Sekiro 2 Release Date, News, Gameplay & Speculation 2024

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice took the gaming world by storm when it was released in 2019, garnering critical acclaim and winning Game of The Year at The Game Awards. Developed by the legendary studio FromSoftware, known for their challenging Soulsborne titles, Sekiro offered a fresh take on the action-adventure genre with its feudal Japan setting and innovative combat system.

As we approach 2024, rumors and speculation about a Sekiro sequel have reached fever pitch. While no official announcement has been made yet, there are plenty of signs pointing to Sekiro 2 entering development. Here’s everything we know so far about the potential release date, news, gameplay, and speculation around Sekiro 2.

Sekiro 2 Release Date Speculation

FromSoftware has not officially confirmed that Sekiro 2 is in development, let alone provided a potential release date. However, examining the studio’s typical development cycles provides clues on when we could expect to see a sequel.

The original Sekiro took around 3-4 years to develop before releasing in 2019. FromSoftware’s other flagship series like Dark Souls and Bloodborne have seen new numbered sequels launch around 3 years after their predecessors.

If Sekiro 2 has a similar development timeline, a hypothetical release date would be sometime in 2022 at the earliest, or 2023 for a more polished experience. Of course, any formal announcements or delays could alter this speculation.

Some key factors that could influence Sekiro 2’s release date include:

  • Development started after Sekiro DLC wrapped up in late 2019.
  • The scope and ambition of the sequel. A bigger game may take longer.
  • Impact of COVID-19 pandemic on workflow.
  • Elden Ring’s development timetable, as FromSoftware juggles multiple projects.

While nothing is certain yet, a 2023-2024 target seems reasonable for Sekiro 2 based on FromSoftware’s usual rhythms. But fans eager for more Sekiro action may need to keep patience a virtue for a while longer.

Could E3 2023 Reveal Sekiro 2?

Many speculate that FromSoftware could formally reveal Sekiro 2 at a major gaming event like E3 2023 in June. This prominent industry showcase would align with the original Sekiro’s unveiling at The Game Awards in late 2017, over a year before its eventual release.

FromSoftware has consistently used E3 as a prime platform to announce new projects and showcase gameplay trailers. Elden Ring garnered huge buzz with its reveal at E3 2019. Sekiro 2 debuting at E3 2023 with a flashy trailer would thrill fans and build plenty of hype.

Potential Sekiro 2 Reveal Timeline:

  • Late 2022 – Early rumors/leaks surface about Sekiro sequel in development
  • June 2023 – Sekiro 2 formal reveal at E3 with announcement trailer
  • Rest of 2023 – Ongoing gameplay reveals, news and marketing buildup
  • Early 2024 – Sekiro 2 launch

Of course, COVID-19 uncertainties make E3 plans fluid. But for maximum impact to reach retail buyers, media, and fans worldwide, E3 2023 seems an opportune time for Sekiro 2 to emerge from the shadows.

What Story and Setting Could Sekiro 2 Explore?

Sekiro 1 concluded with a decisive ending as The Wolf defeated Genichiro and severed the Divine Dragon’s immortality. Where could a sequel go next with the narrative and setting? Here are some possibilities:

The Search for an Heir – The Wolf himself can no longer become a true “Sekiro” after failing to protect his master Kuro. Sekiro 2 could follow The Wolf seeking out a new child heir and exploring how to groom them into a Divine Child.

Mythical Regions of Japan – Sekiro 1 was confined to the Ashina area. A sequel could expand the geographic scope to include fictional versions of other parts of medieval Japan, like Kyoto or supernatural realms from folklore.

The Divine Dragon’s Origins – The first game revealed little about the Dragon’s background. Sekiro 2 has an opportunity to delve deeper into its mythology within Japanese lore. Where did it come from? Are there more of its kind?

Rise of a New Enemy – With Genichiro defeated, a new sinister force could threaten the world, whether a demonic invasion, dark sorcerers, or perhaps forces from the Fountainhead Palace.

The Wolf’s Past – Very little is known about The Wolf’s history before meeting Kuro. A prequel storyline, even with a different protagonist like The Wolf’s master, could nicely fill in these mysteries.

FromSoftware has plenty of creative directions to take Sekiro 2’s narrative while still retaining the unique flavor and lore of the IP. Fans wait eagerly for any morsel of details.

Speculation Around Gameplay and Mechanics

As a sequel, Sekiro 2 has a chance to take the refined gameplay pillars of its predecessor and build upon them in exciting ways. Here are some possible new gameplay features we could see:

Expanded Stealth and Exploration

Sekiro rewarded stealthy, patient play but also forced direct combat scenarios. Sekiro 2 could double down on stealth by offering even more ways to infiltrate enemy compounds and assassinate targets without being detected. Dense forests, tall grass, hiding in ceilings – more diverse infiltration options could be a highlight.

Expanding the grappling hook traversal and verticality of levels can also enhance the sense of exploration and scope. Image using the grapple to reach completely new zones high atop mountains or within deep cavern dungeons.

More Weapon Variety

The katana was Sekiro’s undisputed primary weapon. But for the sequel, FromSoftware could introduce new combat options beyond the standard shinobi prosthetic tools. Wielding a spear, axe, or blade fans to diversify movesets. A bow and arrow for ranged takedowns. More weapons could augment the possibilities within the combat system.

