What Gaming Chair Does Ninja Use 2024

Ninja, whose real name is Tyler Blevins, is one of the most popular professional gamers and live streamers in the world. He rose to fame by dominating the Fortnite Battle Royale scene and has since become a household name for gaming fans. As one of the most skilled and successful gamers today, many people wonder about Ninja’s gaming setup and which gaming chair he uses while playing.

Ninja’s Gaming Chair History

Throughout his streaming career, Ninja has used various high-end gaming chairs from top brands like DX Racer and MAXNOMlC. Back in his early days streaming H1Z1 and PUBG, he seemed to use both a DX Racer Formula Series chair and a MAXNOMlC chair at different times.

However, since his explosion in popularity with Fortnite in 2018, Ninja has been using chairs sent to him for free by MAXNOMlC as part of his sponsorship deal. The specific MAXNOMlC chairs he’s used include the MAXNOMlC Esports Gaming Chair and the MAXNOMlC THRONE.

Ninja’s Current Gaming Chair

As of late 2022 and going into 2023, Ninja continues to use a MAXNOMlC gaming chair during his live streams and gaming videos. His current model appears to be the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 gaming chair.

The MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 is the latest iteration of the company’s THRONE line which is endorsed by Ninja himself. It’s an ergonomic gaming chair designed for elite esports athletes with several specialty features:

  • High-density cold cure foam seat for comfort and durability
  • Reinforced aluminum alloy frame for stability
  • 4D adjustable armrests
  • 165° back tilt angle recline
  • Full 360° swivel rotation
  • Smooth PU leather exterior
  • Breathable soft fabric lining interior
  • Supports up to 400 lbs weight capacity

The THRONE v2 comes in Ninja’s signature royal blue colorway as well as black, white, red, and gold color options. It combines the core ergonomics and adjustability of MAXNOMlC’s racing-style seats with a plush throne aesthetic befitting of gaming’s biggest superstar.

Why Ninja Uses MAXNOMlC Chairs

There are a few key reasons why MAXNOMlC gaming chairs seem to be Ninja’s choice over the long term:

Brand Partnership & Sponsorship

Ninja has had an official sponsorship deal with MAXNOMlC since 2018. This gives him easy access to the newest MAXNOMlC gaming chairs year after year. The partnership is mutually beneficial, as having such a high-profile esports athlete like Ninja as the face of MAXNOMlC chairs boosts sales and brand awareness.

High-End Quality & Comfort

MAXNOMlC gaming chairs are considered some of the highest quality and most comfortable on the market. Their cold-cure foam seats provide soft yet sturdy comfort for marathon gaming sessions. And their 4D armrests, full recline, and smooth adjustments allow optimal ergonomic positioning.

Unique Styling

With their racing-inspired bucket seats and aggressive aesthetics, MAXNOMlC chairs stand out against the competition. Ninja seems to enjoy the edgy, almost exotic styling of MAXNOMlC’s THRONE line especially. The royal blue colorway fits his brand perfectly as well.

Reliability & Durability

For a full-time gamer and streamer like Ninja who spends hours a day in his chair, reliability and durability are essential. MAXNOMlC gaming chairs have a proven track record of standing up to intense daily use from esports pros.

Ninja’s Setup With MAXNOMlC THRONE v2

Ninja’s entire gaming setup and streaming room is carefully designed and accessorized for ideal performance and aesthetics befitting his brand. His MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 takes center stage and pulls the whole look together.

Some key elements of Ninja’s surround setup include:

  • Triple monitor display for immersive gaming visuals
  • High-end RGB gaming PC tower for maximum frames and graphics
  • Sleek glass L-shaped desk to hold his entire rig
  • Custom shelves to show off collectibles and trophies
  • Backlighting and neon signs for style
  • Themed decor like ninja stars and katanas on the walls
  • Audio treatment for best voice recording quality

The royal blue MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 stands out amid all this gear, complementing Ninja’s brand persona and the gaming focus of the overall setup. The smooth, racing-inspired lines of the chair match the high-tech vibe as well.

