Street Fighter 7: Release Date, News & Gameplay 2024

Street Fighter is one of the most iconic and influential fighting game franchises of all time. Ever since the first Street Fighter game was released in arcades back in 1987, the series has amassed a dedicated global following and has laid the foundation for the entire fighting game genre.

With the recent announcement that Street Fighter 6 is in development, fans are understandably excited about the future of the franchise. However, Street Fighter 7 likely won’t arrive until 2024 at the earliest. Here is everything we know so far about the potential release date, news, gameplay, and more for Street Fighter 7.

Release Date for Street Fighter 7

Capcom has not yet officially confirmed that Street Fighter 7 is in development. However, given the company’s history of releasing new numbered entries in the series about every 3-4 years, speculation is rampant that Street Fighter 7 will arrive sometime around 2024.

Street Fighter IV was released in 2008 and Super Street Fighter IV in 2010. Street Fighter V then hit in 2016, with Street Fighter V: Champion Edition arriving in 2020. Following this pattern, 2024 seems like a reasonable target for Street Fighter 7.

Some key factors that support a potential 2024 release date for Street Fighter 7 include:

  • Typical development cycle– 3-4 years between new numbered entries has been the norm for the series. 2024 would mark 3 years after SFV: Champion Edition.
  • New console generation– The PS5 and Xbox Series X provide an opportunity to take the gameplay and graphics to the next level.
  • Competition– Rival fighting game franchises like Tekken and Mortal Kombat will likely have new installments out around 2024 as well.

However, nothing is confirmed yet. Capcom may break from tradition and take more time before releasing Street Fighter 7. But 2024 looks like a good bet based on history.

Street Fighter 7 Announcement and News

As of now, Capcom has not formally announced that Street Fighter 7 is in the works. However, there have been hints that the next major entry in the series is coming.

In February 2022, Capcom filed a trademark for “Street Fighter 6” logos and branding. This suggests they are at least starting the planning stages for SF6. It’s possible this could get renamed to Street Fighter 7 during development.

Capcom also previously stated that they view esports as a major initiative moving forward. This seems to hint that a new Street Fighter game built with competitive play in mind is on the horizon.

Finally, the end of support for Street Fighter V also points to SF7. Capcom ended DLC and major updates for SFV: Champion Edition in November 2021. This winding down of the current game indicates they are shifting resources to what’s next.

While nothing official about SF7 has been shared yet, fans can expect an announcement sometime in 2023 if the game is targeting a 2024 release. This would follow the marketing cycle Capcom used for Street Fighter IV and V in the past.

Any news and updates about SF7 will surely be heavily covered within the fighting game community and gaming press. When concrete details emerge, it will create major buzz among fans who are eager for the franchise’s next chapter.

Gameplay and Mechanics for Street Fighter 7

Since Street Fighter 7 hasn’t been formally revealed yet, details on gameplay and mechanics remain speculative. However, looking at the evolution of the series over the years provides clues for what fans can expect when SF7 finally arrives.

V-Skills and V-Triggers

The V-Skill and V-Trigger mechanics introduced in Street Fighter V will likely return and be expanded upon. These unique abilities provide each fighter with signature moves that showcase their individuality. More V-Skills or uses for the V-Trigger could be added in SF7.

New Characters

Street Fighter 7 will almost certainly feature new World Warriors joining the roster. These new characters will include fresh fighting styles, backgrounds, and abilities to master. Based on Street Fighter III and IV, fans can expect at least 8-10 new combatants who have never appeared in the series before.

Removal of Random Crits

One of the most controversial mechanics in SFV was the inclusion of random critical arts that could randomly activate for huge damage. Many fans criticized this as an uncompetitive RNG element that dumbed down matches. Don’t be surprised if random crits are removed in SF7.

New Stage Interactions

Taking advantage of the power of next-gen consoles, SF7 could introduce more interactive and destructible environments. Making the stages feel more alive through stage-specific combos, dangers, and breakable objects would add a new layer of strategy.

Focus on ESports

With its massive popularity and competitive scene, expect Street Fighter 7 to be designed with esports in mind from the beginning. Balancing the gameplay for both pros and casuals will be a top priority. Features that enhance spectating and tournaments will also likely be included.

Rollback Netcode

After much criticism of SFV’s network performance, Capcom adopted a rollback netcode with a later update. This technology provides more responsive online play. SF7 having rollback netcode built-in and improved from the start is virtually a given.

By building on proven mechanics, while also introducing new elements that take advantage of modern hardware, Street Fighter 7 can push the boundary of fighting games to the next level when it releases.

Story and Setting for Street Fighter 7

Details on the overarching narrative and setting of Street Fighter 7 are purely speculative at this point. However, looking at the climax of SFV’s cinematic story mode hints at where the next chapter may go.

