Total War Rome 3 Release Date, News, & more 2024

Total War Rome 3: The Total War series has been one of the most popular strategy game franchises for over two decades now. With its blend of turn-based campaign strategy and real-time tactical battles, Total War has offered strategy fans an unparalleled gaming experience.

Of all the titles in the Total War series, few have captured the imagination as much as Total War: Rome. Something about leading the Roman Republic and Empire to domination just captivates players. Naturally, fans have been eagerly awaiting a third entry in the fan-favorite Total War: Rome series.

When Will Total War Rome 3 Release?

There has been a lot of speculation about Total War Rome 3 over the years. Fans have patiently waited for any hints of a new Rome title being in development. However, Creative Assembly and Sega have yet to officially announce Total War Rome 3.

The most recent major historical title was Total War: Three Kingdoms, which was released in 2019. Typically, new flagship Total War titles are released every 2-3 years. Given that timeline, we could expect Total War Rome 3 to potentially be released sometime around 2022-2024.

However, these are just estimations and guesses – we won’t know for sure until an official announcement is made. Creative Assembly could push the release back further to ensure the game meets the high expectations.

Or if development began a while ago secretly, we could see a surprise reveal and launch sooner! Fans will have to wait patiently for official word.

What Time Period Could Total War Rome 3 Cover?

The original 2004 Rome focused on the rise of Rome through the Marian Reforms. The Barbarian Invasion expansion then extended the campaign map and timeline into the fall of Rome.

Total War Rome 2 picked up where the Barbarian Invasion left off, covering the fall of the West and the Byzantine Empire.

A hypothetical Rome 3 has a lot of options on the table for its setting:

Earlier Start Date

Rome 3 could go back further in time, exploring the Roman Republic’s earlier conquests of Italy, Africa, Greece, and Spain. The Punic Wars against Carthage would make an epic campaign.

Imperial Heyday

Skipping over the Republic, Rome 3 could focus solely on the glory days of the Roman Empire. This would be perfect for recreating classic Roman conquests of Britain, Dacia, Parthia, and more.

Late Antiquity

The fall of Rome could be pushed back even further, exploring the later Roman Empire and its enemies like the Huns and Sassanids. The rise of Christianity could also play a major role.

Fantasy Setting

Rome 3 could break from history entirely and introduce a new fantasy setting. Mixing mythology and magic into the familiar Total War: Rome formula could allow radical new game mechanics and features.

What New Features Could Rome 3 Have?

As a tentpole Total War title, Rome 3 would be expected to push the envelope and dramatically expand the scope of the series. Here are some new features we could see:

Larger Campaign Map

Fans would expect a massive campaign map covering all of Europe, North Africa, and the Near East. Areas barely touched like Scandinavia, Sub-Saharan Africa, and India could be introduced.

More Factions & Playstyles

Rome 2 already had over 100 different factions. Rome 3 could increase that number further, introducing more minor states and tribes across the map. More diversity in mechanics and playstyles would keep campaigns fresh.

Improved Politics

Domestic politics have been a weakness of the series. Rome 3 could add deeper political systems, schemes, civil wars, offices, and more to immerse the players in Roman Republic/Empire management.

Next-Gen Graphics & Performance

A marquee strategy title would need to take full advantage of the newest hardware for visual splendor and performance. We could see real-time battles with tens of thousands of soldiers as the new norm.

More RPG Elements

Roleplaying elements like character traits, skills, households, marriages and more could make a return from previous titles. Expanding these can help players connect with the characters under their guidance.

Multiplayer Campaign Co-Op

A long-requested feature has been the ability to play the turn-based campaign cooperatively with another player. Rome 3 would be a perfect opportunity to finally add this mode.

What Historical Figures & Factions Could Appear?

The Roman period had no shortage of legendary figures that could be featured as playable leaders or heroes. Here are some top picks:

Roman Republic: Scipio Africanus, Gaius Marius, Julius Caesar, Pompey, Marc Antony, Augustus

Carthage: Hannibal Barca

Macedon: Alexander the Great

Greece: Leonidas, Pericles, Alcibiades

Egypt: Cleopatra, Ramesses

Gaul: Vercingetorix

Britain: Boudica

Dacia: Decebalus

Germania: Arminius

Parthia: Mithridates

These are just a taste of the heroes from history that could be playable. And then there are all the rival leaders of barbarian tribes from across Europe, Africa, and the Near East that could be introduced.

What Time Periods Are Fans Hoping For?

Among fans debating the ideal setting for Rome 3, some of the most popular ideas include:

  • The Punic Wars with Carthage, starring Scipio and Hannibal
  • Caesar’s Gallic Wars and Civil War, transitioning into Augustus and Imperial Rome
  • Constantine and the rise of Christianity in the Late Roman Empire
  • Marcus Aurelius and the wars against Germanic tribes in the 2nd century AD
  • The Crisis of the Third Century, with the Roman Empire nearly collapsing from internal strife and barbarian invasions

Fans are passionate about all eras of Roman history! Creative Assembly will have a tough time picking which timeframe to focus on for Rome 3. There are just so many interesting choices available.

What Are Some Exciting Rome 3 Announcement Rumors?

