YoWhatsApp v9.30 (YoWA Apk) Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban) Best In 2022

YoWhatsApp v9.30 (YoWA Apk) Download

YoWhatsApp v9.30 version is here! If you are also looking for it then you are at the right place. YoWhatsApp is a modified version of WhatsApp that allows you to enjoy unofficial features. It has many useful features. The official version of WhatsApp is not capable of delivering those features that’s why people use modified versions.

Among the modified version of WhatsApp, you will find many versions. But most of them provide lesser features. But YoWhatsApp is not like them. It gives you many advanced features that you might not get on any other modified WhatsApp.

In this blog, we are going to share a link to download YoWhatsApp v9.30. We will also discuss the features that it provides us. So stick to the end!

Download YoWhatsApp v9.30 (YoWA Apk)

To download the YoWhatsApp v9.30, follow the given instructions properly:

Download YoWhatsApp v9.30 from the given link.
• Then go to your android phone settings and allow Unknown Sources from the security options.
• Now, install the downloaded file on your device.
• Open the YoWhatsApp, add your phone number, and do all the regular stuff. Lastly, check if it is working properly.

Features of YoWhatsApp v9.30

YoWhatsApp comes with a bunch of useful features. These are some of the best YoWhatsApp v9.30 features.

1. Hide Blue Tick and WhatsApp Status

The first feature that YoWhatsApp gives you is that you can hide the blue tick. This means that you can see a message and the blue tick will not be visible. This helps when you want to read a message secretly. We all know how frustrating it is when you don’t want to talk to somebody and still want to see the message they have sent. This feature can help you with that.

The next feature is also very great. You can hide WhatsApp status with YoWhatsApp. If you don’t want somebody to see your status just use this feature. This can be very helpful if you have the same number for your work and personal life. You can add status and hide them from your boss or other professional people.

2. Call Blocker

We all can relate to the situation when you don’t want to talk to someone and they keep calling. With the help of the YoWhatsApp call blocker feature, you can get out of this situation easily. You can select specific contacts and block them from calling you. This way you can differentiate between important and unimportant calls.
It is very easy to use. You can select the contact and block it.

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3. Complete Security

YoWhatsApp cares about your privacy. So they have added a security feature that lets you apply a pin code to your chats. You can protect your chats this way. You can enable it and add your pin code. Now, whenever someone has your phone you will have no privacy issues. This feature is very useful but not available in the original app. So the best way is to get it from YoWhatsApp.

4. Customizable Themes and Icons

If you don’t like the default theme of WhatsApp then you are going to love this feature. With the help of this feature, you can customize the YoWhatsApp theme whenever you want. There are dark and light themes as well. They have a theme gallery that includes a lot of incredible themes that you can apply.

You can also change your chat wallpaper if you want. Other than the theme, you can also change the application icon. You can change it to any other icon that you want. This feature is not available in the original WhatsApp.

5. Save and Download Status

Now you can download people’s statuses to your device. You can upload it on your status after downloading it or just keep it on your phone. Whatever you like you can download it instantly with a single click. Many people love this feature and it is one of the best features of YoWhatsApp.

6. Send a Large Amount of Data

The main issue that people face while using the original version of WhatsApp is that they can not send a lot of data. So if that is what you don’t like, YoWhatsApp can help you with that! You can send 700MB of data at a time on YoWhatsApp. This is not too much but still allows you to send a lot of data in one go.

7. Anti-Ban

If you are afraid of getting banned while using a modified version of WhatsApp then you will love this feature. Because YoWhatsApp you are now free to use the advanced features without fear of getting banned. Other modified apps might get you in trouble but YoWhatsApp has figured it out.


YoWhatsApp is a greatly modified version of WhatsApp. It has a ton of useful features that are not available in the original WhatsApp. The best part is that you will not get banned. We have shared the YoWhatsApp v9.30 (YoWA Apk) Download Latest Version (Anti-Ban). We have also discussed the best features that it comes with.

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