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Download Visual Boy Advance

Are you looking for a link to download Visual Boy Advance? If yes then you should keep reading this blog.

Ever since the gaming industry connected with the internet, more and more emulators were created. Today we have emulators for almost every old and new console and system. You don’t have to buy any console or gaming system to enjoy the games you can simply download emulators on your PC and even mobile phones.

In this blog, we are going to talk about a similar emulator that can be used to play games on your PC and mobile phone. It is the Visual Boy Advance emulator. We will discuss the emulator briefly and we will also provide the link to download it. So if you want the Visual Boy Advance download link, you must read this blog.

What is Visual Boy Advance?

Visual Boy Advance is an emulator. You can use it to play Game Boy Advance and Game Boy Color games. It is a free emulator and anyone can download it. The best part about the emulator is that it is available for both Windows and macOS. It provides you with various features that we will discuss in the blog later. It is different from other emulators in the market because it is comparatively fast and supports all the commercial ROMs of Game Boy Advance.

How to Download Visual Boy Advance?

There are many ways to download the Visual Boy Advance emulator. You should only select the rusted one. But it is also a difficult task to find these sources. But don’t worry, because we have selected the most trusted sources to download Visual Boy Advance. You can choose the link according to the device that you are using.

Visual Boy Advance for Windows PC

Follow these steps to download Visual Boy Advance for Windows:

  • Firstly, use this Visual Boy Advance Download link. This link will redirect you to the download page, you can click on download and proceed.
  • After the file is downloaded if the file is a zip file then you have to extract the downloaded file to a safe location. Once it is done you can open it and enjoy the emulator.

Visual Boy Advance for macOS

To download Visual Boy Advance for macOS, you can use this download link and follow the same Windows process to run it properly.

Visual Boy Advance for Android

Follow these steps to download Visual Boy Advance for Android.

  • Go to this download link and download the file from the page.
  • Once the file is downloaded, you have to allow permission to install it. For that, you can go to your device Settings and then further go to security settings. Now select the Allow Unknown Sources option.
  • Once you have allowed Unknown Sources, go back to the downloaded file and install it on your android device. Lastly, open it and enjoy!

Only an emulator is not enough to play games on your device. You have to download ROMs. If you don’t know what a ROM is, these are the games that you can play on the emulators. You have to download ROMs to play games. You can download your favorite ROM online and run it on the emulator.

Visual Boy Advance Features

These are some highlighting features of the VBA emulator. You can have a look at them to understand the emulator properly.

Record Video and Audio

Visual Boy Advance allows you to record and save video and audio. So if you are a content creator or you usually save your gameplay then this could be the best option for you. You can save your gameplay easily and use it later.

Joystick Support

For all the joystick users, this emulator is completely supportive. You can connect your joystick and have the console feel. Many emulators miss this option but Visual Boy Advance has it all.

Cheat Support

The VBA emulator supports cheating. It also provides you with some cheat features that you can use during the game. This can be a lot of fun as you have complete control over the game.

Easy to Use and Allows Controller Mapping

Visual Boy Advance emulator is incredibly easy to use. It had a very basic interface that anyone can understand the first go.
Other than the interface, VBA allows you to do controller napping. This can be very helpful when you are new to the emulator you can adjust everything as you wish.

Save Game

If you get worried about your game progress when you play your game. Well, worry no more, because VBA allows you to save your game state and resume later. Many emulators don’t have this option.

Free to Use

The best thing about VNA is that it is completely free to use. There is no major competition for VBA emulators because of the features that it provides. You can use the above-given links to download the emulator.


Visual Boy Advance emulator is an amazing Game Boy Advance emulator. It is around for a while and many players are in love with it. We have shared the VBA download links above. You can check them out. We have also discussed some of its features.

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