Streets of Rage 5 Release Date, News, Gameplay 2024


The Streets of Rage franchise is one of the most iconic beat ”em-up series in gaming history. First released in 1991 on the Sega Genesis, the original Streets of Rage captivated players with its gripping gameplay, electronic dance soundtrack, and gritty urban setting. Nearly 30 years later, Streets of Rage 4 revived the classic series in 2020 to critical acclaim. Fans are now eagerly awaiting details on Streets of Rage 5.

While an official announcement has not yet been made, there are plenty of signs pointing to a new Streets of Rage sequel in development for 2024. Here is everything we know so far about the potential Streets of Rage 5 release date, gameplay features, story, and more.

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Release Date Speculation

Though Streets of Rage 5 has not been officially confirmed, speculation points to a likely 2024 release based on the development cycle for previous games in the series.

Streets of Rage 4 was announced in August 2018 and released in April 2020, representing approximately a 2-year development cycle. Assuming Streets of Rage 5 entered production soon after 4’s launch, a 2024 release would follow a similar timeline.

Additionally, 2024 will mark the 30th anniversary of the Streets of Rage franchise. Releasing Streets of Rage 5 in 2024 would be a fitting celebration of the series’ legacy. Past anniversary years have seen the release of compilations like Streets of Rage 2 in 2001 and 3 in 2007.

While not confirmed, 2024 is the most logical target for Streets of Rage 5 if development is underway. This would allow time for the game to be properly polished and would coincide with the franchise’s major milestone anniversary.

Potential Story Details

The ending of Streets of Rage 4 set the stage for further sequels, so what might the story of Streets of Rage 5 entail?

Streets of Rage 4 concluded with the core characters finally defeating Mr. X and bringing peace back to Wood Oak City. However, the story continued in secret endings that revealed one of Mr. X’s children had taken up his mantle. This new Mr. X seems intent on getting revenge.

A logical storyline for Streets of Rage 5 would see the new Mr. X restoring the crime syndicate and the original heroes forced out of retirement to stop him. This would allow for the return of characters like Axel, Blaze, and Cherry while introducing some fresh faces to the roster.

The new Mr. X may also unleash some futuristic technology and weaponry, bringing a new twist to urban warfare. Think cyborg henchmen, laser guns, and mechanized power suits taking the brawling to new heights.

With Streets of Rage 4’s pixel art style being so well received, expect visually enhanced versions of classic stages alongside new locations. The story will feel familiar but with a new generation fighting to liberate the streets.

Updated Gameplay Mechanics

While retaining the classic brawling feel, Streets of Rage 4 did introduce some new gameplay systems like special moves and character-swapping that could be expanded on in Streets of Rage 5.
Special attacks added supers and counters to the combat arsenal, but expect even more depth here for the sequel. Signature character-specific special moves could be incorporated to showcase their unique fighting styles. Raven might summon talon drones, Axel could execute power slams, and Cherry could deploy distracting holograms.

The ability to swap between characters mid-stage was also well-received. Look for this to return with strategic elements like gaining experience bonuses for using the entire roster and unleashing synced-up tandem attacks when switching partners in combat.

Quality-of-life improvements will likely focus on giving players more defensive and evasive options to avoid damage compared to previous brawlers in the series as well. A refined dodge roll or parry maneuver would add more finesse to the fisticuffs.

Expanded Multiplayer

Local co-op was a highlight of Streets of Rage 4, but expect Streets of Rage 5 to expand the multiplayer experience even further.

Full online play will be a must, enabling worldwide matchmaking to always find a partner for co-op. Competitive multiplayer will also likely be introduced, allowing players to battle head-to-head in 1v1 or 2v2 brawls.

Character customization would thrive online, with unlockable skins and accessories to show off. Leaderboards and ranked seasons could offer motivation to keep perfecting combat skills against others.

Even when playing solo, more intelligent AI bots with adjustable difficulty will help provide an authentic multiplayer feel. The days of easily exploitable old-school brawler AI are over.

Speculated Console Platforms

Streets of Rage 4 launched on all major platforms, so expect a similar multiplatform approach for Streets of Rage 5.

PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC will almost surely be included given their massive combined install bases. However, Switch and even mobile now have the power to credibly run the game as well and would enable handheld brawling on the go.

The most uncertain element is whether last-gen PS4 and Xbox One will still be supported. Their inclusion would maximize the potential player pool, but risks holding back innovation if forced to develop for lower-power hardware.

PC requirements may also be higher this time around if cutting-edge graphical flourishes are incorporated to truly showcase how gorgeous pixel art can be when taken to the next level.

Regardless of platforms, simultaneous launch across them for parity will be beneficial. Additional perks like special console-exclusive characters or skins could sweeten the pot further.

Potential Bonus Content

Modern game development often means continued support, updates, and content additions well after launch. Expect Streets of Rage 5 to follow similar practices.

Season passes with regular DLC character and stage packs will enable the roster and available locales to continually expand over time. These could incorporate both new and legacy content, bringing favorites back from past series entries.

Timed events and limited-run cosmetics would motivate regular check-ins to experience fresh content drops. Think season-exclusive character outfits or holiday-themed weapons and props.

Crossover bonuses from other prominent beat ‘em up or pixel art titles could also generate buzz and value for fans. Teasing the possibility of facing off against the Double Dragon or Scott Pilgrim casts as DLC would be wild.

No matter what form they take, bonus content updates will be key to keeping Streets of Rage 5 feeling perpetually fresh and maintaining a thriving community.

The Future of the Franchise

Streets of Rage 5 has the potential to build upon the excellent foundation laid by 2020’s Streets of Rage 4. The evolution of combat and online play, imaginative new settings and stories, and passion for the franchise from both developers and fans paint the picture of a bright future.

While a release and official details may still be a year or more out, speculation will continue running rampant. One thing is certain: when this legendary beat ‘em up series returns for Round 5, it will arrive with hard-hitting style. The streets will be raging once again. Stay tuned.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Streets of Rage 5:

Are Streets of Rage 5 officially confirmed?

No, Streets of Rage 5 has not been officially announced or confirmed yet. However, speculation is pointing towards a likely new game in development based on the success of 2020’s Streets of Rage

When will Streets of Rage 5 be released?

There is no official release date, but theories suggest Streets of Rage 5 could arrive sometime in 2024 based on typical development timelines. This would coincide with the franchise’s 30th anniversary.

What platforms will it be on?

Platforms are unconfirmed, but PS5, Xbox Series X/S, Nintendo Switch, PC, and even mobile are possibilities given the multiplatform approach of Streets of Rage 4.

Will there be multiplayer?

Local and online cooperative multiplayer is expected. Competitive multiplayer modes are also likely given the more robust online features of current gaming.
Could there be DLC and updates?

Yes, continued DLC character packs, stages, cosmetics, and limited events are probable to provide ongoing support and content past launch.


While still speculative, Streets of Rage 5 seems to be shaping up as a likely sequel following the well-received Streets of Rage 4 revival. If development projections hold, fans could be hitting the streets again as early as 2024. Gameplay innovations, online multiplayer, and post-launch support would further strengthen the next entry in this iconic retro brawler franchise. Until official details emerge, enthusiasts will continue dreaming of what awaits in Streets of Rage 5.

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