10 Best Online Games To Earn Money In India In 2022

Online Games To Earn Money

Everything from Diwali parties to Holi parties and even Kitty parties now include games as a way to lighten the mood. Games are so beloved that even when there is nothing else to do, people play online games or offline to pass the time, so we have compiled a list of the 10 Best Online Games to Earn Money in India on Websites and Android Devices.

There may be a single game or a variety of games available for you to play on these websites and mobile applications.

The fact that they are all enjoyable and may enable you to make some extra money is something that all games have, from cards to racing games.

Additionally, we strongly warn against and do not support playing any of these video games to make money because they are not, in any way, a source of revenue. Instead, we wrote this post to tell readers about ways they can have fun, play with their friends and family, and also earn some extra cash.

Let’s start with the list of the 10 Best Online Games to Earn Money in India and get back to having fun.

1. Dream11  


Football fans may engage in fantasy football for as little as Rs. 100 on the eSports gaming website called Dream11. It is provided by Fantasy Sports Information and has more than 10,000 installations right now.

With Dream11, you may assemble a squad by selecting players from a pool of strikers, defenders, midfielders, and goalkeepers. Additionally, if you select your captain and vice-captain well, your overall rating will increase.

Players can watch live matches and monitor the performance of their fellow competitors in events with both large and small prize pools.

2. Parimatch App

Parimatch App

Second on our list of Best Online Games to Earn Money in India is parimatch It is the ideal location for gamers who also enjoy competing in trivia contests and other forms of entertainment. Their user experience is simple.

There is a huge selection of games there, including Ludo, Jumps, and Tic Tac Toe. Cut the Rope, Badland, and Tom & Jerry Mouse Trap are just a few examples of the Casual Games category’s offerings. There are about 300 games overall on it.

It is noted that some rewards with a value greater than Rs. 10,000 are governed by income tax laws. The best aspect is that you cannot exchange any virtual currency you acquire, including coins, money, gold, jewels, or diamonds.

3. GetMega

The Maximizer Innovations studios created GetMega. More than 10,000 installations exist. It is a fantastic mobile game and competition and one of the biggest mobile gaming platforms available in India.

The most recent version of knowledge includes a variety of games, including Carom. GetMega offers knowledge, a huge number of prizes, and entertainment all in one.

You may actually browse through a range of games on your Android device using the app. The user interface categorizes the games according to a variety of genres, such as daily fantasy, sports, adventures, and action.

4. Gamezop App

Gamezop App

The Gamezop App is an immensely popular Indian app and probably included in the Best Online Games to Earn Money in India  This is essentially a money-making app for folks who wish to make money without working too hard.

You can earn money by doing straightforward things like introducing friends, logging in/checking in, reading an article, getting push notifications, and sharing the app. With this software, you have many choices for earning real cash in the form of coins.

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5. Junglee Rummy App

The Junglee Games studios are responsible for making Junglee Rummy. It has been downloaded by over ten million people. The Indian population loves this wonderful mobile game since it’s a great way to play and make money instead of just killing time.

All rummy fans can play royal cards for free as well as with real money in this well-known form of card game with excellent user experience.

6. Betobet


India’s top online poker site, Betobet, was launched by Counder B.V. in 2000. On the Apple Play store, it has a rating of 2.7/5. It provides no-limit hold ’em and pot-limit Omaha poker formats for cash games and tournament games. While tournaments come in a wide range of buy-in levels, cash games come in six-max and nine-max formats.

It makes use of a number of basic concepts from the mathematical, psychological, and strategic analysis so that no two cards are dealt with the same priority and that each player must choose the best card combinations from the ones he is dealt with.

7. PlayerzPot App

PlayerzPot, which is offered by Balogun Gift Studios, is the most well-known and extensively used gaming software in India. There have been 10,000 installments overall, and counting. One of the top online games in India for making money.

The best thing about it is that the greatest prize pool for it, which is a part of Play Games 24×7, tops out at a mind-blowing Rs. 4 crores. One can enroll to play right away after installing the app for free with a minimum deposit of Rs. 25.

8. WinZO


S-Tune produces WinZo, which has over 10,000,000 installations. It has 3.7 stars on the Play Store. April 2022 saw the beginning of it. It requires Android 4.2 or later, and once installed, you can use it.

A pleasant presenter quizzes users on 10 multiple-choice questions while simultaneously giving them “lives” to re-enter the game if they lose. In return, they are rewarded with cash prizes that are transferred to their Paytm accounts.

9. Howzat App

Howzat Private Limited provides the Howzat App, which has more than 500,000,000 downloads to date. It gets 4.5 ratings on the Play Store. This is the largest multiplayer cricket game.

By clicking and moving the pool cue away from the goal area while playing this game, users can adjust the shot power.

10. 10cric


Our last game among the list of the Best Online Games to Earn Money in India is 10cric. It has a 3.9/5 overall rating and 641 users with 10,000+ installations have given it a thumbs up. In this game, the user could pick a squad of 11 members from a group of either 25 or 30 people. Your contribution as one of the eleven players begins the live match, which awards you points.

Your ultimate score determines your ranking. It is provided by Sohag Inc., and players can immediately begin playing.

Wrapping up: 10 Best Online Games to Earn Money in India

These are some of the best online games to earn money in India However, we still urge you to read their conditions of use beforehand since they are prohibited in some places like Assam and Odisha.

In addition, we would like to remind our readers to play responsibly and to only use real money after they have set aside enough cash for their monthly expenses. Please share this blog with others and let us know in the comments which one you liked the best.

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