War Thunder 2 Release Date, Gameplay, News 2024

War Thunder 2: War Thunder first launched in 2013 and quickly became one of the most popular military vehicle combat games on the market. The game allows players to control vintage planes, tanks, and ships from various nations and take them into realistic PvP battles.

With the continued success of War Thunder over the past decade, many fans are eagerly anticipating a sequel. Here is everything we know so far about War Thunder 2, including speculation around a potential release date, new features and gameplay changes, and more.

When Will War Thunder 2 Be Released?

There has been no official announcement yet from Gaijin Entertainment regarding War Thunder 2. However, we can make some educated guesses on when it might arrive based on the development cycle of the original game.

War Thunder first entered open beta in 2013 after a couple of years in development. It then saw a full release on PC in 2016 and on consoles in 2018. If Gaijin follows a similar timeline for War Thunder 2, it’s unlikely we’ll see it before 2023 at the very earliest.

The most optimistic release window for War Thunder 2 would be late 2023 to early 2024. This would coincide with the 10th anniversary of the original game’s open beta launch. However, given the scale and complexity of War Thunder, a sequel could easily take 3 to 4 years to develop.

So the safest bet seems to be sometime between 2024 and 2026 for War Thunder 2, barring any major delays or changes in plans.

What New Features and Gameplay Changes Will War Thunder 2 Have?

Since War Thunder 2 hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, details are scarce on what exactly it will include. But looking at the evolution of the original game gives us an idea of the kinds of new features and gameplay changes we might see.

Expanded Arsenal of Vehicles

With each major update, War Thunder continues to expand its arsenal of playable military vehicles from the early 20th century up to the modern era. War Thunder 2 would likely introduce even more planes, tanks, and ships from nations not yet represented.

Potential additions could include more modern jet aircraft, prototype tanks that never entered full production, and new naval vessels like aircraft carriers. More minor nations like Romania, Yugoslavia, and Hungary could also be introduced with unique vehicle rosters.

Larger Maps and Battles

The maps and battles in War Thunder are already quite large, supporting up to 32 players. For War Thunder 2, the maps could be scaled up even more to allow truly massive, combined arms battles with over 100 players or AI vehicles. This would better capture the sweeping scale of real-life conflicts.

Game modes focused on huge naval battles are also a possibility, with players crewing various stations on a single massive battleship or aircraft carrier.

Improved Graphics and Physics

As a cross-gen title developed for next-gen hardware, War Thunder 2 would likely boast significant graphical improvements over the original game. Realistic visual effects, detailed vehicle models, and destructible environments are all possibilities.

The physics, ballistics modeling, and damage systems would also likely receive major upgrades. This would increase the realism and immersion of controlling these iconic military vehicles.

VR Support

Virtual reality support would be a natural fit for the realistic combat action of War Thunder. VR capabilities would make controlling the planes, tanks, and ships even more visceral and exciting. Leaning into the cockpit of a fighter plane or peering through the periscope of a submarine in VR would bring War Thunder to life like never before.

Expanded Single-Player Options

While War Thunder has always focused on PvP, the sequel could expand the single-player and PvE offerings for players who don’t want the stress of competing against others. PvE raids, a story campaign, and AI skirmishes are all possibilities.

There could even be a fully-fledged dynamic campaign mode, with players participating in an evolving war effort over weeks or months, complete with resource management, base building, and strategic decisions.

What Nations and Era Will War Thunder 2 Focus On?

As a combined arms combat game, War Thunder 2 would likely aim to capture a wide span of military history like its predecessor, albeit in greater depth. Here are some of the eras and nations the sequel could focus on:

  • World War II: The WWII era with early tanks, fighter planes, battleships and more would still factor heavily, expanding the roster of American, German, British, Soviet, and Japanese vehicles.
  • Korean War: The Korean War offers the chance to introduce more jets along with some WWII-era vehicles still in use. American F-86 Sabres dueling Soviet MiG-15s could be a highlight.
  • Vietnam War: Vietnam is great for portraying asymmetric warfare, with modern jets like the F-4 Phantom battling guerilla forces armed with older tanks and aircraft. Attack helicopters like the AH-1 Cobra could debut here.
  • Cold War: The direct post-WWII era is ripe for hypothetical matchups, like British Centurion tanks battling Soviet IS-3 heavies or F-14 Tomcats dueling MiG-25 Foxbats.
  • Arab-Israeli Wars: Conflicts like the Six-Day War pitted cutting-edge Soviet armor like the T-55 against Western jets like the Mirage III. This dynamic battlefield is perfect for combined arms combat.
  • Iran-Iraq War: The 1980s Iran-Iraq conflict saw diverse arsenals of tanks, jets, and even ballistic missiles clash in brutal trench warfare. It offers a unique backdrop for battles.
  • Modern: War Thunder 2 could introduce modern vehicles like M1 Abrams tanks, F-22 fighters, T-90 main battle tanks, and advanced SAM systems to portray warfare in the 21st century.

What Features Will Carry Over From War Thunder?

What Features Will Carry Over From War Thunder

While War Thunder 2 will hopefully introduce a wide range of new content and features, the developers are unlikely to fix what isn’t broken. Many of the core features that define the War Thunder experience will likely carry over or be iterated on rather than revamped.

