The Forest 3 Release Date, Leaks, Gameplay & More 2024

Forest 3: The Forest is a popular survival horror video game that was released in 2018. Developed by Endnight Games, The Forest has garnered a dedicated fanbase eager for a sequel. Rumors of The Forest 3 have been circulating for some time, but concrete details remain scarce. In this article, we’ll explore everything we know so far about the potential third installment of The Forest franchise, including release date, leaks, gameplay, and more.

Overview of The Forest Franchise

For those unfamiliar, The Forest is an open-world survival game set on a remote, densely forested peninsula. Players take on the role of a father searching for his missing son after their plane crashes in the woods. The forests are inhabited by nocturnal, cannibalistic mutants, forcing the player to craft weapons, build shelters, and survive against the elements.

The original The Forest game was released in early access in 2014 before its full release on PC in 2018. An enhanced version was later launched for PlayStation 4 in 2019. The Forest established a dedicated fanbase taken with its survival mechanics blended with horror elements.

In 2021, Endnight Games released Sons of the Forest as a sequel to continue the story. This new entry boasted improved graphics, expanded mechanics, and new horrors waiting within the forests.

Now in 2024, fans eagerly await if a third installment in The Forest franchise will arrive. While not confirmed, various rumors and leaks suggest The Forest 3 could soon become a reality.

Is The Forest 3 Coming in 2024? Potential Release Date

There has been no official confirmation yet from Endnight Games whether The Forest 3 is in development or planned for future release. However, speculation is mounting that a third game may arrive sometime in 2024.

The original The Forest launched in 2018 after four years of early access. Sons of the Forest was then released in 2023, five years after the first full game. If Endnight follows a similar development cycle, it’s feasible that The Forest 3 could enter early access in 2024 for a full release in 2025 or later.

It’s also telling that Sons of the Forest leaves the story open-ended for a continuation. The game’s climax suggests the mutant threat is still present, hinting the tale is not over yet. The groundwork appears laid for a direct narrative sequel.

Of course, this release timeframe is simply speculation. Endnight has yet to hint at their plans for the franchise’s future. But given the studio’s pattern of releases so far and the unresolved Sons of the Forest story, a 2024 early access launch for The Forest 3 fits within reason.

The Forest 3 Gameplay Details and New Features

Details remain extremely limited regarding what The Forest 3’s gameplay and mechanics may include. As an unannounced title, no concrete info from the developers exists yet.

However, looking at the evolution of the franchise so far can illuminate how the next game may play:

  • Expanded World – Each entry in The Forest has boasted a larger playable world. Forest 3 could continue that trend with the largest, most diverse landscape yet.
  • New Mutant Threats – Every game has introduced new cannibal mutant types for players to overcome, which The Forest 3 is likely to expand on.
  • More Base-Building – Fortifying shelters with defenses is key to survival in The Forest games. A third title would presumably deepen building mechanics even further.
  • Continued Character Progression – RPG elements like skill trees have grown with each release. Advancing your character could play a big role again in The Forest 3.
  • Co-op Play – The Forest games support co-op multiplayer, allowing teamwork for survival. More robust co-op functionality could come in the next installment.
  • VR Capability – The Forest VR became its spin-off version tailored to virtual reality. The Forest 3 could receive VR support again for enhanced immersion.
  • Better Visuals – As a more modern release, The Forest 3 is likely to boast improved graphics, textures, lighting, and visual effects compared to previous entries.

Of course, these details are speculative until Endnight Games confirms actual features. But based on observing The Forest franchise evolution so far, these guesses seem plausible for a third game.

Story and Setting Possibilities for The Forest 3

While The Forest 3’s story is a complete mystery, the cliffhanger ending of Sons of the Forest provides a jumping-off point.

Spoiler Warning: The rest of this section contains spoilers for the ending of Sons of the Forest!

After Sons of the Forest, the protagonist is rescued by a helicopter after triggering a large explosion to defeat the mutants. However, the closing scene reveals the mutant threat is still alive and well, setting the stage for more conflict.

The Forest 3 could pick up right after these events, with the player taking on the mutants once more. Alternatively, it may feature a time jump with a new character dealing with the fallout later on.

As for the setting, the sons of Forest expanded the world significantly from the first game. The Forest 3 has an opportunity to broaden the landscape even more.

Potential settings for The Forest 3 include:

  • Going deeper into the existing peninsula
  • Exploring neighboring islands
  • Venturing into new terrain like deserts or tundra beyond the forests
  • Discovering the mutant homeland
  • Uncovering secret underground layers

The story and settings remain a mystery for now. But the groundwork has been laid for The Forest 3 to deliver an even larger, more narratively ambitious world compared to previous entries.

