10 Best Virtual Boy Emulators For PC 2022

Best Virtual Boy Emulators For Windows PC

Here we have given a list of the 10 best virtual boy emulators. If you are a Nintendo fan then you might know about the virtual boy gaming console. It was released in the mid-90s by the franchise. It had very interesting and entertaining games. But because the console was not fulfilling the company’s sales target, it was discontinued.

Due to the discontinuation of the gaming console, it is impossible to find one today. Many players still want to play virtual boy games but are unable to do so. If you are also trying to play virtual boy games and it seems impossible to play then you should read this blog.

Because in this blog we have given a list of the 10 best virtual boy emulators. You can download these emulators and have fun playing the virtual boy games.

What are Emulators used for?

For those who don’t know what are emulators, they are special programs to create an environment of another device. For example, with the help of a virtual boy emulator, you can run virtual boy games on your PC. Many people use emulators to play different games and most developers need emulators to check an app or game.

10 Best Virtual Boy Emulators

1. Reality Boy

Reality Boy

The first emulator for Virtual boy is called the Reality Boy emulator. It is very compatible. It also supports features like cheat codes support. It has an excellent sound system that enhances your gaming experience. It is one of the oldest virtual boy emulators on the market. It was initially released in 1997 and ever since it has improved and given its services.

The emulator is not perfect yet so you might have to face some errors and bugs. Other than that it is a good virtual boy emulator. You should check it out yourself to get the complete experience.

2. Rustual Boy Emulator

Rustual Boy Emulator

The next emulator for a virtual boy is the Rustual Boy emulator. You can play all of the virtual boy ROMs with the help of this emulator. It can easily run any ROM without a single error or problem. But if you get errors, you can use the built-in debugging feature in the Rustual boy emulator.

The performance of the emulator is impressive but still needs some improvements. The developers are working on these minor problems that can ruin your gaming experience. So you should check the Rustual emulator out.

3. Red Dragon Emulator

You might already know about the Red dragon emulator as it is very popular. It is a very stable emulator. It provides you with a lot of features like debugging features. Other than that, you get cheat code support and sound emulation support. The red dragon emulator works flawlessly although you might face some minor errors that are completely ignorable. You should check it out.

4. RetroArch Emulator


You might already know about this one. RetroArch is one of the best emulators on the internet. Not only for a virtual boy but for all kinds of consoles. You can play Nintendo, Sega, and PS console games on RetroArch. The developers are constantly upgrading this emulator.

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You will hardly find any error in the RetroArch emulator. The interface is very nice and simple. It allows you to use cheat codes and gives you controller support. You can use this emulator on Windows, MAC, and another major operating systems. It is available for free. You should check this emulator out.

5. Virtual-E

Before we talk about the Virtual-E emulator, let me clarify that it is only available for Windows operating system. It is one of the oldest virtual boy emulators. It was initiated in 1999. It gives you a lot of configuration options.
The interface of Virtual-E is also simple and to the point. We recommend that you use Virtual-E only if you have a nice PC. Because it may not run properly in a low-end system. Other than that, you can run most of the virtual boy ROMs in this emulator. Check it out yourself.

6. Vbjin Emulator

The next best virtual boy emulator is the VBjin emulator. It is a mixture of two other emulators Mednafen and PCEjin. The performance of VBjin is outstanding. It provides you with decent sound quality and a smooth gaming experience. It is one of the best virtual boy emulators because there are nearly zero errors and bugs. It works very well and is compatible with most of the ROMs.

7. Vibe Emulator

Vibe Emulator

Vibe emulator is a 2008-released virtual boy emulator. It is a nice emulator but there is a slight problem, it can only run 59% of your virtual boy games. The developers are working on the emulator to fix this flaw but till then you can only okay 59% of the total virtual boy ROMs.

One more flaw that might affect you is that it only works with the MAC OS. It is not yet available for Windows and other operating systems. If you can tolerate these flaws then you should check it out.

8. Mednafen Emulator

The next best virtual boy emulator is Mednafen. The name of the emulator is interesting as it stands for My Emulator Doesn’t Need a Freek’in Excellent Name. Along with the virtual boy, the mednafen emulator can also emulate Sega Saturn and Playstation. It gives you a bunch of options to customize the game colors according to your liking. It is stable and works fine with almost all of the commercial games of the virtual boy. It is overall a nice emulator and you should try it out.

9. Planet Virtual Boy Emulator

Planet Virtual Boy emulator is an upcoming virtual boy emulator. There are not so many details available about this emulator as it is still in development. You can use this emulator once it is fully developed. For now, you can check out their website.

10. Mame

MAME emulator

The last emulator on our list is called the MAME emulator. It stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It is an open-source project. It is also one of the oldest arcade emulators on the internet. It was released in 1997. You should check it out.


The virtual boy is one of the decent products released by Nintendo. Many players want to play virtual boy games. So here we have a list of 10 virtual boy emulators that can be used to play virtual boy games. All of these emulators are trusted and used by many players like you. So do check them out.

In the end, I hope you liked this blog. Tell us which virtual boy emulator is your favorite?

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