5 Best Virtual Boy Emulators For PC 2022

Best Virtual Boy Emulators

If you are also a Virtual Boy fan and looking for the best Virtual Boy emulators then you should stick to the end of this blog. Virtual Boy is a 1995 gaming tabletop console. Many people liked it and Nintendo sold around 700k units. But because these numbers were not meeting the target set by the franchise, they discontinued it and it has become a memory.

It is a nostalgic game and many people play it to remember the old days of school. Many people still like Virtual Boy and use different emulators to play Virtual Boy games.

In this blog, we have gathered the 5 best Virtual Boy emulators that you can use to play Virtual Boy games easily.

1. Reality Boy Emulator

Reality Boy Emulator
The first Virtual Boy emulator on our list is the Reality Boy emulator. It is one of the first emulators created for Virtual Boy. You can run most of the Virtual Boy ROMs on this emulator.  It is an open-source project that started in 1997. It is very compatible and provides nice sound quality, unlike most emulators. You can use cheat codes with the help of this emulator. If you have a high-end system then you will have no problem running this emulator, if not, you might have some difficulty.

2. RetroArch Emulator


The next emulator is RetroArch. If you play games on a different emulator, then you must already know about RetroArch. It is one of the best emulators on the internet. It provides you with many features. You can run most of the PS games on this emulator along with Virtual boy games.

It is highly compatible and doesn’t cause you any problems. You can easily run all of the ROMs on it. The interface of RetroArch is also good and you can navigate its features easily.

3. Rustual Boy

Rustual boys is one of the best Virtual Boy emulators specially designed for it. It was written in Rust programming language. You can run almost all of the Virtual Boy ROMs on the Rustual Boy emulator. The only problem with the Rustual emulator is that it is not very stable and you can’t run it for a long time. You might see different errors or face different crashes while using the game. But if you can tolerate these problems, then you should go for Rustual Boy.

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4. Red Dragon Emulator

The next Virtual Boy emulator on our list is the Red Dragon Emulator. It is used by many players around the world. It provides you with cheat code features and gaming controller support along with other excellent options.
Unlike Rustual Boy, the Red Dragon emulator is very stable and compatible. The user interface of Red Dragon Emulator is Windows-friendly and doesn’t require extra knowledge. We recommend this emulator if you want to use cheat codes and other features provided by the Red Dragon Emulator.

5. Vibe Emulator

Vibe Emulator

The last emulator on our list is called the Vibe emulator. The interface of this emulator is attractive and better than most emulators. It is easy to use and navigate features. The drawback of this emulator is that you can not play all of the games on Vibe Emulator. Vibe emulator can only run half of the Virtual Boy games on it. So this is the last recommended emulator from us.

These are some frequently asked questions about emulators.

Are emulated games illegal?
Yes, emulated games are completely legal. They are completely safe to use and download. They are just like any other program on the internet.

Are emulators safe to use?
Yes, emulators are safe to download and use. They are like just any other program on the internet. They help you to create an environment for another device. For example, you can run PS5 games on your PC with the help of a PS5 emulator.

Are there online emulators?
Yes, many online platforms allow you to play games on the internet. These online emulators have many ROMs available. The best thing is that you don’t have to download any emulator or ROM.

Is there a PlayStation 2 Emulator?
Yes, there are many emulators available on the internet. If you want to download an emulator for PS2, then you should go for RetroArch. It is one of the best PS emulators on the internet. You should use it and give us your feedback!

Virtual Boy was a nice console but the company discontinued it due to the lack of sales. Some players still love Virtual Boy as it was a part of their childhood. So in this blog, we have given the 5 best Virtual Boy emulators that you can use to play VB games. I hope this blog was helpful for you, let us know which emulator is your favorite!

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