Unsurprisingly, rumors have swirled for years about Total War Rome 3’s secret development. Here are some of the most interesting rumors so far:

  • Alleged concept art and early asset screenshots leaked in 2021, showing a campaign map focused heavily on Europe and North Africa.
  • An industry insider claims Rome 3 will have a hard M rating to portray the period accurately. Features like dismemberment and mature themes could be incorporated.
  • Rumors suggest longtime designer James Russell has been overseeing Rome 3’s development. Russell has previously worked on Medieval II, Empire, and Napoleon.
  • Leaked images of an in-game event log from January 2022 suggest the period will cover 43 AD – 235 AD, from Emperor Claudius through Emperor Severus Alexander.
  • Anonymous developer comments on Reddit claim Rome 3 will introduce richer RPG systems for generals and governors to reflect the intrigue of the Roman Empire.

As with all rumors, nothing is confirmed until Total War Rome 3 gets an official reveal. Creative Assembly has kept a tight lid on any concrete details. The studio may intentionally spread misinformation to avoid leaks.

But with each passing year, fans grow more expectant and convinced that development is advancing on the next legendary Rome title. Hopefully, concrete details emerge soon!

Why Do Fans Love the Total War: Rome Series?

Ever since Rome: Total War captured the imaginations of strategy gamers in 2004, the Roman era has held a special place in the franchise. Here’s a look at why fans never tire of returning to these epic campaigns:

Beloved Time Period – There’s a reason Roman history is so widely taught in schools. Few periods can match the drama and grandeur of the Romans, whether we’re talking about Caesar, Hannibal, or the glory of Rome itself.

Diverse Factions – From legionaries to phalanxes to war elephants, hundreds of unique factions across 3 continents wait to be commanded. New barbarian tribes can always be added too!

Legendary Generals – Great commanders like Scipio and Augustus are household names. Turning these historical figures into your gameplay avatars never gets old.

Grand Campaigns – Conquering barbarian lands, defeating Carthage in the Punic Wars, preventing Rome’s collapse…these are gameplay scenarios worthy of an epic strategy title.

Incredible Battles – Pretending you’re Caesar at the Battle of Alesia or defending Rome from Hannibal at Cannae just feels special. Few battles in history match up.

Beloved Gameplay – Leading Roman legions to glory in battle after a highly strategic battle was already compelling gameplay 20 years ago. And with today’s technology, it has limitless potential.

Quite simply, if you love ancient warfare, it does not get better than commanding the legions of Rome. The chance to replay history’s most iconic moments or shape it to your will is impossible to resist.

The Future Looks Bright for Total War Rome

As one of the most renowned strategy game series in history, each new Total War title sets expectations sky-high. And despite no official confirmation yet, a third game focused on the beloved Roman era may have the most hype of all.

Both Creative Assembly and Sega are surely aware of how anticipatory fans are for Total War: Rome 3. When it is finally revealed, millions of gamers will be anxiously awaiting the chance to return to antiquity’s greatest warriors and campaigns.

With almost two decades of technological and design improvements since the original Rome: Total War, the potential is staggering for how immersive and visceral Rome 3 could turn out. All signs point to it being the ultimate ancient warfare gaming experience.

Hopefully, announcements are on the horizon that will shed light on the development status and eventual launch. For now, fans continue to eagerly dissect any rumors and statements from Creative Assembly for hints of Rome 3’s future release.

When the glorious day finally arrives for Rome 3’s launch, it will be a joyous moment for strategy gamers everywhere. Judging from the brilliant quality of recent Total War titles, we expect nothing less than an instant classic that will be remembered for years to come. We can’t wait to hear more soon!

Frequently Asked Questions about Total War Rome 3

Here are some common questions players have about the possible release and features of Total War Rome 3:

What gaming platforms will Rome 3 be available on?

Given Total War’s status as a major PC gaming franchise, Rome 3 will almost certainly launch on Windows through Steam and the Epic Games Store. Console support for the latest generation Xbox and PlayStation consoles is also likely.

Will Rome 3 support multiplayer campaigns?

Cooperative campaign support is one of the most demanded features by the Total War community. Allowing multiple players to enjoy the strategic campaign (not just battles) together would be a huge step forward.

How will Rome 3 represent different government types?

One area ripe for improvement is modeling the differences between Republic, Imperial, and Monarchist factions. Unique political features, mechanics, events and more could make each government type feel distinctive.

Will naval combat return in Rome 3?

Many fans miss the naval combat featured back in Rome 1. While tricky to implement, adding blockades, amphibious invasions, and coastal battles could add great strategic depth. And triremes battling is cool!

Will mods be supported?

The Total War games have always had great mod support on PC. We fully expect Rome 3 to continue this tradition, allowing fans to customize and expand their game experience through free community mods.

In Conclusion

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it may still be a while before Creative Assembly completes development on Total War Rome 3. But when the iconic strategy series finally returns to the era that started it all, it is sure to be glorious.

With over 15 years of pedigree and technological advancement since Rome 1, the third time is bound to be the charm. And for strategy gamers who love commanding the legions of the Roman Republic and Empire, Rome 3 can’t march onto PCs soon enough.

The wait has been long, but we predict Total War: Rome 3 will be worth every moment the instant gamers get their hands on it. CA has always delivered bigger and better experiences with each new release. Soon we’ll see firsthand how they plan to top the original Rome that started it all.

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