Weird West Definitive Edition Gallops onto Next-Gen Consoles Next Week 2024

The wild west is about to get a whole lot weirder. Developer WolfEye Studios has announced that their supernatural action-adventure game Weird West will be galloping onto next-gen consoles with the Weird West Definitive Edition releasing next week on February 28th, 2024. This definitive edition brings enhanced visuals, faster loading times, and additional content to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

Enhanced Visuals and Load Times for Next-Gen

The Weird West Definitive Edition will feature visual enhancements to take advantage of the more powerful hardware of next-gen consoles. It will display in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, with dynamic 4K on Xbox Series S. This sharper image quality paired with the high frame rate will make the supernatural Wild West come alive like never before.

In addition to the visual boost, load times will be greatly reduced thanks to the high-speed SSD storage on next-gen consoles. Players can expect near-instantaneous fast travel and transitionary loads as they explore the ominous lands. These enhancements get players into the action faster and immerse them deeper into the eerie world.

New Content and Features

Along with the technical improvements, the Weird West Definitive Edition also includes brand-new content and features. An all-new illustrated story scene has been added depicting the origins of a mysterious new threat. This provides additional lore and context to the overarching story.

The Definitive Edition also adds new enemies and encounter types throughout the world. These offer surprises both for new players and those revisiting the game. Random events and mysteries are made more robust as well with additional variations to discover on multiple playthroughs.

Quality of life improvements have also been implemented based on community feedback. The user interface and menus have been overhauled for better navigation. Crafting and inventory management see nice enhancements. And myriad other tweaks improve overall gameplay balance and feel.

Weird West’s Supernatural Action-Adventure

For those who haven’t experienced it yet, Weird West is a top-down action-adventure game set in a dark fantasy version of the Wild West. It blends conventional gunplay with supernatural elements for a unique take on the setting. Players take control of several different characters in an interconnected story spanning the land.

The world exists in a precarious state where the line between mythical and reality is blurred. Ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and pigmen roam the dusty trails and frontier towns. Strange anomalies warp the fabric of reality, altering the environment itself as you play. It creates a palpable sense of dread and unpredictability everywhere you go.

Immersive Sim Meets Dark Fantasy

Weird West positions itself as an immersive sim in the vein of games like Deus Ex and Prey. Player choice drives the experience in an open-ended world. How you decide to approach each situation leads to different consequences both immediate and down the road. Creative solutions are encouraged but so are more violent ones.

This freedom blends seamlessly with its dark fantasy setting for a unique tone. Creeping through an eerie mining town infested by the undead feels right at home. Engaging in an old west shootout against legendary gunslingers takes on new meaning when they wield supernatural abilities.

Side activities like bounty hunting, braving anomalous storms, and clearing out bandit hideouts all feel fresh with the introduction of supernatural elements. The setting helps ground these systems while the weirdness keeps them novel. This creates an experience where both comfort and surprise live side by side.

Multiple Playable Characters

Rather than focus on a single protagonist, Weird West features five different playable characters each with their skills and abilities. Their stories interconnect in various ways based on the choices you make. This creates a tapestry spanning the frontier.

The characters include:

  • A bounty hunter who tracks supernatural targets
  • A pigman shunned by settlers searching for purpose
  • An undead woman seeking her lost love
  • A werewolf outlaw on the run
  • A monster hunter wielding dark magic

You’ll alternate between these characters as their journeys overlap throughout the world. Shared progress, decisions, and resources link them together into one cohesive adventure. This structure keeps the experience feeling fresh while exploring different playstyles.

Brutal Real-Time Combat

Weird West’s combat feels right at home in its dark fantasy Wild West setting. Gunplay is impactful with a variety of period-specific weapons like revolvers, shotguns, and rifles. Different ammo types add nuance, letting you ignite oil slicks or freeze foes solid.

Melee combat features heavily too, especially when confronting supernatural creatures up close. Dodging and parrying enemy attacks is key before striking back with your claws, knives, or swords. Creative implementable objects also come into play frequently. A shovel to the back of a skeleton’s skull crunches satisfyingly.

The real-time combat keeps you on your toes, constantly moving and reacting. Enemy variety pushes you to identify threats and prioritize targets. Some may be susceptible to silver, others fire. Alternating between ranged and melee tactics is often required to come out on top of fierce encounters.

