Trine 6 Release Date, News Gameplay, Platforms & More 2024

Trine 6 Release Date: Trine is a popular fantasy action-adventure puzzle-platformer video game series developed by Finnish studio Frozenbyte. The game follows the adventures of three heroes – the Wizard, the Thief, and the Knight – as they quest through a colorful fairytale world and battle enemies using their unique skills and abilities.

The first Trine game was released in 2009 and was praised for its beautiful graphics, clever physics-based puzzles, and fun local co-op multiplayer. It was followed by Trine 2 in 2011 and Trine 3: The Artifacts of Power in 2015. Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince launched in 2019 and returned the series to its 2.5D roots after the 3D experiment of Trine 3.

Now fans are eagerly awaiting the next installment in the franchise – Trine 6. Here is everything we know so far about the potential Trine 6 release date, gameplay, platforms, and other news.

Trine 6 Release Date Speculation

Trine 6 has not been officially announced yet by developer Frozenbyte. However, given the 4-year gaps between previous Trine sequels, we can speculate that Trine 6 could be released sometime in 2023 or 2024.

Trine 2 came out in 2011, Trine 3 launched in 2015, and Trine 4 arrived in 2019. Following this pattern, 2023 or 2024 seems like a reasonable target for Trine 6.

Of course, game development can face delays and other hurdles. Frozenbyte may take more or less time to complete Trine 6. But based on the timelines for previous games, 2023-2024 is our best bet right now for a possible Trine 6 release date window.

What factors influence the release date?

Several key factors will determine when exactly Trine 6 launches:

  • Development status – How far along is Frozenbyte in creating Trine 6? We don’t know much yet, but the further into development they are, the sooner it could be released.
  • Scope and scale – Will Trine 6 be a bigger, more ambitious game than its predecessors? A larger game would naturally take more time to develop and push the release date later.
  • Platforms – Which gaming platforms will Trine 6 come to? More platforms means more work optimizing the game across devices, which could delay the release.
  • Marketing – A lengthy marketing campaign could precede the actual launch, teasing out trailers and details ahead of release.

We’ll have to wait for official word from Frozenbyte to learn how these and other factors are shaping the prospective Trine 6 release date.

Trine 6 Platforms: PC, Consoles, or More?

The previous Trine games have launched across a variety of platforms, including Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and more. Fans are hoping Trine 6 will follow suit and come to all the major gaming systems.

Here are the most likely platforms for a potential Trine 6 release:

  • PC – Every Trine game has come to PC, so Trine 6 will almost certainly launch for Windows platforms. Both Steam and the Epic Games Store are likely distribution channels.
  • PlayStation 5 – Given the series’ PlayStation history, a PS5 release seems very probable. The PS5 install base will be much bigger by 2023-2024 as well.
  • Xbox Series X/S – Trine 4 arrived on Xbox One, so Trine 6 could come to Xbox Series X/S to access next-gen power and features.
  • Nintendo Switch – Trine games play well in both docked and handheld mode, making Switch a natural fit. Trine 4 is already on Switch.
  • PlayStation 4 / Xbox One – The previous generation consoles have large user bases. Trine 6 might launch for PS4 and Xbox One as well.
  • Mobile – Trine games could work on iOS and Android. Mobile would allow for on-the-go Trine puzzle solving.
  • Cloud gaming – Trine 6 could launch on cloud platforms like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, etc. Cloud gaming allows playing Trine anywhere.

Frozenbyte could ultimately choose to release Trine 6 on any combination of these platforms and more. But PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch seem like the most probable targets based on series history and technical capabilities.

How could platform choice affect the release date?

The more platforms Trine 6 launches on, the more work is required to optimize and test the game across devices. That could push the release date back.

Prioritizing next-gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Series X/S would allow Frozenbyte to leverage cutting-edge graphics, processor power, SSD speeds, and features like ray tracing. But the next-gen user base is still growing, so launching just on new consoles could limit sales potential.

Releasing first on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S could enable an earlier release date, followed by “Complete Edition” ports to additional platforms later. Ultimately platform strategy will be a key factor in Trine 6’s launch timing.

Trine 6 Gameplay: Co-Op, Combat, Puzzles

Fans are eager to see how Trine 6 evolves the core gameplay formula of platforming, puzzles, and combat centered around the three iconic heroes. Here’s what we hope to see in Trine 6 based on the previous games:

Local co-op with 3 players

All the Trine games allow 3 players to team up locally, with each player controlling one of the three heroes simultaneously. Local co-op is a franchise hallmark, so Trine 6 will surely maintain it. Playing cooperatively enables solving puzzles in creative ways based on the heroes’ unique talents. Hopefully, Trine 6 will expand the co-op puzzles even further.

Physics-based puzzles

Manipulating physics objects in the environment has been central to Trine puzzles since the first game. Whether it’s stacking boxes, redirecting water, or triggering contraptions, physics remains a key element in navigating sections and completing puzzles. We expect physics manipulation to play a big role in Trine 6 as well.

