Tom Clancy’s Rainbow 7 Release Date, News, Leaks & More 2024

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six is one of the most popular tactical shooter video game franchises out there. Developed and published by Ubisoft, the Rainbow Six games are based on Tom Clancy’s bestselling book and focus on counter-terrorist operations carried out by an international unit called “Rainbow”.

The upcoming Rainbow Six installment, tentatively titled Rainbow 7, is one of the most highly anticipated games among fans of the franchise. Even though Ubisoft hasn’t officially confirmed the game yet, there have been plenty of leaks and rumors floating around about Rainbow 7’s potential release date, gameplay features, story, and more.

Rainbow 7 Release Date Speculations

As of now, Ubisoft has not announced any official release date for Rainbow 7. However, considering that the previous mainline entries in the franchise have generally seen a 2-3-year gap between their releases, we can speculate that Rainbow 7 will probably launch sometime in 2024.

Here’s a look at the release history of the last few main Rainbow Six games:

  • Rainbow Six Vegas – 2006
  • Rainbow Six Vegas 2 – 2008
  • Rainbow Six Siege – 2015
  • Rainbow Six Extraction – 2022

Siege, being an online tactical shooter, has received continuous updates over the years. However, Extraction was the first major single-player release in the franchise since Vegas 2 in 2008. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a proper new entry in the mainline series, and a 2024 release for Rainbow 7 adds up based on Ubisoft’s usual development cycles.

Some leaks have pointed towards a Q3 or Q4 2024 launch window for the game. However, these remain unverified for now. Hopefully, Ubisoft will share some official details soon.

Rainbow 7 Platforms: PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC

The Rainbow Six franchise has traditionally been associated with PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. While Extraction received a last-gen release as well, Rainbow 7 will likely be developed exclusively for current-gen consoles and PCs.

According to reports, Rainbow 7 has been in development for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. Considering the technological advancements offered by these platforms, Rainbow 7 promises to be an ambitious step forward for the tactical shooter series.

Current-gen-only development would allow the team at Ubisoft to craft larger environments, improved destruction physics, enhanced graphics and visuals, richer audio design, and more – without being held back by dated last-gen hardware.

Of course, a PC version is a no-brainer for Rainbow 7. The franchise has a huge player base on PC, and the platform allows for the best experience in terms of high framerates, resolutions, and graphical fidelity.

While PlayStation and Xbox offer tremendous accessibility and ease of use for console gamers, serious Rainbow Six fans will likely gravitate towards the PC version to enjoy Rainbow 7 the way it’s meant to be played.

Rainbow 7 Gameplay Details

Rainbow Six has always been defined by its meticulous and realistic gameplay mechanics. From the planning phase to execution, the games offer an authentic tactical shooter experience that no other franchise has managed to replicate.

While details remain scarce, Rainbow 7 will surely build upon Siege’s gameplay foundations while bringing some new ideas to the table.

New Single-Player Campaign

Reports indicate that Rainbow 7 will feature a full single-player campaign. Siege lacked a story mode, while Extraction was a co-op-focused spin-off. A proper solo campaign in Rainbow 7 would be a welcome addition for fans who have been craving a structured single-player experience.

Ubisoft may take inspiration from the engaging stories of classic Rainbow Six games like Raven Shield and Vegas while crafting an original narrative set in the universe established by Siege. With a new central threat for Team Rainbow to tackle, the campaign has the potential to evolve the lore and stakes forward in an exciting way.

New PvP Multiplayer Progression

Along with a solo campaign, Rainbow 7 is also said to include brand-new multiplayer PvP progression. Siege will continue as a live service game, but Rainbow 7 could present fans with fresh new competitive, and cooperative experiences.

New multiplayer modes, maps, mechanics, events, and progression systems would help differentiate Rainbow 7 as its standalone title, justifying its status as a full-priced release. Ubisoft could take certain successful elements from Siege while introducing new PvP innovations to keep things fresh.

Next-Gen Gameplay Improvements

As a next-gen exclusive built on cutting-edge tech, Rainbow 7 is expected to feature significant gameplay improvements and updates over previous franchise installments.

Destructible environments could be more realistic than ever before with the help of ray tracing and next-gen processing power. This can directly affect tactical gameplay, with more options for breaching, flanking, and approaching objectives creatively.

Additionally, next-gen hardware would allow for more realistic enemy AI, larger-scale multiplayer matches, better physics, advanced animations, and more – building upon Siege’s solid gameplay foundations.

Rainbow 7 Rumors: Campaign Details, Specialists, and More

While official details are still under wraps, some rumors regarding Rainbow 7’s campaign, characters, and other features have surfaced online. Here are some of the key Rainbow 7 leaks and rumors so far:

New Protagonist

Rainbow Six Vegas centered around Logan Keller, while Siege featured Eliza “Ash” Cohen as its cover star. Reports suggest Rainbow 7 could have a brand new main protagonist. The campaign may be built around the background and exploits of this new Rainbow operator.

Introducing a new lead character would allow Ubisoft to craft a fresh story to draw players in. Veteran Siege Operators may play supporting roles, but Rainbow 7 could mark the debut of a new Operator as the protagonist.

No Specialist System

Some leaks have indicated that Rainbow 7’s campaign may not feature any Specialists or Hero-Shooter elements, unlike Siege or Extraction. The game will reportedly stick to a traditional military shooter design for its story mode.

This old-school approach would be appreciated by longtime fans who prefer the franchise’s authentic tactical roots over speculative abilities or powers. The campaign may allow players to control various Rainbow operatives as per the mission requirements.

