for more exotic weapon types that players may be able to develop or unlock throughout the game as the zombie outbreak escalates and becomes more extreme.

Some of the potential weapon types include:

  • Pistols – Revolvers, handguns, etc for self-defense and close-quarters combat. Reliable sidearms.
  • Shotguns – Powerful short-range stopping power against individual zombies. Effective for room clearing.
  • Assault Rifles – Accurate automatic rifles for mid to long-range engagements. Essential for large horde control.
  • Sniper Rifles – Long-range precision weapons that can take out zombies silently and efficiently.
  • SMGs – Rapid fire compact weapons excellent for mobility and close-quarters spraying.
  • Melee Weapons – Crowbars, axes, hammers, etc for quiet melee strikes. Useful when isolated.
  • Thrown Weapons – Grenades, Molotov, pipe bombs, etc for traps and crowd control.
  • Special Weapons – Advanced techs like laser grids, auto-turrets, and sonic emitters that may unlock later on.

The weapon variety will be key to surviving the different types of zombie threats players come across in this dangerous open world.

Multiplayer Details

As a cooperative multiplayer-focused game, Project Quarantine offers several online multiplayer features:

Seamless Coop Integration

You can easily group up with friends or other players online to survive the quarantine together. The multiplayer is seamlessly integrated into the core gameplay experience.

4 Player Coop Squads

Most coop gameplay is centered around squads of up to 4 players. This 4 player squad size enables close teamplay coordination while scavenging or holding down bases.

Base Sharing

When grouped, players can collectively build and share a base. This is important for pooling resources and having a shared safehouse.

Mission Sharing

Any missions or objectives can be shared across your coop squad allowing better coordination. You can divide and conquer objectives efficiently.

Trading Resources

Resources scavenged by any squad member like weapons, medicine, etc can be freely traded between players as needed to survive.

Revive Teammates

Incapacitated squad members can be revived to stick together and avoid unnecessary deaths. This core mechanic will promote teamwork.

The streamlined coop integration should make playing through the zombie apocalypse with friends natural and intuitive.

Developers: Lazarus Studio

Project Quarantine is being developed by the AAA game studio Lazarus Studio. While this is their first major release, the studio has strong talent from veteran developers across multiple studios.

Some key facts about Lazarus Studio:

  • Founded in 2018 and based in Los Angeles, California.
  • Currently over 150 developers working on Project Quarantine.
  • Veteran developers who have worked on major titles like Gears of War, Destiny, Call of Duty, etc.
  • Strong focus on cooperative multiplayer experiences.
  • Building proprietary next-gen game engine tailored for their games.

With its experienced team and purpose-built technology, Lazarus Studio seems well-positioned to deliver an ambitious triple-A coop experience with Project Quarantine.

Setting and Story

Project Quarantine takes place in modern times across multiple real-world cities that have been overrun by a mysterious zombie virus outbreak. Civilization has collapsed and the scattered survivors struggle to withstand the relentless hordes of infected.

Not much has been revealed yet about the actual narrative and plot. But the backstory appears to involve a mutated fungal virus that spreads rapidly and turns people into aggressive fast zombies. Some key story elements based on the premise:

  • Sudden Virus Outbreak: The zombie virus emerges and spreads too quickly to be contained.
  • Global Pandemic: Cities across the world are soon overrun by zombies as the virus goes global.
  • Society Collapses: With no cure, the government and military fail to maintain order, and society crumbles.
  • Scattered Survivors: Isolated groups of survivors remain, trying to avoid the infected.
  • Race for a Cure: Developing a cure becomes the focus to take back the cities and rebuild civilization.

The developer Lazarus Studio has said Project Quarantine will incorporate deep lore across its environments, characters, and missions that explain the backstory of the mysterious virus and outbreak.

Players will piece together the narrative as they play through the quarantine zones. Rather than a linear story, the narrative will be emergent based on your actions and which factions you ally with.

This overall premise sets the stage for thrilling cooperative survival gameplay against overwhelming zombie hordes in a dynamic open world.


While exact locations have not been confirmed, Project Quarantine is expected to be set across multiple large real-world cities that provide diverse urban environments.

Potential city settings that would be well suited for the game include:

New York – The dense streets of NYC would provide a claustrophobic and tense setting for the zombie apocalypse. Iconic landmarks could include Central Park, Times Square, and the Brooklyn Bridge.

Los Angeles – The sprawling cityscape complete with beaches, highways, and Hollywood signs would make for an exciting survival arena.

London – The historic architecture and maze-like boroughs of London would be great for stealth and scavenging gameplay.

Tokyo – The huge neon metropolis with its tight alleyways, skyscrapers, and underground malls offers lots of tactical opportunities.

Mexico City – The huge population and vibrant culture of Mexico City could inspire unique survival factions to ally with.

