Tekken 9 Release Date, Characters, Gameplay & Platforms 2024

Tekken is one of the most popular and longest-running fighting game franchises in history. First released in arcades in 1994, the series has seen over 20 games across multiple platforms. Fans are eagerly anticipating the next mainline entry in the series, Tekken 9. Though not officially announced yet, here is everything we know so far about the potential Tekken 9 release date, new and returning characters, gameplay, and platforms.

Overview of the Tekken Series

The Tekken series first revolutionized the fighting game genre by using full 3D graphics and gameplay environments. Set in a fictional universe, the games center around various combatants entering the King of Iron Fist fighting tournament. Tekken has always emphasized deep combo systems, competitive multiplayer, and engaging story campaigns.

Some of the series highlights include:

  • Tekken 3 (1997)– Popularized the franchise and transitioned it to PlayStation. Introduced many fan-favorite characters.
  • Tekken 5 (2004)– Refined the combat system with enhanced customization. Ranked as one of the best installments.
  • Tekken 7 (2015)– The latest mainline release. Featured upgraded visuals and new mechanics. Revitalized the competitive scene.

With its stellar gameplay and diverse character roster, Tekken has established itself as one of the premier 3D fighters. Fans are eager to see what surprises the next installment holds.

Tekken 9 Release Date Speculation

Tekken 9 has not been officially announced yet by Bandai Namco. However, based on the development cycle of previous games, we can speculate on when Tekken 9 may be released:

  • Tekken 7 launched in Japanese arcades in 2015, before coming to consoles in 2017.
  • Typically, there are 2-3 years between each mainline Tekken game.
  • Tekken 8 was reportedly in development in 2018 but was canceled. The team then shifted focus to Tekken 9.
  • Major fighting game tournaments like EVO build hype and visibility for new franchise installments.

Given these factors, a sensible prediction for Tekken 9’s release date would be sometime in 2024. This would mark nearly 8 years since Tekken 7 launched.

Bandai Namco may first release an updated version of Tekken 7 (like Tekken 7 Fated Retribution) to buy more development time. But anticipating Tekken 9 in 2024 aligns with the usual timeline. Official announcements will likely drop in 2023.

The next Tekken can’t come soon enough for hungry fans! Each new entry pushes the gameplay and presentation further.

Which Characters Will Return in Tekken 9?

The Tekken roster has expanded to over 50 playable fighters. Here are some of the major characters likely to return in Tekken 9:

The Mishimas

  • Kazuya Mishima– The main anti-hero versus his father Heihachi. Rivals Jin for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu.
  • Heihachi Mishima– Kazuya’s ruthless father who often serves as the main antagonist. Seeks to eliminate his rebellious son.
  • Jin Kazama– Kazuya’s son who battles against the Devil within. The current head of the Mishima Zaibatsu.

The storied rivalry between the Mishimas is integral to Tekken’s lore. Their power struggle will undoubtedly persist in Tekken 9.

Iconic Female Fighters

  • Nina Williams– The cold-blooded Irish assassin. Skilled in Aikido and Koppo-ken.
  • Ling Xiaoyu– Jin’s cheerful friend and schoolmate. Uses a blend of Chinese martial arts.
  • Asuka Kazama– Jin’s cousin. Hot-headed and disciplined in Kazama-style self-defense.

Fan favorites like Nina, Ling, and Asuka have been present since some of the earliest Tekken games. It’s hard to imagine the series without their presence.

Wrestler Powerhouses

  • King– A ferocious jaguar mask-wearing wrestler. Uses devastating throw moves.
  • Craig Marduk– A disgraced Vale Tudo fighter from Australia. Unleashes hard-hitting strikes.
  • Jack-X– A robot prototype modeled after legendary P.W.A.B. champion Jack.

The Tekken developers likely won’t tamper with the roster by removing these wrestling/grappling specialists. They add gameplay variety and have been recurring since Tekken 1.

Other Notables

  • Yoshimitsu– The bizarre Manji ninja wielding a sword. He’s been playable since the original 1994 Tekken.
  • Paul Phoenix– The brash Judo expert always in search of a new challenge. Another Tekken 1 veteran.
  • Hwoarang– Jin’s rival who practices Taekwondo. Rebellious Korean gang member.
  • Lars Alexandersson– The illegitimate son of Heihachi Mishima. Rebel leader against the Tekken Force.
  • Master Raven– Female ninja assassin working for the United Nations. Skilled in Ninjutsu.

Many of these iconic and uniquely designed characters have persisted for over two decades. While some aging fighters may get replaced or cut, most fan favorites will likely be back to clash fists again.

Potential Newcomers

While Tekken 9 will feature the return of most established fighters, fans always anticipate which new challengers might join the fray. Here are some possibilities:

  • A New Mishima Family Member– Series producer Katsuhiro Harada hinted a 4th unrevealed member of the Mishima bloodline exists. This mystery person may finally debut.
  • Guest Fighters– Contemporary guests like Negan (The Walking Dead) and Noctis (Final Fantasy XV) created buzz for Tekken 7. More high-profile cameos feel inevitable.
  • Younger Generation– Introducing younger relations for existing fighters (perhaps Xiaoyu’s daughter) would spice up character dynamics.
  • Revived Fighters– Presumed dead or dormant characters may return with updated looks and moves. Examples include Kunimitsu, Ogre, and Jun Kazama.
  • New Fighting Styles– Extraordinary martial arts not seen before in Tekken would diversify the roster. An Afro-Brazilian practitioner or Scottish Backhold wrestler could be interesting additions.

The developers will likely aim for a balance of returning and fresh faces. Surprise character reveals always generate hype among the community. Who will you main in Tekken 9?