When configured ergonomically with adjustable armrests, recline, and height, the THRONE v2 provides Ninja the comfort and support he needs to play and stream for many hours without distraction or strain. It’s become a signature staple of his streams that fans recognize instantly.

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Comparing the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 to Other Chairs

The THRONE v2 certainly isn’t the only high-end gaming chair out there, so how does it compare to some other top models that Ninja could choose?

VS Secretlab Titan Evo 2022

Secretlab chairs like the Titan Evo are top competitors to MAXNOMlC. The Titan Evo 2022 has similar features like 4D armrests, full recline, and cold cure foam. But the MAXNOMlC has more aggressive styling while the Titan Evo looks more subdued. The THRONE v2 may also have a slight edge in terms of softness and comfort.

VS DXRacer Formula Series

DXRacer Formula chairs offer a lot of adjustability and quality materials too. But the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 probably has a leg up when it comes to cushier comfort thanks to its integrated lumbar support and cold foam density. The MAXNOMlC also looks flasher.

VS Herman Miller Aeron

The iconic Herman Miller Aeron office chair is renowned for its ergonomic design and mesh material comfort. But it lacks some of the adjustability of the THRONE v2 and doesn’t have the aggressive racing-style gaming aesthetic. The Aeron also costs significantly more than the MAXNOMlC.

Is the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 Worth It for Other Gamers?

For most gaming fans, dropping $500+ on a professional esports gaming chair like the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 would be considered a major purchase. While Ninja has the sponsorship and the resources to use the THRONE v2 as his daily driver, is it worth it for regular gamers to invest in as well?

There are a few factors to consider:

  • Hours of daily use: If you game or work at your desk for 4+ hours per day, a THRONE v2 could be worth it for the ergonomic support.
  • Physical needs: The integrated lumbar support and 4D armrests make the THRONE v2 well-suited to people with back/neck issues or particular height needs.
  • Interest in style: The exotic styling and colorways help the THRONE v2 stand out as a centerpiece gaming chair if aesthetics matter to you.
  • Available budget: The THRONE v2 costs a premium but could be justified if you have room in your budget and want a long-term chair investment.

For most casual or budget-conscious gamers though, the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 is likely overkill. There are more affordable gaming chairs in the $200-300 range that offer solid quality and ergonomics. But for gamers who play competitively for hours daily or want the elite esports aesthetic, the splurge on a THRONE v2 could pay off via performance, health, and enjoyment.

FAQ About Ninja’s Gaming Chair

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about the gaming chair Ninja uses:

What exact MAXNOMlC chair does Ninja use right now?

Ninja currently uses the MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 gaming chair when streaming and gaming.

How much does Ninja’s MAXNOMlC THRONE chair cost?

The MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 retails on the MAXNOMlC website for $549.99 normally. Ninja likely obtained his chair directly from the company via sponsorship.

Does Ninja use a Herman Miller chair?

There’s no evidence Ninja has ever used a Herman Miller chair. He’s partnered with MAXNOMlC gaming chairs since 2018.

What color is Ninja’s gaming chair?

Ninja uses the royal blue colorway for his THRONE v2 chair which matches his brand colors and logo. The chair also comes in black, white, red, and gold.

When did Ninja switch to using MAXNOMlC chairs?

Ninja has used MAXNOMlC gaming chairs since at least 2018 which is when he signed his sponsorship deal with the company.

Does Ninja own multiple MAXNOMlC chairs?

Ninja likely owns several MAXNOMlC chairs so he can easily swap them out or have backups. Given his partnership with the company, he has access to the newest models every year.


Ninja’s gaming chair evolution has led him to partner with MAXNOMlC, using their top-of-the-line THRONE v2 as his current chair for streaming and gaming. With its 4D armrests, cold cure foam comfort, and unique styling, this model provides the elite ergonomic support and aesthetic flair befitting one of the most popular gamers in the world.

While the THRONE v2 costs a premium, it could be a smart investment for competitive gamers who play for hours daily. But more casual gamers can likely find solid quality and ergonomics in more affordable gaming chair models around the $200-300 range. Ultimately, Ninja’s MAXNOMlC THRONE v2 gaming chair reflects his professional esports pedigree and brand persona as king of the gamers.

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