The Division 3 Officially Announced By Ubisoft 2024

The Division 3: Ubisoft has finally announced the highly anticipated sequel to their hit online shooter RPG The Division 2. Revealed at their E3 press conference, The Division 3 is slated for release in 2024 on next-gen consoles and PCs. The announcement came with a thrilling cinematic trailer that hints at the direction of the game’s story and setting. Let’s break down everything we know so far about Division 3.

Overview of The Division Franchise

The Division first launched in 2016 and became one of Ubisoft’s fastest-selling new IPs at the time. It takes place in a near future New York City which has been devastated by a pandemic on Black Friday. Players take on the role of Division agents tasked with restoring order and fighting criminal activity in the wake of the outbreak.

Key features of The Division 3 games include:

  • Online open-world RPG with co-op and solo play
  • Loot-driven gameplay with tons of gear to collect
  • Cover-based third-person shooter gameplay
  • Leveling system with skills to unlock for your agent
  • Base building and NPC interactions
  • Dark Zone PvP areas for tense encounters against other players

Division 2 moved the setting to a post-pandemic Washington D.C. which expanded the world and scope significantly. Ubisoft supported the game with substantial expansions and content updates over multiple years.

The Division 3 Cinematic Trailer Analysis

The first look trailer for The Division 3 depicts a group of Division agents huddled around a fire in a snowy, mountainous environment. It’s a big change from the urban settings of the previous two games. Voiceover hints that Division agents have been unable to make contact with their leadership at The White House for some time.

We see the agents gearing up before heading out into the blizzard toward an unknown objective. Shots are showcasing familiar gameplay elements like taking cover, using skills and fighting human enemies. But most interestingly, we also see some kind of new mutated beast that could be related to the series’ devastating pandemic.

The cinematic makes it clear that The Division 3 will take agents to completely new frontiers filled with fresh mysteries to uncover. The lack of leadership contact suggests a disconnected survival-focused narrative. Facing the elements and unknown mutated creatures will provide challenges, unlike anything Division agents have faced in the past.

Potential New Location and Time Period

So where exactly could The Division 3 be set? The snowy mountain setting has led many fans to speculate on locations like the Rocky Mountains or the Alaska wilderness. Moving the setting out of an urban city opens up some exciting new gameplay opportunities. Missions through forests, small rural towns, and mountain peaks would provide incredible visual variety. Survival elements like warmth, food, water, and oxygen could come into play.

It’s not fully clear when The Division 3 takes place relative to previous games. It could be set shortly after The Division 2 during the early days of trying to rebuild society. But the mutated creatures and disconnected agents suggest it may be set years or even decades later. The pandemic and subsequent chaos could have forced Division members far outside major cities just to survive.

Having an almost post-post-apocalyptic setting with small pockets of civilization struggling to endure would be fascinating to explore. Ubisoft has an opportunity to advance the universe timeline well beyond what we’ve seen before.

Gameplay Enhancements and Features

The brief cinematic trailer doesn’t reveal much about how gameplay itself will evolve in The Division 3. But we can speculate on some likely improvements and additions based on previous features and the new setting.

  • Expanded Weapon Customization– Upgrading and modifying weapons is core to The Division loop. Expect even more options for customizing your agent’s arsenal to fit different situations.
  • New Survival Mechanics– Fighting the elements and surviving the harsh environment will likely play a big role. Hypothermia, oxygen levels, hunting for food sources, and setting up shelter could all come into play outside of combat.
  • New Enemy Types– The mutated creature shown in the trailer is our biggest clue. The Division 3 will likely introduce new enemy designs fitting the wilder setting.
  • Dynamic Weather/Day Cycle– Blizzards, fog, clear nights for stargazing, and other weather effects would help the world feel more immersive and hazardous.
  • Expanded Co-op– Previous games supported 2-4 player co-op. Allowing even more agents in a single session would be great for larger-scale missions.
  • Mounts/Vehicles– Snowmobiles, trucks, and hovercraft could provide faster traversal over large open spaces between objectives and settlements.

These are just some initial guesses at the directions Ubisoft could take gameplay for The Division 3. The backing of next-gen consoles will provide the power needed to realize these ambitious improvements.

