4 Best Classic PC Games To Play In 2023

Classic PC Games: Tons of games are released every year with many upgrades and it gets hard to make a pick. Some of those games tend to bring fortunes to their producers while some just take them to the ground. Regardless of the volatile response from the players, creators never stop making new games. Next-gen consoles such as PS5 and Xbox series X have most certainly enhanced the gamer’s experience a lot however people still haven’t forgotten the classic PC games.

Following is a list of a few classic PC games that you could still play and have a great time with. Just a heads up these games are not made as they used to be back in their glory so you may find the graphics and interfaces unwieldy but let’s not forget these games started it all they were an inspiration to many successors.

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Without any further wait, let’s dive into these classics and not miss PC games.

List Of Best Classic PC Games

  1. Theme Hospital

Theme Hospital

Released in 1997 this game was a great idea and remains one. The game had a very simple premise.

You are put in charge of running a hospital and you help people fix their problems. The patients being treated sometimes end up becoming an alien while you with your management skills have to calm down the crisis. You not only manage the hospital but you help it build from the ground upgrading rooms, assigning personnel, modeling the medical equipment, and employing staff the hospital has both general practitioners and specialists.

So, if anything goes wrong or a patient dies it’s on you. A few of the key features of this game are competent business simulation you learn how to manage a crisis and whatnot. The game is split into missions with each one having its requirements and the market competitor AI being just a cheery on top.

  1. Half-life 2

Half-life 2

One of the most enjoyed PC gaming titles was Half-Life 2, released back in November 2004. This game continues a few years after its predecessor Half-Life. This game takes you on a sci-fi adventure with Gordan Freeman, who wakes up to find that the alien threat from the first game has taken over. Freeman joins a new team called ‘Resistance’, gets many upgrades, and later finds himself a companion and a robot dog.

So are things finally working out for our boy? The game still has a cult of a following despite the poor pixels many still enjoy it as much as any other game. The fans have been clamoring for Half-Life 3 however it doesn’t look like much progress. The idea of Half-Life gave birth to our all-time favorite counterstrike.

  1. Fallout 2

Fallout 2

The next on the list is none other than Fallout 2 released in 1998. This adventure game is a very successful sequel to Fallout 1. Fallout 2 was a major upgrade from its predecessor adding more to the story and more freedom for the player. The game is time-lined eighty years after the original FO1. It is an adventure of a chosen one whose only job is to find the Garden of Eden to save his village from drought and the journey that he beholds.

As soon as you go out of your village, you have the freedom to do whatever you want. However, there is a clock ticking if you waste too much time, your village will be destroyed. This game has been one of the best role-playing games in history and it had an immersive open world. It’s safe to say this game has inspired many creators.

  1. Grand Theft Auto (Vice City)

Grand Theft Auto (Vice City)

The all-time favorite and legendary Vice City were released back in 2003. This game brought Rockstar games the glory they deserved. The game was released right after GTA 3, Vice City was timed in the mid-1980s, situated in the city that was inspired by Miami. Vice City screams style, it has disco-rock colorful clothes and we have all had a great time playing this game. This game started it all for the GTA franchise. Although almost after 20 years the games still show off the same personality and style associated with the relevant time.

In this game, we play the famous ex-con Tommy Vercetti who has a debt to work off. The game gives you unlimited freedom to explore the city to its every nook and cranny. The story has depth, it is engaging and extremely dramatic all while being pretty cinematic for its time. A very famous actor Ray Liotta acted out a fun fact about the game, the leading role.


We hope you enjoy these games on your PCs and possibly relive some old memories.

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