Evolution of Gameplay Mechanics

The core Tekken gameplay has been refined over decades of installments. Many classic elements that make Tekken distinct will likely return in Tekken 9, including:

  • 4 Button Attacks– Each limb has assigned buttons for strikes, which leads to memorizable combos.
  • Juggling System– Launches opponents in the air to continue combos outside normal hit stuns. Integral for competitive depth.
  • Rage Art– Powerful attacks available when low on health. Can quickly alter match momentum.
  • Slow Motion Effects– Dramatic camera zooms on the action for impactful moments.

However, each new Tekken also introduces gameplay innovations to keep the formula fresh. Tekken 7 made several shakeups such as:

  • Power Crush Moves– Invincible attacks to plow through enemy moves, but can be punished.
  • Rage Drives– Special meterless attacks are usable when Rage mode is activated.
  • Stage Interaction– Environmental objects that can be bounced off of or break through during the fight.

Tekken 9 will likely carry on this tradition by implementing creative new mechanics and moving properties. Potential ideas include:

  • Variable Jump Heights– Pressing jump buttons together results in a super jump. Adds more aerial battle opportunities.
  • Revamped Movement– New dashes, jumps, or recovering rolls to diversify defensive and offensive mobility options.
  • Custom Combos– Ability to pre-program and save custom juggle combos, extending creativity.
  • Interactive Stages– Taking stage destruction to the next level, with fighters actively altering stage geometry.
  • Synced Rounds– Both fighters fight simultaneously on a split screen. Life bars deplete in real time depending on who got hit most.

By upholding Tekken’s core foundations while appending fresh gameplay wrinkles, Tekken 9 can achieve the ideal balance of old and new.

Which Platforms Will Tekken 9 Release On?

As a big AAA fighting game release, Tekken 9 will likely see a simultaneous launch across multiple platforms. Based on Tekken 7 and current gaming trends, the most probable platforms include:

  • PlayStation 5– The large PlayStation user base guarantees release on this leading console. Tekken originated as a PlayStation-exclusive franchise.
  • Xbox Series X/S– Xbox consoles have featured the last 3 mainline Tekken games via backward compatibility or ports. Tekken 9 will almost certainly launch day-and-date on Xbox.
  • PC– Modern fighting games see release on PC, both for modding potential and competitive cross-play. Tekken 7 enjoyed strong PC sales. Tekken 9 will not skip PC.
  • Arcade– Japan and some other Asian territories may receive exclusive Tekken 9 arcade machine launches first, as is a series tradition before console releases.

Other platforms like Nintendo Switch could be plausible, but likely at a later date. Cloud streaming services such as Luna and GeForce Now might also eventually host the game.

While not the graphical showcase it once was, the Tekken series has always emphasized smooth gameplay and mechanics. As long as Tekken 9 runs at 60 FPS with low input delay across platforms, fans will be satisfied.

The Future of the King of Iron Fist Tournament

For over 25 years, the Tekken franchise has cemented itself as one of the titans of the fighting game genre. The mythical quest to be the “King of Iron Fist” has captivated gamers for generations. When Tekken 9 eventually arrives, it will surely mark the next legendary chapter in the series’ legacy.

Veteran fans thirst to see returning fighters brought up to next-gen graphical standards. New converts drawn in by recent games want to experience more of the hard-hitting 3D combat Tekken is revered for. Though not yet confirmed, Tekken 9 will likely launch in the next couple of years to successfully merge old and new.

Bandai Namco can count on the devoted Tekken community to obsessively analyze every trailer, leak, and rumor in anticipation. The hype cycle for new characters and features will hit full force as more official updates roll out. For now, all fans can do is dream of who they’ll main once Tekken 9 finally hits home platforms. The wait for the next King of Iron Fist tournament begins now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tekken 9

Here are answers to some common questions about the upcoming Tekken 9:

When does Tekken 9 come out?

While not officially announced yet, the predicted release date for Tekken 9 is sometime in 2024 based on past timelines. An official announcement will likely happen in 2023.

What new characters will be in Tekken 9?

Newcomers are not confirmed yet but may include mystery Mishima members, guest stars, younger-generation fighters, and more. Popular speculation includes Snoop Dogg or Muhammad Ali cameo appearances.

Will Tekken 9 be on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Yes, as a big next-gen fighting game release, Tekken 9 will almost certainly launch on both PS5 and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

How will Tekken 9 gameplay change?

Tekken 9 will likely retain core mechanics but also introduce some new wrinkles like variable jump heights, linked life bars, stage interactability upgrades, and more.

Will Tekken 9 have crossplay?

Crossplay capability seems highly probable following Tekken 7 and the current industry trend of enabling crossplay. This would unite the player base.

Will Tekken 9 be on Nintendo Switch?

While not confirmed, there is a chance Tekken 9 could see a Switch port after launching on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. The portability helps fighting gameplay.

Will Tekken x Street Fighter ever be released?

This crossover title was announced years ago but subsequently faded away. The Tekken 9 team has suggested they will not resume Tekken X Street Fighter until after Tekken 9 is complete.


Tekken stands tall as one of the premier 3D fighting game franchises. While details remain scarce, Tekken 9 fever is already spreading in the community. Fan anticipation will reach a boiling point as more nuggets of information drop. When Tekken 9 finally delivers its signature hard-hitting martial arts action, the hype will be real.

Veteran fighters like the Mishimas and Nina Williams will clash once more against potential newcomers. Innovation in core mechanics and spectator visuals could make this the most polished Tekken yet. The ninth King of Iron Fist Tournament awaits… Get ready to step up and brawl on PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC!

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