WhatsApp Plus For Android Download- Best In 2022

Download WhatsApp Plus For Android

If you are also looking for WhatsApp Plus for Android then you have come to the right place. Just keep reading this blog to the end!

There are hundreds of messaging apps on the internet today, but there is only one app ruling all of them, WhatsApp. It has acquired billions of customers in the past decade and still going on. WhatsApp has fulfilled the need for a messaging app that can allow you to send voice notes, media, voice calls, video calls, and much more. And even today the developers are working on it to maintain its number one position.

While there are so many features in WhatsApp, there are some features that it lacks like hide status, hide blue tick, etc. These kinds of features are only available on the modified version of WhatsApp available in the market. The most popular moded version of WhatsApp is called WhatsApp Plus.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is very similar to the normal WhatsApp but in addition, it provides you with the best features that are not available in the normal version of WhatsApp. We will discuss them further in the blog.

Download WhatsApp Plus for Android

To download WhatsApp Plus for Android. You can use the given link and it will redirect you to a website where you can download WhatsApp Plus for Android.


  • Use the given link and download the WhatsApp plus file.
  • Then uninstall the previous WhatsApp that you were using. You can back up your data before that.
  • After uninstalling the previous WhatsApp, you can install the WhatsApp Plus file onto your Android device.
  • Open the file and do the OTP verification process and enjoy WhatsApp Plus.

Highlighting Features of WhatsApp Plus

If you want to know more about WhatsApp Plus then you can read this part. Now we are going to discuss some of the best features that WhatsApp Plus provides.

1. Change Icon and Theme

The first noticeable feature that WhatsApp Plus provides is the freedom to change the theme and icon of WhatsApp. You can easily change the colors of the application and the icon of the app.
There are many themes already available on the WhatsApp Plus app and most of them are very attractive. You should check them out.

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2. Hide Contacts

If for some reason you want to hide a contact from someone then you can do it with the help of WhatsApp Plus. It gives you the feature to select a contact and hide it. You can select a password and hide the contact and when you need that contact, you can enter the password and have access to it.

3. Hide Status

If you are like me and you like to limit the number of people seeing your WhatsApp status then you should download WhatsApp Plus. It gives you an amazing option to hide your status from the people that you don’t want to show.
It can be very useful as you can use it to show status to a limited group of people.

4. More Emotes

With the new updates, WhatsApp Plus has added many new emoticons that are not available on the original WhatsApp. You can use these emoticons freely with the help of WhatsApp Plus. Not only that, they regularly update the application so that you can use new features and emotes.

5. Auto-Reply Option

Auto-Reply is one of the best features of WhatsApp Plus. You can automate a message for a specific contact and the auto-reply feature will send the message at a specific time.
This way even if you are not able to send a message WhatsApp Plus will send it for you!


These are some frequently asked questions about WhatsApp Plus Android.

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Download?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is safe to download if you are using our link. If you are using an unknown source then you might have some safety issues as someone can put a virus in the file. So you should download it carefully. You can run a virus scan to confirm it.

Is WhatsApp Plus free?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is free to download and use. You don’t have to give any money to download it though you can donate money to the creators if you want to. But it’s completely up to you, otherwise, it is free.

Is WhatsApp Plus legal?

Yes, WhatsApp Plus is completely legal to use and millions of users around the world use it. It is just a modified version of WhatsApp. It is not illegal to use WhatsApp Plus though the original WhatsApp company won’t like it if they find out so use it carefully.


In this blog, we have given a link to download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. You can easily download it in simple steps. Other than that, we have also discussed some of the highlighting features of WhatsApp Plus.
I hope that this blog was helpful for you, tell us which feature did you like the most?

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