10 Best Zero MB Games For Android 2023

Zero MB Android Games

Are you looking for the best zero MB games for Android? I think your search ends here! Keep reading to get the best games! We all know how annoying it is to deal with storage issues when you have an Android device. You can not run anything properly and it is impossible to download a nice game. And if somehow you download a heavy game, your device will start to lag and keep crashing the game.

To get rid of these problems, many people prefer playing low MB games. Would you believe me if I say that you can play a Zero MB game? Well yes, you can play these games. They don’t take any storage and run in KBs. These games are fun and you should check them out. Below is the list.

10 Best Zero MB Games for Android

1. Google Tic Tac Toe Game

Google Tic Tac Toe Game

The first zero MB game on the list is tic tac toe. This game is something that can take you to your childhood. You don’t have to download it or do any hassle. Just go to Google and search for Tic Tac Toe. The game will activate and you can now play a game of Tic Tac Toe as many times as you want.

2. Chrome Dinosaur Game

Chrome Dinosaur Game

When we talk about zero MB games we can never forget the classic T-Rex game of Chrome. It is one of the most popular offline games. It is interesting and useful to kill time. To play this game you just have to turn off your wifi and open your chrome browser. Now, search something up and you will see an error with a dinosaur. Click on the dinosaur and your game will start automatically.

3. Marshmallow Game

The Marshmallow Game is another game to kill time. This is an inbuilt Android game that comes with Android 5.0. You have to go to your Android setting and then tap on the Android version a couple of times. Now you can play this game. It is very similar to the popular game flappy bird. But instead of a bird, there is an Android. It is a fun time-killing game.

If you have an older version of Android then try downloading the Nova launcher. After that, go to its widgets option and click on Activities. Scroll down and select the System UI option and further select Marshmallow Land. Now you can play it on any version of Android.

4. Messenger’s Ludo Game

Messenger's Ludo Game

Almost everyone has a Facebook account and messenger on their phone. But did you know you can play games with it? Well yes, you can play games on messenger. You can play these games with your friends. One of them is Ludo, one of the most popular games. Select the four dots section on your chat right above your keyboard. Then choose games, there you will find the Ludo game.

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5. Messenger’s Basketball Game

Messengers’ Basketball Game is another popular Zero MB game for Android. You can play ut from the chat. Right above your keyboard, you will see the four dots option click on it and select games. Lastly, select the Basketball game and enjoy.

6. Messenger’s Baseball Game

Yet another game from Messenger is the Baseball game, you can select it from the four dot option in the chat. It is an interesting game. The best thing is that you can challenge your friends and play with them. The score will be displayed with your friend’s score. You both can compete and keep track of your scores.

7. Doodle Cricket Game

Google Doodle is getting popular because of the creativity that is put into the work. A game called Doodle Cricket from Google is an amazing cricket game that requires no download, login, or anything. You can search it up on Google and have a nice match of cricket. It is similar to Messenger’s baseball game. You should try it out.

8. Football Black Mini

Football Black Mini

Football Black mini is another Zero MB game for Android. This game is simple yet entertaining. This game is just under 1MB. The concept is simple you have to kick the football through different holes. As you progress the levels become difficult.

9. Android Games

Android Games are hidden games that are inbuilt into your system and need no space. For the Android version KitKat, there is a game. For jellybean, there is a game where you have to clear the screen by dragging out the beans. In the android version of lollipop, you can play a flappy bird type game. So you should go to your setting and play these games.

10. Messenger’s Chess Game

Messenger's Chess Game

The last game on our list is yet another messenger game. This one is an interesting game. If you are a competitive person who likes chess then you should play this game with your friends. You can get it on messenger. It is one of the best zero MB games for Android so do check it out.

It is difficult to find games that don’t take up much storage space on your device. So in this blog, we have gathered the best zero MB games for Android that you should try out. Some of them are offline and others are offline. You can have a look at the games above.

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