Esports Jargon 101: Understanding the Language of Competitive Gaming 2023

Esports Jargon 101:

Any newcomer to esports gaming may find it difficult to understand what players mean when they talk to each other. As games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have grown in popularity, the terms used to define events within the game have evolved into a distinct language. Here are some of the most frequently used terms in gaming.

  • AoE – Area of Affect. This is the estimated range of a weapon. While rifles use only a straight line, grenades can reach a much larger radius.
  • AFK – Away From Keyboard. Everyone occasionally needs an emergency break from a game.
  • Buff – Power Increase. This refers to strength that is added to help level the combat power between agents.
  • Bullet Sponge – This applies to agents who are very difficult to eliminate, even when caught in heavy gunfire.
  • Camping – When players are camping, it means they are avoiding direct battle and waiting for other players to do all the hard work.
  • Cheesing – When players indulge in cheese, they are using an inexpensive strategy, such as multiple power combos, to defeat an enemy.

  • Dungeon – A high number of enemies in a small, enclosed space.
  • Ganking – This occurs when multiple players of great strength target a weak player or team.
  • Grinding – Repetitive actions to earn rewards.
  • K/D – Kill-to-Death. It’s a ratio that defines a shooter’s performance by dividing kills with deaths. For example, an agent that has killed eight opponents while being killed only twice is said to have a K/D of 4.0.
  • Lag – This is the slight time delay between completing an action and it is acknowledged by the game’s system.
  • Meta – This refers to any new strategy that evolves in a game. It’s something every player needs to look out for.
  • MO – Mana Points. The term indicates what is required to gain access to a specialized skill.
  • Nerf – This means the balance of strength between agents. It’s mostly used to determine a reduction of power in super-strong agents.
  • NPC – Non-Player Character. Some characters in the game are not available to use. Their purpose is usually to provide advice. Newcomers should be aware that eliminating a NFC incurs a penalty.

  • Peeling – Distracting an enemy to help a team member who is struggling to survive.
  • Ragequit – A tantrum. Players who are suffering intense pressure often explode with rage and storm out of a game regardless of how their actions may affect their team.
  • Spawn – Start point. Every player starts, or spawns, in a location on the map.
  • Tag – A player’s nickname.

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