A Way Out 2 Release Date, Trailer & Gameplay 2023

A Way Out 2: A Way Out is a co-op-only story-driven adventure game developed by Hazelight Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The first game was released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows to critical and commercial success. Fans have been eagerly waiting for a sequel ever since. Here is everything we know so far about the potential A Way Out 2.

Overview of A Way Out

A Way Out is a narrative-driven co-op adventure that must be played with two players. The story follows two prisoners – Vincent and Leo – who team up to break out of prison and stay on the run from authorities.

Players can play split-screen on one system or online. The game forces cooperation between players by splitting up the characters and intertwining their stories.

Some key features of A Way Out:

  • Co-op-only story experience: Played exclusively in split-screen whether online or locally. The story is experienced only through cooperation.
  • Play as Leo and Vincent: See the story unfold from both perspectives as you control Vincent and Leo together or separately.
  • Cinematic experience: Movie-style gameplay with quick time events, hand-to-hand combat, and car chases among other cinematic moments.
  • A compelling narrative: An engaging story centered on the relationship between Leo and Vincent as they reluctantly form a bond.

A Way Out was praised for its narrative focus, co-op gameplay, and cinematic set-pieces. It sold over 2 million copies and won several awards and accolades. Fans immediately wanted a sequel after finishing the emotional story.

Is A Way Out 2 in development?

As of now, there has been no official announcement of A Way Out 2 from Hazelight Studios or (EA) Electronic Arts. However, there are good reasons to believe a sequel will eventually arrive.

In a 2021 interview, Hazelight founder Josef Fares openly spoke about wanting to make A Way Out 2.

Fares commented:

“Of course, I want to do A Way Out 2 someday. I already have the idea and everything. The question is when can we do it, that’s a whole other story”

He has reaffirmed this stance in multiple interviews since then as well. The studio wants to revisit the franchise.

In June 2022, Hazelight released a new co-op game called It Takes Two. In many interviews around this release, Fares continued to mention his desire to return to A Way Out and make a sequel.

It’s very likely the studio will work on A Way Out 2 once they have finished supporting It Takes Two. Fares has stated a small team has already begun conceptualizing ideas for the sequel while the main team was shipping It Takes Two.

So while A Way Out 2 has not been officially confirmed yet, the developer intent makes it very likely we will see a sequel in the future. It’s only a matter of time before Hazelight makes it their next project after It Takes Two.

Expected A Way Out 2 Release Date

Way Out 2 in development

Hazelight Studios has not announced any timeline or release window for A Way Out 2. However, we can speculate on a potential release timeframe based on their previous games.

Some key points:

  • A Way Out was released in 2018. It Takes Two released in 2021. Hazelight has released a major game every 3 years recently.
  • It Takes Two will continue seeing support and updates through 2022. A Way Out 2 production likely can’t begin full throttle before 2023.
  • AAA games typically take 3-5 years to develop.
  • The studio intended to get started on conceptualizing A Way Out 2 while shipping It Takes Two. This gives the sequel a bit of a head start in development.

Given these factors, a tentative release target of 2024-2025 seems reasonable.

Hazelight also has strong publishing support from EA which enables them to focus on the creative side. EA has an incentive to fund a sequel to build on the success and fanbase of A Way Out.

A Way Out 2 could see a late 2024 or early 2025 release if the project kicks off in full swing in 2023. This would be 6-7 years after the first game, following Hazelight’s development cycle trends.

Of course, game delays are always a possibility. But late 2024 or 2025 aligns well with typical AAA dev timeframes.

Hazelight will likely share more concrete details after It Takes Two support winds down. But A Way Out fans should temper expectations for anything earlier than 2024.

A Way Out 2 Story and Setting possibilities

A Way Out ends on an emotional cliffhanger that sets up several story directions for the sequel. [Spoilers ahead for A Way Out!]

At the end of the first game, Leo either escapes arrest or gets killed based on player choices. If Leo escapes, he reunites with his family but still lives life on the run from authorities.

A Way Out 2 could pick up in several ways following these endings:

  • Show Leo still evading capture years later: With Leo still in hiding, a new event forces him to reluctantly break cover. This would maintain narrative continuity.
  • Leo is captured after the ending of the first game: Begin with Leo is now in prison again before a new situation forces him to escape once more.
  • Time jump with Leo’s son as protagonist: Set the story years later with Leo’s son becoming the playable character who then runs into Vincent.
  • Prequel showing how Leo and Vincent met: Given we don’t know the full backstory, the sequel could shift perspective and focus on events leading up to the first game.

Any of these approaches would provide plenty of narrative potential. Hazelight could even use a combination showing both a prequel timeline and a continuation of Leo’s story.

In terms of setting, A Way Out spanned multiple environments – from prisons, hospitals, mansions, construction sites, car chases, and more.

We can expect similar variety in A Way Out 2 along with potential new settings. Since Leo remains a fugitive, he will likely continue being on the run across many locations.

Some potential settings for A Way Out 2’s story:

  • Major cities providing opportunities to hide – think New York, Chicago, etc.
  • International locations if Leo successfully fled the country after the first game’s ending.
  • Rural countryside cabins or farms away from the main population.
  • Government black sites if Leo gets captured again.
  • Foreign prisons or labor camps if arrested overseas.