Distinct hero abilities

The Thief, Wizard, and Knight all have distinct abilities that are leveraged extensively during gameplay. For instance, the Thief can grapple and swing from points, the Wizard can conjure objects or levitate them, and the Knight can reflect light with mirrors on his shield. These unique talents mesh together during clever puzzles. Trine 6 has room to add even more abilities to each hero.

Platforming challenges

Trine is centered around navigating the 2.5D levels by platforming and avoiding hazards. Figuring out the right way forward requires observation, quick reflexes, and skill. Advancing the platforming challenge in Trine 6 could provide even more satisfying gameplay.

Combat with skeletons and enemies

While not the main focus, combat occurs at intervals in Trine games. Fighting skeletons, spiders, goblins, and boss creatures with teamwork tests players’ skills too. More enemy variety and evolved combat in Trine 6 could make battles more strategic and engaging.

By retaining these core elements while innovating and expanding upon them in Trine 6, Frozenbyte can deliver an exciting next evolution that feels familiar yet fresh.

Trine 6 Story and Setting Possibilities

Trine’s fairytale storybook settings enchant players as they journey through colorful fantasy realms. Where could the saga take players next in Trine 6? Here are some possible story and setting directions:

New kingdoms to explore

Trine 4 introduced Prince Selius’ corrupt kingdom as a fresh setting. Trine 6 has an opportunity to take players to completely new realms we haven’t seen before in previous games. Perhaps a magical underwater ocean kingdom or a floating cloud city in the sky? New kingdoms could bring completely original environments, architecture, cultures, and more for players to experience.

Dimension hopping adventures

Trine 4 featured portals that transported the heroes between Prince Selius’ ruined kingdom and the idyllic Summerland setting. Trine 6 could expand on this concept with portals that let players jump across wildly different dimensions full of surprises and puzzles exploiting the dimensional shifts.

Time travel tale

Similar to dimension-hopping, time travel through portals could offer an exciting narrative and environment design opportunity. Imagine adventuring through future sci-fi settings, dystopian lands, fairytale pasts, and more! Time travel could allow Frozenbyte’s artists to flex their creativity.

Bigger threat to multiple kingdoms

Instead of being confined to Prince Selius’ kingdom, Trine 6 could feature a threat so large it impacts multiple kingdoms simultaneously. With the heroes forced to journey across several fantastical realms to combat the threat, it raises the narrative stakes while allowing for greater gameplay variety.

Frozenbyte is full of amazing worldbuilders, so players can expect whatever story Trine 6 tells to be beautifully brought to life through immersive environments and art direction. The possibilities are truly endless for where Trine could take us next.

Trine 6: Potential New Heroes & Co-Op Characters

Aside from story and settings, possibly the most exciting aspect of Trine 6 to speculate on is the new playable characters! Here are some possibilities for heroes, classes, and co-op characters Frozenbyte could add in Trine 6:

Druid class

Commanding mysterious natural magic, the Druid could wield plant and animal-based abilities. They may harness vines for movement, talk to wildlife for clues, conjure thorny barriers during combat, and more. Druids would mesh well with Trine’s fantasy vibe.

Ranger class

Specializing in ranged attacks and scouting, the Ranger could utilize abilities like firing arrows to activate switches, laying traps, and even taming creatures to assist in battle. Rangers would provide a stealthy, ranged combat contrast to the melee-focused Knight.

Alchemist class

Masters of fire, potions, and transmutation, an Alchemist hero could wield explosive abilities and unlock new puzzle-solving skills for the team. Their volatile compounds may come in handy against certain bosses or enemy types as well.

AI companion cubes

Expanding on the companion cubes from Trine 4, Trine 6 could introduce AI cubes that move, attack and interact dynamically with players and the environment to assist with puzzles in more advanced ways.

Playable Prince Selius

Trine 4’s Prince Selius served mainly as a narrative device. But in Trine 6, he could become a fully playable fourth hero with his unique abilities. Perhaps magic brush strokes that can paint solutions onto levels?

These are just a few of the many possibilities for new heroes, classes, and co-op characters Frozenbyte could add in Trine 6. More playable characters would expand the co-op fun and open up all-new puzzle-solving strategies. We can’t wait to see what they have in store!

Trine 6: Expected Improvements and Features

Of course, fans hope Trine 6 brings more than just new settings, characters, and narrative elements. We also have our wishlist of technical improvements and features we would love to see in Trine 6, including:

Bigger and more complex levels

Taking advantage of modern hardware, Trine 6 could deliver vastly larger and more elaborate stages compared to past games. Introducing more branching paths, hidden secrets, and multi-step physics puzzles would provide greater depth.

4 player co-op

With at least one new playable character, Trine 6 could bump local co-op up from 3 to 4 players simultaneously. That would ramp up creative puzzle-solving and teamwork to new heights.

Online co-op

While local multiplayer is preferred, adding online co-op to Trine 6 would make coordinating play sessions easier. Online co-op worked well in divisive Trine 3, so Frozenbyte could implement an improved netcode for Trine 6.

Next-gen graphics and physics

Harnessing new hardware, Trine 6 has an opportunity to set a new graphical benchmark for the series and the genre as a whole through features like ray tracing, advanced physics and particles, high polygon models, 4K resolution, and more immersive visuals.