Story and Mission Structure Possibilities

The Division revolves around small story-focused missions that take place in open-world settings. We expect The Division 3 to retain this overall structure but evolve it in new ways. The voiceover narration in the reveal trailer provides some clues to the narrative direction.

Here are some possible story beats and mission types we could see:

  • Surviving the early days of the pandemic spreading– Go on prequel missions showing the initial response to contain the virus.
  • Establishing a new Division base– Build up a headquarters in the wilderness to provide supplies and shelter.
  • Investigating lost/rogue Division agents– Figure out what happened to agents who disappeared in the chaos.
  • Rescuing stranded survivors– Travel via snowmobile, chopper, or convoy to rescue survivors stranded in the elements.
  • Exploring abandoned research facilities– Infiltrate old labs and military complexes for clues to the mutated creatures.
  • Defending survivor settlements from threats– Repel raids from enemies and creatures attacking survivor camps.
  • Re-Activating long-range comms– Seek out equipment and locations to restore contact with Division leadership.
  • Hunting mutated creatures– Learn behaviors of new threats and take down particularly dangerous variants.
  • Uncovering the truth behind the pandemic– Dig deeper into the cause and origin of the devastating disease.

The Division 3 has an opportunity to tell a very different style of narrative while retaining the addictive action RPG elements fans love. We can’t wait to see more about what directions the next chapter in the story takes us.

Release Date, Platforms and Editions

Ubisoft has announced The Division 3 will launch sometime in 2024. It will be available for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC. Exact launch timing and platforms are subject to change as development progresses over the next year.

Ubisoft games usually get premium and collector’s editions with bonus items and content. Expect The Division 3 to follow suit with deluxe editions containing season pass access, soundtracks, art books, and other goodies for franchise fans.

The Division 2 maintained a steady stream of free content updates and paid expansions after launch. A similar live service approach with regular new missions, gear, events, and improvements is expected for The Division 3.

The Road Ahead for The Division Franchise

The Division 3 kicks off the next era for Ubisoft’s hit online action RPG franchise. The change in setting and story direction opens up exciting possibilities for the evolution of gameplay and world-building. Fan speculation and hype are already building with over a year until the tentative 2024 release.

What parts of The Division formula would you like to see improved or changed in the sequel? Are you excited to see the series move away from urban areas into more diverse wilderness environments? Let us know your thoughts and reactions to the first reveal of The Division 3!


Here are some frequently asked questions about The Division 3:

Q: What platforms will The Division 3 be released on?

A: Ubisoft has confirmed it will be on PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Last-gen console support has not been announced.

Q: Will I be able to carry over my agent from previous games?

A: Ubisoft hasn’t confirmed if agent progression or unlocks will carry over yet. But in the past, they have allowed some crossover for sequels.

Q: Does The Division 3 have a set release date yet?

A: Not yet. Ubisoft said to expect it sometime in 2024. A firmer launch date will likely be announced as development continues.

Q: Will The Division 3 be open-world like previous games?

A: Yes, the series will continue its online open-world structure according to Ubisoft’s reveal. New environments beyond urban cities are planned.

Q: Will there be multiplayer and co-op?

A: Multiplayer and co-op are core pillars of the franchise. Expect shared world co-op PvE missions and PvP Dark Zone areas similar to previous games.

Q: Will The Division 3 be out on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?

A: The Division 3 has only been announced for next-gen PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC so far. Last-gen support has not been confirmed.

Q: What new features are coming in The Division 3?

A: Potential enhancements like survival mechanics, weather effects, new enemy types, and mounts have been speculated based on the reveal trailer. But full details remain to be seen.

Q: Will The Division TV show tie into the sequel’s story?

A: While no clear story connections have been made yet, the timing of the Netflix show’s premiere could build interest in The Division 3’s plot and world.


The Division 3 announcement gives fans a lot to look forward to and speculate on for the future of the franchise. By bringing the online action RPG into fresh new settings with ambitious improvements, Ubisoft has laid the groundwork for another hit. We’ll eagerly await more details and footage of The Division 3 as its 2024 release starts to come into focus.

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