The Forest 3 Rumors and Leaks – What We May Know

While no official details on The Forest 3 exist yet, various rumors, leaks, and speculative digging provide clues on what to potentially expect. Here are some key rumored details:

  • Expanded Multiplayer – Leaks suggest a bigger focus on multiplayer, possibly with new competitive and co-op modes. Things like PvP gameplay could arrive.
  • New Cannibal Factions – Rumors indicate warring tribes of cannibal mutants may feature, requiring tactical decisions on which sides to ally with.
  • Dynamic Weather – Randomized and extreme weather like blizzards, thunderstorms, or heatwaves may impact survival in more challenging ways.
  • Underground Biomes – Speculation points to entire underground ecosystems underneath the peninsula left to be explored.
  • Swimming Mechanics – Leaked concept art shows spearguns and equipment for swimming, implying underwater traversal and combat.
  • PlayStation VR 2 Support – Sony’s new VR headset is rumored to be supported along with PC VR compatibility.

Take these rumors with a grain of salt for now, as they remain unconfirmed and potentially speculative. But they suggest some exciting directions The Forest franchise could take in its third installment.

As more concrete details on The Forest 3 emerge, these rumors will either be debunked or corroborated. For now, they provide early glimpses into what could be possible for the next chapter in this survival horror saga.

The Future Looks Bright for The Forest Franchise

While The Forest 3 has yet to be announced, the future looks promising for Endnight Games’ survival horror series. Each new entry has expanded upon the last to deliver deeper mechanics and a more ambitious scope. All signs point to the next game continuing that trend if rumors of a 2024 release bear fruit.

For now, fans await an official confirmation from the developers. But the potential exists for The Forest 3 to build on the franchises’ strengths while delivering an exciting new chapter.

Whatever shape The Forest 3 takes, it’s likely to satiate fans hungry for more of the game’s unique blend of horror, exploration, and base-building mechanics. The Forest franchise has cemented itself as one of the most thrilling survival game series around. The third installment aims to raise the stakes even higher.

While details remain sparse for now, the rumors are enough to start hyping the possibilities of The Forest 3. The mutant threat seems destined to return, promising more pulse-pounding action and terrifying surprises lurking in the shadows. When The Forest 3 arrives, few players may be ready for the horrors that await. But the challenge of conquering new threats in this unforgiving world will no doubt make victory even sweeter.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Forest 3

Here are answers to some common questions players have about the rumored third installment in The Forest franchise:

What is The Forest 3’s potential release date?

While not officially confirmed yet, speculation points to The Forest 3 potentially entering early access sometime in 2024 based on the development cycle of previous games in the series.

What new gameplay features could be included?

Rumors suggest expanded multiplayer, new cannibal factions, dynamic weather, underwater traversal, and VR support could be new additions in The Forest 3 along with the standard gameplay improvements seen in previous installments.

Will The Forest 3 have a continuous story from the previous games?

It’s expected The Forest 3 will pick up the story where Sons of the Forest left off and continue the overarching plotline, as the second game’s ending was left fairly open-ended.

Could there be different editions or special bonuses for The Forest 3?

As with most major game releases these days, The Forest 3 will likely see various special and collector’s editions made available alongside the base game. Pre-order bonuses are also a possibility.

Will The Forest 3 be available on next-gen consoles?

Considering the last two Forest games launched on PlayStation consoles, it’s very likely The Forest 3 will come to PS5 in addition to PC. The improved hardware could allow for gameplay enhancements.

Is the full map known for The Forest 3?

The developer has not revealed any details yet on The Forest 3’s map. It’s speculated the world could be even larger and more diverse than the previous games based on the franchise’s evolution so far.

Hopefully, this rundown gives you a better idea of what to potentially expect with the rumored third chapter in The Forest survival horror series. While specifics remain uncertain for now, the future looks bright for the franchise. Stay tuned for more official details on The Forest 3 as its potential 2024 launch approaches!


The Forest franchise has built up a devoted fanbase eager to continue the harrowing journey. While The Forest 3 remains shrouded in mystery, early rumors and speculation suggest an exciting new entry may arrive sometime in 2024. With a larger world, new mutant threats, revamped mechanics, and expanded multiplayer, the next chapter aims to achieve new heights of horror survival gameplay.

Of course, details remain uncertain until Endnight Games officially announces The Forest 3 and reveals concrete information. But all signs point to the potential for the biggest, most polished, and narratively satisfying game in the series yet. The Forest has masterfully merged survival, exploration, and horror elements so far. The third installment could perfect the formula.

For now, eager fans must wait patiently for the developers to confirm their plans for the future of the franchise. But the prospect of returning to the dark, foreboding forests to confront the cannibal mutant menace once more is a compelling one. The Forest 3 may still be on the distant horizon for now, but each rumor and leak leaves fans even more eager to learn what awaits them next in Endnight’s terrifying world.

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