Voice acting

The colorful cast of Trine has historically communicated through “gibsberish” noises. Full voice acting in Trine 6 could heighten the narrative and emotional connection to characters like Amadeus, Pontius, and Zoya.

Modding support

Opening Trine 6 up to mods and custom maps from the community could dramatically expand the game’s lifespan and content. Mod support has enabled titles like Skyrim to thrive for over a decade.

Of course, this is just our wishlist. Frozenbyte may include none or all of these hoped-for improvements and features. We’ll have to wait patiently for official details on what new gameplay elements Trine 6 will deliver when it arrives.

Trine 6 News and Rumors

Trine fans eagerly await any scraps of news on Trine 6 ahead of its eventual announcement and release. Here are the most interesting Trine 6 rumors floating around so far:

New publisher?

Some rumors suggest Frozenbyte may partner with a new publisher for Trine 6 instead of Modus Games who published Trine 4. However, these are just rumors with no substantial evidence yet.

Larger team

Reports indicate Frozenbyte has grown its team size and invested in more proprietary tech. This could allow them to develop a bigger, more ambitious Trine 6. But remains unconfirmed.

Voice casting calls

Speculation online points to Frozenbyte possibly holding voice-acting auditions for Trine 6 characters. This fueled rumors that Trine 6 may feature full voice acting for the first time.

New outsourced art

Freezingbyte collaborated with external artists and studios to help craft Trine 4’s visuals and assets. The studio may be expanding these partnerships further for the scope of Trine 6.

Multiplatform focus

Rumblings suggest Frozenbyte is planning a sizable multiplatform release for Trine 6 spanning current and next-gen consoles, PC, and possibly even mobile and cloud gaming services.

Of course, fans should take these rumors with a huge grain of salt until Frozenbyte announces concrete Trine 6 details. But the speculation certainly gives enthusiasts hope that a feature-rich Trine 6 could be in active development behind the scenes.

Trine 6: Will It Happen?

Given how well-received Trine 4 was by critics and fans alike, earning an impressive 81 Metascore, the future looks bright for the franchise. In their Trine 4 postmortem, Frozenbyte even teased that they have “some nice ideas for continuing the Trine series…”

Commercially, the Trine series has sold over 8 million copies to date. It’s become the Finnish studio’s most popular and lucrative property.

Frozenbyte has expressed a passion for keeping the series’ spirit of accessible co-op fun alive. Trine 4’s solid sales figures make a strong case for another sequel.

As long as Frozenbyte retains key talent from the Trine team going forward, Trine 6 stands a great chance of becoming a reality. The studio has proven itself more than capable of continuing to innovate within the Trine formula in new and exciting ways.

While far from guaranteed, we’d assess the odds of Trine 6 eventually releasing as high based on Frozenbyte’s commitment to the franchise and player demand for more Trine adventures.

The Future is Bright for Trine Fans

From the possible addition of exciting new characters and abilities, to bold new settings still limited only by imagination, Trine 6 represents an opportunity to drive the beloved series to new heights.

By maintaining the core gameplay pillars (co-op, combat, platforming, and physics puzzles) while layering on next-gen polish and expanding scope, Frozenbyte could craft an absolute stunner in Trine 6.

Of course, only time will tell if Trine 6 becomes a reality down the road and when. But the future remains bright for Trine fans eager for more charming fantasy adventures.

For now, gamers can enjoy replaying previous Trine titles or trying out spiritual successors like Nine Parchments from Frozenbyte. Stay tuned for any official Trine 6 announcements!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some commonly asked questions about Trine 6 potential release date, features, and more:

Q: When will Trine 6 released?

A: No official Trine 6 release date has been announced yet. Based on previous Trine games’ timelines, we estimate Trine 6 could launch sometime around 2023 or 2024. But this is just speculation for now.

Q: What platforms will Trine 6 be available on?

A: Nothing is confirmed, but Trine 6 will likely come to major platforms like PC, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch at minimum based on past Trine releases.

Q: How much will Trine 6 cost?

A: No Trine 6 pricing details are available. For reference, Trine 4 launched at USD 29.99 so Trine 6 will likely be priced similarly as a new premium release. Discounts will vary over time and sales.

Q: Will Trine 6 have online co-op multiplayer?

A: We don’t know for certain, but there’s a strong chance Trine 6 could include online co-op based on fan feedback around Trine 3’s online modes. Local co-op will still be the main focus though.

Q: Will Trine 6 continue the story from previous games?

A: Given Trine 4 wrapped up the “Nightmare Prince” plotline, Trine 6 will likely feature an entirely new narrative and settings unconnected to past games. But Frozenbyte’s approach remains to be seen.


Trine fans have a lot to anticipate as we await official word on Trine 6 from developer Frozenbyte. The sequel could arrive as soon as 2023 and promises to expand the colorful fantasy world and puzzle platforming gameplay of past Trine titles in exciting new directions.

While details remain scarce currently, the future looks bright for the Trine series. Trine 6 has the chance to perfect the franchise formula and take it to new heights through fresh settings, expanded abilities, refined mechanics, and next-gen polish.

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