Continuing After Street Fighter III

Street Fighter III was set after Street Fighter II and jumpstarted the careers of young fighters like Alex, Ibuki, and Makoto. Street Fighter IV and V then took place before SF3 chronologically. With SFV ending right when Street Fighter III was beginning, having SF7 continue the story after SF3 makes narrative sense.

Focus on New World Warriors

Having SF7 focus on the SF3 cast along with a new roster of World Warriors allows moving the overall narrative forward rather than remaining prequels. Fan favorites like Ryu and Chun-Li will still appear, but likely take on mentor roles to an all-new generation of fighters.

Gill as the Main Antagonist

At the end of SFV, Gill from Street Fighter III is set up as wanting to test the strength of the World Warriors. This paves the way for him to be the primary villain in SF7. Gill provides a legendary final boss character as the leader of the Secret Society.

The Illuminati

Gill’s Secret Society could play a larger role in the overarching plot of SF7. This mysterious Illuminati-like organization has vast resources and networks that could be pulled into the global conflicts between fighters.

Seth 2.0

Another subplot that seems inevitable for SF7 is the return of Seth. Using data copied from the best fighters, Seth was meant to be the ultimate weapon. Now free from Shadaloo’s control, expect Seth 2.0 to resurface powered by unknown motives.

By focusing the narrative on the next generation of World Warriors while bringing back some iconic elements from Street Fighter history, SF7 has the potential to deliver a compelling new chapter in the storied fighting series when it arrives.

Platforms for Street Fighter 7

Street Fighter games have appeared on a wide range of gaming platforms over the years. From arcade cabinets to home consoles to mobile, the series has been accessible for players across multiple devices.

For Street Fighter 7, it is safe to assume the game will come to the major console and PC platforms:

  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X|S
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Windows PC

The install bases on these platforms mean targeting them makes the most sense for sales and player accessibility.

There is an outside chance Street Fighter 7 also gets ported to mobile. Street Fighter IV had a version tailored for iOS. And with the power of modern smartphones and tablets, they could potentially run SF7. However, the controls are still best suited for dedicated controllers.

While Street Fighter originated in arcades, it seems unlikely that SF7 will see an initial arcade release. The costs of developing arcade cabinets are high compared to digital distribution. Though Capcom could always release an arcade version after the standard platforms.

No matter what exact platforms it ultimately arrives on, Capcom will assuredly ensure Street Fighter 7 is widely available to its loyal fans when it hits.


The future of Street Fighter in 2024 and beyond looks bright. With Street Fighter 6 reportedly in development and a Street Fighter 7 likely on the horizon for 2024, there is a lot for fans of the iconic fighting series to look forward to.

While concrete details remain unknown, speculation based on Capcom’s history with the franchise and the evolution of gameplay features provides clues on what Street Fighter 7 will offer. The power of modern consoles will let the next numbered entry reach new heights in terms of graphics and game mechanics.

Street Fighter 7 has the potential to move the series narrative forward with new World Warriors, continue fan-favorite stories, and introduce new dynamics between characters. And you can expect eSports, rollback netcode, and accessibility across multiple major platforms to be central to the experience.

Of course, fans eagerly await official word from Capcom on the future of Street Fighter. But all signs point to Street Fighter 7 releasing in 2024 and marking a new pinnacle for the legendary fighting franchise. It will likely be a must-play for any genre fan when it hits.

FAQs About Street Fighter 7

What consoles will Street Fighter 7 be on?

Although not confirmed yet, Street Fighter 7 will likely be released on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC.

Will Street Fighter 7 feature a new roster?

Yes, it is expected Street Fighter 7 will introduce at least 8-10 brand new World Warrior characters that have never appeared in the franchise before.

When will Street Fighter 7 be announced?

Capcom has not yet announced a release window for SF7. However, speculation points to an official reveal coming sometime in 2023 if it is targeting a 2024 launch window.

Will Ryu and Chun-Li be in SF7?

While their inclusion has not been confirmed, it is highly likely iconic fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, and more will return in Street Fighter 7 in some capacity.

Will Street Fighter 7 have a rollback netcode?

Almost certainly. Rollback netcode was eventually added to Street Fighter V to improve online play. Given its critical importance for competitive gaming, SF7 will surely utilize rollback netcode at launch.


Street Fighter 7 represents the future of one of the most beloved and storied franchises in gaming history. While concrete details are still speculative, all signs point to SF7 raising the bar for fighting games across the board when it likely releases in 2024. With new characters, mechanics, story elements and a focus on esports, Street Fighter 7 could usher in a new golden era for the legendary fighting series. Street Fighter fans eagerly await any official word from Capcom on what the future holds. But for now, the potential of Street Fighter 7 coming in 2024 provides plenty of exciting speculation and anticipation.

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