A Way Out’s hallmark is telling a personal story against radically shifting backdrops. We can expect A Way Out 2 to maintain that variety in settings while advancing Leo and Vincent’s relationship.

The story direction remains wide open for Hazelight but they have plenty of strong options to choose from for the sequel.

Expected Gameplay

A Way Out’s core gameplay will likely remain similar in the sequel. We can expect A Way Out 2 to retain:

  • Co-op focus: Mandatory split-screen co-op, either online or local. This is integral to Hazelight’s brand.
  • Cinematic approach: Quick time events, hand-to-hand combat, car chases and other cinematic gameplay moments seamlessly blended into gameplay.
  • Dual protagonists: Playing as both Leo and Vincent together or separately at times, like the first game.
  • Co-dependence: Forcing cooperation by splitting up characters and intertwining their stories.
  • Varied gameplay: Shifting between genres and mechanics as the story requires – stealth, shooting, driving, and more.
  • Player choice: Key decisions and multiple endings influenced by players.

Hazelight will expand and improve upon every aspect. We can expect them to push co-op interdependence even further in the sequel.

Some new directions A Way Out 2’s gameplay could take:

  • Bigger action set-pieces: The studio now has the resources to design even more complex cinematic moments. The prison breakout was just the start.
  • New game mechanics: New mechanics like wall climbing, swimming, or rope swinging could lead to innovative co-op puzzles and action.
  • Crafting: Resource gathering and crafting items together could be an enjoyable new co-op activity.
  • Upgrades/progression: The first game was purely story-driven. RPG elements like skill trees could incentivize replays.
  • Vehicles: More vehicle variety like planes, boats, and bikes would help vary the action.

A Way Out 2 will build upon every successful aspect of the acclaimed first game while striving for innovation. Hazelight will certainly have plenty of surprises in store with the sequel.

A Way Out 2 Platforms

A Way Out was released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows via Origin. The sequel will likely target the same platforms.

We can expect A Way Out 2 to be a cross-gen title available on:

  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5
  • Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One
  • Windows PC

There is an outside chance of a Nintendo Switch port as well. EA has been bringing more titles to Switch lately. But the hardware may struggle with A Way Out 2 if Hazelight pushes boundaries.

The studio aims to make their co-op experiences widely accessible. A Way Out 2 will be released on all major platforms except Switch which remains uncertain.

Of course, the game will be playable across generations enabling friends to play together on PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Series X. Crossplay also seems very likely.

A Way Out 2 may even be a next-gen exclusive if development drags out beyond 2024. But PS4 and Xbox One ports still seem likely.

Trailer Speculation

Hazelight has not released any trailers for A Way Out 2 yet. When can we expect to see the first teaser?

EA Play Live in June/July serves as EA’s main venue for game announcements and trailers. If A Way Out 2 starts full production in 2023 as speculated, it could get a short teaser trailer at EA Play 2023.

This would be similar to how the first details on Dragon Age Dreadwolf emerged. Hazelight may use EA Play to officially confirm A Way Out 2 and show a brief cinematic trailer.

But the gameplay reveal and full trailer likely wouldn’t come until 2024. A more extensive first look will probably happen at E3 2024 or a later showcase after the game is further along.

For now, fans will have to wait patiently for any A Way Out 2 trailer drops. But EA Play 2023 seems like a prime candidate for the first tease based on Hazelight’s development timeline.

FAQs About A Way Out 2

Is there an A Way Out 2 trailer?

No official trailer has been released yet. We may get a brief teaser at EA Play 2023 but the full reveal likely won’t happen until 2024 at the earliest.

Will A Way Out 2 have an online co-op?

Yes, like the first game, A Way Out 2 will almost certainly have an online co-op. The entire game can be played with a friend online.

What platforms will A Way Out 2 release on?

A Way Out 2 will likely launch on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and Windows PC. Switch version is also possible but uncertain.

How is A Way Out 2 connected to It Takes Two?

A Way Out and It Takes Two are completely separate games made by Hazelight Studios. It Takes Two was the developer’s 2021 release, while A Way Out launched in 2018.

Will A Way Out 2 be open-world or linear?

Hazelight’s games use a linear story-driven structure. A Way Out was on rails rather than the open world, which the sequel will likely continue.

Will A Way Out 2 have multiplayer?

The only multiplayer will be the mandatory two-player online/local co-op. It remains strictly a two-player experience like the first game.


While details remain slim, a sequel to 2018’s A Way Out seems inevitable in the future. Developer Hazelight Studios has repeatedly shared their intention to revisit the series down the road.

A Way Out 2 will likely retain the memorable cooperative gameplay and cinematic action that defined the acclaimed first game. With stronger publisher backing from EA, it can build on that foundation in every way.

Fans should temper expectations to a 2024-2025 release window at the earliest though. But the wait will be worth it whenever Hazelight decides to give Leo and Vincent another chapter.

A Way Out filled a unique co-op niche, blending an interactive buddy movie experience. The sequel has an opportunity to perfect that format and fulfill the franchise’s immense potential.

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