10 Best Nintendo DSi Emulators For PC, Android In 2022

Nintendo DSi Emulators

If you are looking for the 10 best Nintendo DSi emulators, then here is the list. Undoubtedly, there are many high-quality, overworld map, animation games available today that keep players interested for an excessive amount of time.

However, we continue to love the old Nintendo DS games and will not pass up the chance to play them on the most recent version of our operating system.

One of the best-known handheld gaming systems ever is the Nintendo DS. Millions of units were sold after its initial introduction in 2004 before being discontinued in 2013.

The number of Nintendo DS emulators available for download is enormous. Some of these emulators, however, struggle to operate NDS games smoothly.

I’ve included the top 10 best Nintendo DSi emulators in this article today so you can play these games once more.

1- DeSmuMe


This is the first and one of the best Nintendo DSi emulators on our list. I know you may find the name odd and the spelling even odder, but trust me when I say that this is the top Nintendo DSi emulator for the PC.

This Nintendo DS emulator is completely dependable. This emulator’s compatibility with both Windows and Mac systems is one of its strongest features.

The best feeling will come from using a top-notch DS emulator on your PC to play the game. By the way, the gaming speed and sound quality will be the greatest if your PC equipment is amazing. There are various emulation settings for this emulator.

2- CoolNDS

The second on our list of the best Nintendo DSi emulators is CoolNDS. You can no longer count on the creators of this DS simulator to release any new updates or bug fixes because the last update was in 2014.

I added this Nintendo DS emulator to the list because it had received a lot of favorable reviews on the Google Play store. You should get this CoolNDS emulator and run it on your device once.

3- DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator

DStastic, which is solely accessible to Android users, is third on our list of the top Nintendo DSi emulators. The greatest DS emulator for Android is this one. This emulator received a perfect score from users of 4.7 out of 5. This emulator offers numerous innovative and top-notch features.

The emulator also allows cheat codes, which makes it much better. It can store and restart your game from the point at which you stopped playing.

By the way, this optional function boosts the game’s 3D graphics by two times their original resolution. It performs best on high-end quad-core machines. The DS screen’s dimensions and positioning can be changed at any time for both landscape and portrait modes.

4- RectroArch

RectoArch is an emulator with a wide range of features, and one of the best aspects is that you can use this emulator to play different Nintendo games straight on your PC.

This is your best choice if you’re searching for an emulator that can run SNES, 3DS, NES, DS, DSI, and more with high-quality output.

While most DS emulators simply let you personalise your game, this one also allows you to customize the graphics. By the way, depending on the device, you can boost your graphics to 4K. Install this emulator right away to play these games on your phone.

5- NDS4Droid


Everyone enjoys using NDS4Droid, one of the top Nintendo DSi emulators available. This DS emulator is free to use and requires no payment from users. It also has a feature for saving and resuming. And the sound is of good quality.

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The code for this fantastic DS emulator is open source, which is one of its truly cool features. This means that both frequent users and regular users can make improvements to this software.

A user just updated the program, for example, and added a German translation option. This offers a lot that will further improve the attractiveness of the app.

6- AseDS Emulator

AseDS is the fastest emulator available if you want to stream your favourite Nintendo DSi games at any time on an Android device. Codebreaker tricks, a dual-touch interface, action replays, the ability to quickly store and load a stack of cards, and many more features are available inside the

Furthermore, this emulator allows for wireless control and many other features. It is the top-rated app in the Google Play Store and the fastest Nintendo DSi emulator for Android. Now that you have a chance, simply give Android a try and enjoy.

This emulator’s excessive amount of advertising is one drawback, as it might be a little unpleasant.

7- DuoS


Developers of Nintendo DSi emulators “DuoS Emulator” is the name of the amazing DS emulator that Roor has made available to everyone online. This is one of the list’s most quick emulators. It includes a A lot of features, including full-screen support and system state saving. The audio is of excellent, realistic quality.

Using this emulator allows you to play any game, even on a slow PC, which is one of its best features. Additionally, the GPU acceleration in the game will give you a sense of reality. It can play almost all retail games.


The NO$GBA emulator, a powerful PC emulator, comes in 8th on our list of the best Nintendo DSi emulators. This emulator has made Gameboy Advance games available. Additionally, the emulator includes a variety of visual settings in addition to having good game images. On PCs, meanwhile, this Nintendo DS emulator operates efficiently and without difficulty.

Only the Windows operating system may use this Nintendo DS emulator. Nintendo DSI games are supported by NO$GBA. This emulation has a fast speed and short stamina. There is the option to save the state as well as use joysticks. Additionally, the NO$GBA emulator allows cheats.

9- Pretendo NDS Emulator

The ninth emulator on the list is the Pretendo NDS emulator. This is the greatest DS emulator so that you may use it to play games. We always want to recommend the best app or product to our readers.

By the way, you can play the bulk of Nintendo DS games on your Android device using this emulator, which is only accessible for Android devices.

10- MelonDS


The MelonDS, which is constantly working to increase its functionality and features for us, is the last Nintendo DS emulator on the list. This emulator enables all of us to record at high resolution even with devices with average performance thanks to its ground-breaking OpenGL rendering.

When you want to use your device to play Nintendo games, the MelonDS is the ideal emulator. You can adjust the door panel and use a joystick with this emulator’s extra features.


These are the best Nintendo DSi emulators to use in 2022. Since all of the Nintendo DS ROMs are freeware and bug-free, feel free to run any of them on your Windows computer or laptop.

Now that you know how to play these Nintendo DS games on your device, I hope you will select the finest Nintendo DS emulator. Although it’s not difficult, picking the best app for your device can be confusing. However, once you’ve read this post, you can get the greatest Nintendo DS emulator. Whichever one you want to utilise, please comment below. Thank you for reading.

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