Realistic Physics and Damage Modeling

The realistic vehicle physics and comprehensive damage modeling are staples of the War Thunder franchise. Expect them to be preserved and enhanced even further in War Thunder 2 for even greater realism.

Shell trajectories, armor penetration modeling, component damage, and flexible repairs will still play a big role. Even greater detail like component wear and tear over time could also factor in.

Diverse Game Modes

The mix of aerial, ground, and naval battles across game modes like Arcade, Realistic, and Simulator Battles gives War Thunder excellent variety. All of these familiar PvP game modes would surely make a return in War Thunder 2.

New modes could also be introduced, like larger-scale operations, PvE raids, dynamic campaigns, and military exercises for practicing tactics. But the classic head-to-head PvP battles would still be the bread and butter.

Extensive Tech Trees and Progression

Unlocking new vehicles across aviation, ground, and naval tech trees provides satisfying progression in War Thunder as players advance through the eras. This tech tree system seems very likely to continue into War Thunder 2.

Wiping player progress with a full sequel would be massively unpopular, so carrying over players’ existing progression or allowing them to import their tech trees seems plausible. New branching options could also be introduced to the familiar trees.

Customization and Attention to Detail

The emphasis on customization, like modifying shells, fuel, and control options, would also likely permeate War Thunder 2. Players appreciate being able to tweak every setting to match their preferences.

The same level of detail and mechanical fidelity that allows modeling each rivet and gear in the cockpit would surely continue as well. For aircraft, tank, and naval fans, War Thunder provides an unmatched level of immersion.

What Are Players Most Excited For?

War Thunder players are an enthusiastic bunch, so expectations are high for what a sequel could offer. Based on community wishlists and discussions, here are some of the most anticipated potential features:

  • Modern vehicles: Jets like the F-16, tanks like the M1 Abrams, and new missile systems attract a lot of interest from players eager to control their favorite modern weapons.
  • Larger player counts: Having over 100 players in massive combined arms battles is a frequent request. This would enable new tactical dynamics and frontline combat.
  • Improved graphics: With new gaming hardware available, players want to see War Thunder 2 flex its graphical muscle with effects like ray tracing and photogrammetry.
  • Expanded VR support: VR support for ground and naval forces would be very popular, along with improving existing VR flight experiences.
  • More advanced physics: Even more comprehensive flight, armor, and damage modeling with smaller details like tire pressure and control surface damage could increase realism.
  • New game modes: Dynamic PvE campaigns and expanded PvE content are on many wishlists, so players can test their skills against smart AI enemies.
  • Bigger naval battles: Since huge ship-on-ship battles are rare in War Thunder currently, the chance to crew battleships and aircraft carriers with multiple players is in high demand.

While any concrete details on War Thunder 2 are still scarce, fans have high expectations and are hungry for news. The chance to modernize the familiar War Thunder formula and simulate their dream weapons and matchups has players eager to enlist. Until official word comes, speculation will continue to build around what the next generation of Gaijin’s hit combat game will deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions About War Thunder 2

Here are answers to some common questions players have about the speculated sequel:

Will War Thunder 2 be free-to-play like the original?

Most likely, yes. As a free-to-play game, War Thunder has developed a huge player base over the years that it would not want to lose. Shifting to a paid model risks alienating much of the player community. F2P with premium options seems the safest bet.

Will it have cross-platform support?

Cross-play between PC and consoles has been one of War Thunder’s major strengths, allowing friends to play together regardless of platform. Preserving cross-platform support would be expected for War Thunder 2 as well.

Will it use the same economic system?

The complex economy of silver lions and golden eagles is crucial to War Thunder’s progression system. Some tweaks could be made for the sequel, like balancing Silver Lion’s income. But the overall currency system would likely remain intact.

Can I import my progress from War Thunder?

This has not been confirmed yet, but allowing players to carry over their unlocked tiers and vehicles from the live game into War Thunder 2 would be ideal to maintain goodwill with the player base. Some limitations may apply though.

Will War Thunder shut down when the sequel launches?

It is unlikely War Thunder would shut down entirely, at least not right away. The original game still has a huge audience. Both titles could be supported side-by-side for several years before slowly transitioning players over to the newer game.


While concrete details are sparse currently, the prospect of War Thunder 2 has fans eagerly looking forward to the future. The sequel presents a chance to bring the classic combined arms combat gameplay into the modern era with new vehicles, technology, and experiences.

But the true draw will still be putting players in control of their favorite planes, tanks, and ships from history and letting them loose on highly detailed and realistic battlefields. War Thunder has cultivated a one-of-a-kind military combat sandbox over the past decade, and the sequel aims to take those strengths even further.

When it does eventually manifest, War Thunder 2 will surely aim to reignite the passion and imagination of military buffs everywhere who dream of commanding these iconic machines into their fantasized battles. The series has always strived to make those dreams a reality, and the next installment promises to be the most ambitious realization yet.

For now, the wait continues as we speculate, theory-craft, and anxiously keep watching the horizon for signs of expansive combined arms warfare’s exciting future.


This article is speculative and contains unofficial information about War Thunder 2, a sequel that has not been officially announced. All release timeframes, features, and details discussed should be considered rumors and subject to change. The article is intended for entertainment purposes only to discuss the possibilities of a hypothetical War Thunder sequel.

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