Each city would have its distinct flavor and layout for intense zombie survival. As players cure infection zones, they could eventually reconnect across cities to regroup humanity and find a global cure in the campaign story.

The developer has mentioned visiting recognizable global cities, so we can expect to see a good variety of real-world urban environments brought to life in detail.

Game Engine

To power its ambitious open-world vision, Lazarus Studio is developing Project Quarantine using its own proprietary next-gen game engine called Lazarus Engine 2.0.

Built specifically for cooperative online experiences, some standout features of the Lazarus Engine include:

  • Volumetric Lighting– Cinematic lighting with god rays and light shafts to set the tone.
  • Destructible Environments– Detailed destruction of walls, floors, and objects for tactical gameplay.
  • Advanced AI– Complex enemy and character behaviors to enable a living world.
  • Dynamic Weather– Realistic weather systems like storms, fog, wind, etc that affect gameplay.
  • Seamless Multiplayer– Constant connectivity and matchmaking between players.
  • Crossplay Support– Unified experience across console and PC players.

This custom-built technology will allow the studio to fully realize its vision without being limited by existing game engines. The engine has been in development for a few years and is now powering pre-production for Project Quarantine.


Project Quarantine is being developed for a cross-gen release targeting the major console platforms as well as PCs. The supported platforms announced so far are:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S
  • PC

The developer has emphasized a unified experience regardless of platform. The game will support crossplay between PC and console players to enable easy cooperative multiplayer.

By releasing across both the latest and past generation systems, the game can access a huge combined install base to maximize the online player pool for its coop focus.

The PC version will also be extensively optimized providing options for higher framerates and resolutions. Official system requirements for PCs are yet to be announced.

Overall, nearly all major platforms are covered to allow anyone to enjoy the definitive zombie survival game when Project Quarantine eventually releases.

Key Gameplay Takeaways

  • Open-world urban environments based on real-world cities.
  • Seamless 4-player online coop integration.
  • Scavenging supplies, weapons, and crafting materials.
  • Building and fortifying safe house bases.
  • Stealth and tactical combat vs zombie hordes.
  • Uncovering narrative through exploration.
  • Finding a cure to the virus outbreak.

Release Date Speculation

While no exact date is set yet, based on the clues so far Project Quarantine is expected to release sometime in 2024. The first half of 2024 seems most probable right now given the game is still in early production.

As development progresses through 2023, we should get a better idea of the actual release timeframe. But a 2024 launch for this promising cooperative zombie survival title seems realistic.


That covers everything we know so far about one of the most anticipated upcoming zombie games, Project Quarantine. With its sprawling open-world cities, strong emphasis on coop, and emergent narrative, Project Quarantine could provide the definitive multiplayer zombie survival experience when it releases for console and PC likely in 2024.

The overall premise of scavenging to survive against infected zombie swarms and researching a cure offers lots of exciting gameplay potential. The Lazarus Studio development team contains veteran talent who can properly execute the ambitious vision.

While details are still limited pending full reveal, the initial teaser trailer and description establish a compelling setting. As more gameplay and story elements are showcased, Project Quarantine could shape up to be the most fleshed-out and terrifying zombie survival simulator to date. We look forward to learning more in the coming months.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is Project Quarantine?

Project Quarantine is an upcoming cooperative multiplayer zombie survival game being developed by Lazarus Studio for console and PC. It is set across open-world city environments overrun by zombies.

  1. What platforms will it be on?

Project Quarantine is planned for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. It will support crossplay between PC and console.

  1. Is there a release date?

Not yet. Based on early details, a tentative release target is likely sometime in 2024.

  1. Will it have a single player?

Project Quarantine is mainly focused on a connected coop experience but may support single-player with AI companions in certain modes.

  1. What can you do in the game?

Key gameplay involves scavenging supplies, weapons, and materials, fortifying safe house bases, stealth, and combat vs zombies. There is also a cure research mechanic.

  1. How many players are in the coop?

Main coop squads support up to 4 players. The game is designed for seamless multiplayer integration.

  1. Will there be PvP modes?

Currently, the game seems to be primarily PvE-focused on surviving vs zombie threats. PvP may be added later post-launch.

  1. What cities will be in the game?

Specific cities are still unconfirmed but real-world locations like New York, Los Angeles, London, Tokyo, and Mexico City have been speculated based on early details.

  1. Will it come to last-gen consoles?

Currently, only next-gen PlayStation, Xbox, and PC have been announced. Last-gen consoles are not confirmed yet.

  1. Who is developing Project Quarantine?

The studio behind the game is Lazarus Studio, a relatively new team composed of veteran developers from major titles.

Disclaimer: All information provided in this article is based on early announcements and may be subject to change during development. The release date, features, locations, and other details for Project Quarantine are speculative.

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