Underwater Exploration

Sekiro 2 could add whole new underwater dimensions to the world. The ability to plunge into lakes, rivers, and coastlines opens up new combat and exploration mechanics, like underwater grappling. This could tie into expanded swimming and diving stealth paths as well. Fighting underwater brings a whole new fluid, graceful dynamic to encounters.

Mounted Combat

Introducing horse riding or perhaps mystical creature mounts like wolves could change up the feel of traversing Sekiro’s world. Leaping onto horseback immediately expands your movement abilities. The ability to fight enemies while riding adds greater intensity and physicality to battles, as also seen in FromSoftware’s Elden Ring.

Customization and RPG Elements

Sekiro stayed true to its action roots with a set protagonist in The Wolf. But Sekiro 2 has huge potential to deepen customization and RPG mechanics by introducing character creation, skill trees, loot, and gear crafting. Let players forge their unique shinobi in New Game+ while carrying over abilities. The possibilities are staggering.

These are just a taste of how Sekiro 2 could expand upon the rock-solid foundation of its predecessor to deliver an even more stunning and varied action experience.

Fan Theories on Story and Characters

Sekiro’s open-ended conclusion left many story threads unresolved, giving fans ample room to speculate wildly about what a sequel could explore. Here are some of the most intriguing fan theories if Sekiro 2 comes to pass:

Tomoe As Main Protagonist – Tomoe was referenced as a master swordsman and wife of Genichiro who passed away before the events of Sekiro. Many fans think a prequel with Tomoe as the lead character could be incredible. Playing as Tomoe to see how she gained her skills and legacy within the Ashina clan would shed new light on the lore.

The Donkey Lady – This minor character offers vital clues to accessing the Fountainhead Palace and has connections to mystical forces. Fans posit she could take a more pivotal role as an ally or enemy in a sequel. Perhaps she commands dark magic beyond what we’ve seen so far?

The secret of the Rejuvenating Waters – Lord Isshin relied on the mysterious waters to gain his vitality, but their source was never explained. They could be tied to the Divine Dragon. Exploring their origin more would fuel storylines around mysticism and power.

Genichiro Return – Some speculate Genichiro could come back in some resurrected form, whether demonic or empowered by black magic. His ambition cannot be stopped by death! We did not see a decisive fatal blow, after all.

Invasion of Korea – Historical accounts say Lord Isshin invaded Korea before the events of Ashina. Showcasing this conquest, perhaps playing as a young Isshin, has the potential for political intrigue and massive battles.

FromSoftware is renowned for intricate lore and surprises. Sekiro 2 would surely expand the mythos in fascinating ways, both through developer creativity and realizing the most gripping fan theories. The early Edo period of Japan is a vast canvas to explore.

Frequently Asked Questions on Sekiro 2 Speculation

Here are some common questions about the speculation around Sekiro 2’s development, release date, story, gameplay, and more:

Has Sekiro 2 been officially confirmed?

No, FromSoftware has not formally announced a Sekiro sequel. However, the original’s success makes it very likely a Sekiro 2 will happen at some point.

What platforms could Sekiro 2 release on?

The original launched on PS4, Xbox One and PC. It’s expected Sekiro 2 will come to PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. FromSoftware also now releases games on Steam Deck.

Could Sekiro 2 have an online/co-op mode?

Potentially! Adding online multiplayer or co-op to Sekiro’s formula could be a major evolution. Fans have long hoped for a co-op mode in FromSoftware’s games.

Could Sekiro 2 be open-world instead of linear?

An open interconnected world similar to Elden Ring is unlikely, as Sekiro’s gameplay is so nimble. But larger branching stage designs with expanded exploration seem very plausible.

Will Sekiro 2 be easier than the original?

FromSoftware won’t compromise on challenge! But options like difficulty modes or tweaked progression could make the sequel more accessible for some players.

Will saves transfer from Sekiro 1 to Sekiro 2?

Save transferring seems unlikely, but rewards for having Sekiro 1 save data are plausible. Unlockables like outfits or items would reward loyal franchise fans.

Could Sekiro 2 cover DLC plans that were cancelled?

Potentially! FromSoftware mentioned originally planning DLC that was scrapped. Any ideas from that could get woven into Sekiro 2’s development instead.

Sekiro captured lightning in a bottle with its fast-paced shinobi combat and thrilling setting. Fans are hungry for any news on Sekiro 2 and will be theorizing wildly until the day FromSoftware draws back the curtain on The Wolf’s next adventure.


As an award-winning, best-selling franchise for FromSoftware, hopes are high that Sekiro 2 enters development sooner rather than later to follow the wild success of its predecessor. Though nothing is confirmed yet, examining developer tendencies and fan demand points to a likely 2023-2024 release date target.

An E3 2023 reveal would make grand sense to kick the hype machine into high gear. Where Sekiro 2 takes The Wolf, the Divine Heir, and the lore next is ripe for speculation. But expansive new worlds, combat abilities, customization options, and enemies could take Sekiro to exhilarating new heights.

Like the plunging attack of a master shinobi, Sekiro 2 has the potential to drop onto the gaming scene with major force and blow fans away. Each tidbit of news dripped by FromSoftware will be poured over for clues until an official reveal finally slices through the silence. All signs point to the shadows dying twice being just the beginning of Sekiro’s story as a blockbuster franchise. The fire still yet burns.

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