10 Best Games Like GTA Vice City In 2022

Games Like GTA Vice City

We all played GTA Vice City when we were kids and have many happy memories associated with it. I’ll be listing 10 games like GTA Vice City in this article today.

Hello from the 1980s! Grand Theft Auto is back with a tale of one man’s ascent to the top of the criminal food chain from the era of big hair, extravagance, and pastel suits. Are you looking

Vice Metropolis is the most diversified, full, and dynamic digital city ever made. It is a vast urban area that stretches from the beach to the forests and from the glitz to the ghetto.

You enter a town full of wonders and decay and have the chance to take control of it via non-linear gameplay and a character-driven narrative.

Let’s get going…

1- The Saboteur

The Saboteur

The first game on our list of games like GTA Vice City is The Saboteur. The SaboteurPandemic Studios is the creator of The Saboteur, a third-person action-adventure, spy, and shooter game that portrays the time when Nazi rule over France existed. According to the plot, Sean Devlin, a race car technician, and heavy drinker, is the game’s primary character.

Sean loses a race, but he wants to get back at a Nazi Colonel called Kurt Dierker for his conduct, so he uses Jules Rousseau to destroy his race car. The Saboteur is a fantastic game to play and enjoy, offering a fantastic mix of action-adventure RPG, shooting, and stealth aspects.

2- No One Lives Forever 2

No One Lives Forever 2

Action, First-person Shooter, Stealth, and Single-player Game Console No One Lives Forever 2 was developed by Monolith Studio and released by Sierra Entertainment.

It is the second installment in the No One Lives Forever series. The main character of the game, a spy called Cate Archer, is tasked with eliminating the global criminal organization known as H.A.R.M.

The basic elements of No One Live Forever 2 include several locations, an open environment, strong adversaries, difficult tasks, and more. Try it out; you’ll find it entertaining. This game is one of the best games like GTA Vice City.

3- Just Cause 2

Avalanche Studios’ Just Cause 2 is a superb Action-Adventure, Stealth, and Third-person Shooting video game that is similar to GTA Vice City in that it continues the travels of officer Rico Rodriguez, a field operative for the agency, after the events of Just Cause.

You may fire at adversaries, run, walk, battle, snag vehicles, or even fly a jet, among other things, in the game. Just Cause 2 is a hard-core action thriller that immerses you in the most exhilarating action and adventure of your life.

4- Rope Hero: Vice Town

Rope Hero - Vice Town

Number four on the list of Games like GTA Vice City is Rope Hero: Vice Town. Naxeex LLC just launched Rope Hero: Vice Town, an action-adventure, third-person exploration, and single-player video game, for iOS and Android. You play as the protagonist in the game, which is set in an open area.

In this action-packed role-playing game, you can play as a hero and battle criminals, gangsters, and bad people to defend your city. The main goal is to get around the violent, gang- and faction-infested crime city.

5- Red Dead Redemption

The video game Red Dead Redemption by Rockstar Games combines third-person shooting with action, adventure, role-playing, and an open world. The 1911 setting of the game follows John Marston, the main character, who was once an outlaw but is now in the Bureau of Investigation’s hands.

The Agency promises him freedom in exchange for turning over his former gang associates to police departments. Along with a powerful story, Red Dead Redemption offers action-packed gameplay in a western style.

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6- Total Overdose

Total Overdose

The Action-Adventure, Third-person, Single-player Shooting video game Total Overdose was developed by Deadline Games and released by SCi Games Ltd. The game is the first installment in the Total Overdose series and was inspired by the Grand Theft Auto video game series.

To obtain missions and receive payment once the mission is completed, engage with NPCs. Use his funds to purchase armor, guns, cars, and more. Total Overdose is one of the best on the list of Games like GTA Vice City thanks to its excellent gameplay, open atmosphere, and excellent features.

7- Deus Ex

Deus Ex is a multiplayer online action RPG, first-person shooter, stealth, and cyberpunk video game created by Ion Storm and released by Eidos Interactive in association with Aspyre and Square Enix.

This game is playable on the PC (Microsoft Windows), Mac OS X, PS 2, PlayStation 3, and Cloud OnLive thanks to Unreal Engine 1. Deus Ex features amazing story-driven gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and interesting game mechanics. Try it out; you’ll love it.

8- Watch Dogs

Watch Dogs

Ubisoft developed the third-person shooter, stealth, action-adventure, and RPG video game Watch Dogs. With the help of this astonishing game, you are transported to an alternative universe and dropped immediately into the made-up country of the United States, where you play as Aiden Pierce, a vigilante.

If you haven’t played Watch Dogs yet, you are tasked with taking on the role of the protagonist and infiltrating the network systems of large organizations that keep all of the information about human online behavior on their huge servers.



The Action-Adventure, RPG, and third-person shooter video game Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven was created by 2K Czech and released by the Community of Developers for the PC (Microsoft), Xbox 360, and PlayStation 2.

The video game is set in the fictional city of Lost Heaven, where Tommy, a Mafioso who works as a taxi driver but completes various assignments given to him by Don Ennio Salieri, serves as the protagonist.

Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven features stunning visuals, a compelling narrative, and exhilaratingly compelling gameplay. One of your great options for games like GTA Vice City is giving this one a try.

10- Infamous


Sucker Punch Productions’ potential action video game, Infamous, is stylized as “inFAMOUS. The hero of the game is a man by the name of Cole McGrath, who is a bicycle commuter.

The “Good and Evil” missions in Infamous are available individually, and players can choose either of them to go on a mission and enjoy the universe.

Infamous has a good amount of freedom for gaming, character customization choices, tonnes of amazing upgrades, addicting gameplay, and all the other enjoyable stuff to enjoy.

Final word: 10 Games like GTA Vice City

These were the best 10 games like GTA Vice City. These games can be played in place of Grand Theft Auto Vice City and other games in the GTA series, such as GTA San Andreas and GTA 5.

On your computer or Mac, you may download the majority of these activities and thriller games for free. If you have any queries about these games, please leave a comment below. Moreover, spread the word about it.

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