Continued Live Service Support

While introducing new content and mechanics, Rainbow 7 likely won’t be a direct sequel to Siege, which will continue getting live service support. Ubisoft seems keen on running both games simultaneously – one as a continually updated online tactical shooter, and the other as a more traditional premium release.

This structure would give players the best of both worlds – Siege for competitive online play, and Rainbow 7 for a quality single-player experience. Ubisoft wants to grow the Rainbow Six brand beyond just one live service game.

VR Support

Some reports indicate potential VR support for Rainbow 7 on PC and PlayStation. VR would fit perfectly with the game’s focus on tactical immersion. Ubisoft has already brought some of its titles like Assassin’s Creed to VR, so Rainbow Six also getting a virtual reality version down the line is a possibility.

Rainbow 7: What to Expect at Reveal & Release

While substantive Rainbow 7 details are still under wraps, Ubisoft will likely formally reveal the game sometime in 2023. Here’s what fans can expect from the official Rainbow 7 announcement and eventual release:

Teaser Trailer Reveal

The first concrete proof of Rainbow 7’s existence will likely come via a short teaser trailer. This high-quality cinematic video will set the tone for the newest Rainbow Six chapter with visuals, story hints, and confirmation of basic details like platforms and genres.

Siege and Extraction were both revealed via mysterious teaser trailers, so Ubisoft will follow a similar approach for building intrigue leading up to Rainbow 7.

Full Reveal at Ubisoft Forward

Post the teaser, a full gameplay reveal and deep dive into Rainbow 7 will probably take place at the next Ubisoft Forward showcase. These streamed press conference-style events have become Ubisoft’s stage of choice for properly unveiling upcoming AAA releases.

Fans can expect Ubisoft to confirm Rainbow 7’s release date, showcase campaign and multiplayer footage, discuss new features and improvements, and reveal special editions or beta details during its eventual full reveal.

Open Beta Testing Phase

Ubisoft generally rolls out open beta periods before release for its multiplayer titles, and Rainbow 7 will likely be no different. Players on all platforms will get limited hands-on time with the final game to test out servers, balance, and provide feedback before launch.

The open beta will offer a sneak peek at Rainbow 7’s maps, modes, and other live service elements ahead of release. Participating in the beta would also unlock rewards for players to carry forward into the full game.

Post-Launch Support & Expansions

While unconfirmed, Ubisoft will likely treat Rainbow 7 as a long-term platform and add meaningful post-launch content. New maps, modes, missions, and other features could be introduced via seasonal updates and paid expansions.

This approach has worked very well for Siege, keeping the game thriving years after release. Applied to both Rainbow 7’s campaign and multiplayer, extensive post-launch support would help keep the experience feeling fresh.

With development underway, it’s only a matter of time before Ubisoft lifts the curtain on the franchise’s next chapter. Whenever it does arrive, Rainbow Six fans can rest assured knowing Rainbow 7 will deliver on the tactical shooter thrills the series is revered for.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rainbow 7

Here are some common questions about Rainbow Seven that fans may have:

What engine will Rainbow 7 run on?

Rainbow 7 is expected to utilize Ubisoft’s proprietary AnvilNext engine, which also powers Rainbow Six Siege, among other Ubisoft titles. The engine will be updated and optimized to leverage next-gen hardware capabilities for Rainbow 7.

Will Rainbow 7 have crossplay support?

Crossplay capabilities between PlayStation, Xbox, and PC have not been confirmed yet by Ubisoft. However, given industry trends, cross-platform multiplayer for both co-op and PvP would be a welcome feature for Rainbow Seven.

Will Rainbow Six Siege operators be in Rainbow 7?

While unconfirmed, likely, popular Siege operators like Ash, Sledge, Valkyrie, etc. will appear in Rainbow 7 as supporting characters, especially in the campaign. However, the roster may also include brand-new operators.

Will Rainbow 7 be a PlayStation exclusive?

No, as per reports Rainbow 7 is in development for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, as well as Windows PC. The game is not a timed or platform exclusive for any one system.

Is Rainbow 7 supposed to replace or sequel Siege?

Rainbow 7 is not envisioned as a direct replacement or sequel to Siege. Ubisoft plans on supporting Siege in the long run as a service game, while also releasing Rainbow 7 as a new mainline installment. Both games can co-exist and cater to different gamers.

Will Rainbow 7 feature a battle royale mode?

While rumors have pointed to a possible battle royale-inspired mode, there’s no concrete information on this yet. Rainbow 7 is more likely to focus on PvP arena modes along with co-op. A battle royale mode may be considered as post-launch content.


With its meticulous attention to detail and focus on tactical gameplay, the Rainbow Six franchise has won over competitive first-person shooter fans for years. Rainbow 7 promises to honor the series’ roots while also revitalizing it as a platform that can co-exist alongside Siege.

Featuring next-gen visuals, destructible environments, an all-new single-player campaign centered around a new protagonist, and evolved competitive multiplayer, Rainbow 7 has all the makings of a worthy successor when it eventually drops.

While details remain scarce, signs point towards a 2024 release across current-gen consoles and PCs. Once Ubisoft is ready, an official teaser reveal is likely on the horizon. This will be followed by extensive showcases divulging all the key details at events like Ubisoft Forward.

Rainbow Six remains in good hands with Ubisoft as they prep the franchise’s future. Whenever it does arrive, Rainbow 7 is already shaping up to be a tactical shooter fan’s dream come true on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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