The brutal combat heightens the tension tremendously. Battles are scrappy, desperate affairs. You feel each shotgun blast and claw swipe, making every hard-fought victory feel earned.

Rich Hand-Crafted World

Weird West’s world lives up to its name in the best possible way. The richly detailed locales are brimming with personality and environmental storytelling. They ground you in the reality of living on the frontier while the supernatural elements keep you guessing.

The towns feel especially lively, packed with grizzled settlers going about their daily routines. Saloons, general stores, stables, and more are filled with vibrant characters. You get a sense of familiarity before sinister events plunge them into chaos.

Out in the wilderness, dense forests, winding canyons, and dusty plains offer treacherous threats. Unnatural fog, violent thunderstorms, and swirling dust storms can spontaneously manifest, warping areas and perceptions. Traversing these lands always carries palpable tension.

From the lived-in frontier settlements to the untamed wilderness, the world proves endlessly atmospheric. It provides the perfect backdrop for the weird proceedings to play out.

Non-Linear Progression

Weird West opts for a non-linear structure that emphasizes player freedom. Rather than funnel you through a predefined series of story missions, you’re given leeway to explore at your own pace. The five playable characters help enable this approach.

You can alternate freely between the different intersecting storylines. If you get stuck or want a change of pace at any time, just swap to another character. This keeps progression feeling fresh and varied.

Side activities scattered throughout the world allow you to set your objectives. Bounties offer opportunities to earn cash and gear. Robbing banks and homesteads delivers quick scores for those inclined. Uncovering secrets and anomalies unlocks new abilities and perks.

Better gear unlocks additional tactical options and traversal methods. The more you explore, the more you’re able to access. This intrinsically rewarding loop gives you autonomy over how you want to play and progress.

High Replay Value

Between the non-linear progression, rich world, and playable characters, Weird West offers tremendous replay value. No two playthroughs will play out the same. The choices you make send ripples far and wide.

The characters you focus on, how you build them out, and what secrets you uncover all influence your journey. The randomized events and encounters ensure subsequent runs feel unique with surprises both new and familiar.

Since you only directly play as one character at a time, you’ll experience different slices of the full world in each run. Their skills let you tackle scenarios with distinct playstyles. Playing as the werewolf outlaw offers a very different experience than the undead woman for instance.

With so many different paths to uncover, Weird West encourages multiple playthroughs to truly see all it has to offer. The definitive edition on new consoles makes return trips more tempting than ever.

Weird West Definitive Edition FAQs

What new content is added in the Definitive Edition?

The Definitive Edition includes an all-new illustrated story scene depicting the origins of a new threat. It also adds new enemy types and random events throughout the world.

Is the Definitive Edition a free upgrade for existing owners?

Yes, existing owners of Weird West on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will receive the Definitive Edition as a free upgrade when it releases. Your saved data will carry over as well.

Will the Definitive Edition come to PC too?

The developer WolfEye Studios has stated the Definitive Edition enhancements will come to the PC version of Weird West as a free update later in 2024.

What resolution and frame rate does the Definitive Edition run at?

On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, it runs at native 4K resolution and 60 frames per second. On Xbox Series S it runs at dynamic 4K and 60 fps.

Does the Definitive Edition have faster loading times?

Yes, loading times are vastly improved on next-gen consoles thanks to the high-speed SSD storage. Fast travel and transitional loads are near instant.

How does the Definitive Edition improve the visuals?

Higher resolution textures and assets paired with the 4K rendering provide much more detailed graphics. Improved lighting and VFX also help the world come alive.

Does the Definitive Edition feature ray tracing?

No, ray tracing is not implemented in the Definitive Edition. The focus was achieving 4K 60fps with enhanced visuals.

Are there any changes to the gameplay mechanics?

No major gameplay changes, but lots of quality-of-life improvements based on player feedback. The UI and menus are improved, as are crafting and inventory management.


Weird West’s Definitive Edition looks to be the ideal way to experience this supernatural immersive sim. The technical improvements and additional content build on an already strong foundation. New console owners and players who missed it the first time will find much to love in exploring its bizarre version of the Wild West.

Existing fans can look forward to revisiting the ominous frontier with even more mysteries and surprises to uncover. The definitive edition brings meaningful enhancements that improve nearly every aspect of the experience. Saddle up for a journey into the unknown when the Weird West Definitive Edition drops next week.

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