20+ Best Cracked iOS Apps Sites 2024

Looking for websites that sell cracked iOS and Mac OS apps? It is difficult to locate a good source for cracked iOS apps since iOS and Mac OS are both incredibly secure platforms, making it difficult to crack the software or applications and install them on any iPhone or MacBook.

You don’t have to be concerned; we’ve been hunting for legitimate sites for more than a month that can give us genuine and safe cracked software or applications for both iOS and Mac devices. Finally, we have an article in which we have stated the sites that we considered to be genuine and legitimate, with a large software or application library. One thing is certain: whichever sort of software or application you are looking for, you will either discover it or find an alternative.

 Without further ado, let’s get started on the list of sites.

 How to Install the Third-Party Appstore

Before you continue, you should be aware that to install your chosen applications, you must first install their App Store on your devices. Some installs can be done on a PC, while others can only be done on your iPhone or iPad. We’ll supply you with the Appstore download URL for each unique site, as well as instructions for installing the Appstore on the same site.

 How to Install Cracked APPS iOS

To get your preferred AppStore alternative, you must first install cracked applications on your iOS device. It is really simple, and in most situations, a developer certificate must be installed in the Settings app. We will show you how to obtain cracked iOS applications without jailbreaking your device.

 Step 1: Navigate to the Store from your Home Screen.

 Step 2: To begin the installation process, click Install.

 Step 3: To begin, confirm the notification “api.xxxxxx.com would like to install.”

 Step 4: You may now use the app.

 Step 5: From Settings General Device Management, add the certificate to the trusted list.

If an installed app isn’t working, it’s probably because the certificate has to be added to trusted and you need to repeat Step 5. If this does not work, all installed software or applications will most likely crash. This is connected to the revocation of the certificate. To resolve this issue, you must reload the store and all installed apps.

We give more specific information on App Markets in the description, which includes installation instructions, a feature list, screenshots, and more. Browse our list of Best Sites To Download Cracked iOS Apps For iPhone to find your favorite software.

Top Cracked IPA Download Sites

Here are a few websites where you can get most premium software or applications for free and download them safely. Let me tell you something: iOS and macOS are very secure operating systems, and it is extremely difficult to break software or applications for iOS. You should support these types of websites in any manner if you want to acquire cracked and premium software or applications for free in the future. You may pay by watching advertisements, sharing, or donating. Whatever works for you.

1. BuildStore

BuildStore is the very first autonomous signing service, launched in 2013. Now it is one of the most reliable sources of apps and games for iOS devices. Builds.io has hundreds of apps, and dozens more are added monthly. It is easy to use, doesn’t require jailbreak, and is very stable compared to other alternative stores

2. iPhoneCake

One of the most popular sources for Cracked iOS applications is iPhoneCake. They have their AppStore called Appcake. You may install it by following the instructions on their website. Don’t worry, we’ll get to the point.

The best aspect of this site is that they have an active forum where you can request a resolution if you have a complaint or an issue with any software. Even if you can’t locate the software you want, you may request it there.

3. iOS Ninja

iOS Ninja is another excellent third-party AppStore, with some of the greatest customizations and software or applications available without the need for a jailbreak. It works flawlessly on all iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

You can get practically all cracked paid applications and games here. The software or application is safe to download, and it works just like the original.

4. AppEven


This is a third-party AppStore as well. Here you may discover reliable cracked software or applications and games, as well as paid ones. Although claiming trustworthy is incorrect because it is cracked and immoral, I chose the word trusted because these applications and games ensure that your data will not be compromised. The installation procedure is also described on the website.

5. Panda Helper

Panda Helper

Panda Helper is also a famous site for purchased and cracked software or applications. Panda Helper offers cracked iOS and Android applications. The website offers several interesting features and, like others, it is free. With the use of our mobile website, you can easily download any cracked iOS app.

6. TweakBox

TweakBox App is an internet-based alternative to the AppStore. The crew behind this shop updates their applications, games, hacks, tweaks, and jailbreak tools daily and uploads new apps to this store, allowing you to install them on your iDevice without the need for a PC. Without jailbreaking your smartphone, you may obtain cracked software or applications for free from this site.

7. HipStore

If you are still unable to locate websites that meet your specifications, HipStore will be your ultimate destination. It’s also a third-party market installer and one of the greatest Cydia replacements. They offer a large collection of paid and cracked applications and games, so you should be able to locate your preferred software or application here.

8. CyrusHub

CyrusHub is a new and useful software or application that allows you to install iOS applications, modifications, emulators, and jailbreak tools on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch without jailbreak. You may locate a few packages accessible in Cydia Repositories in this app store and install them on iOS 12 or later. A computer is not necessary.

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9. Ignition Store

Ignition App is a fantastic shop that provides access to a wide range of apps, game hacks, emulators, and popular jailbreak tools for iOS devices. This software is compatible with iOS 8 through iOS 14, and it may be installed on your device without the use of a computer. It is not necessary to jailbreak your smartphone to install it on an iPhone.

10. Tongbu Store

Tongbu Store

Tongbu Store is a free AppStore alternative for downloading paid cracked software or applications (cracked IPA) for free on iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and other devices. Tongbu Tui Free and Tongbu Tui VIP editions, which feature special hacks and applications, are available from the team. This software works with the most recent iPhones and iPads.

11. FlekStore

FlekStore (FlekSt0re) is a free third-party iOS app store that lets you install ++ applications and customizations without jailbreaking your smartphone. The AppStore works with iOS 9.3.5 to iOS 14. You may also manually add new FlekStore Repositories to the app to have access to even more software or applications for download.

12. CokernutX

CokernutX offers its consumers around 5,000 cracked apps and games. Our is an excellent alternate platform for all of the other applications on this list. CokernutX is compatible with iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10, iOS 11, and, of course, Apple’s iOS 14. All non-jailbroken devices are supported as well.

13. Appdb

Appdb is another source for cracked apps, practically all of which do not require a jailbreak. They also provide commercial games for Mac OS that you can get for free. They also have books for iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

14. Tutuapp VIP Store

Tutuapp VIP Store

Tutuapp VIP is exclusively available to premium membership holders. This software has capabilities that are comparable to those found in vShare Pro. Paid versions of applications and games available in the AppStore can be installed for free. Tutuapp works with practically all of the most recent Apple devices, including the iPhone and iPad.

15. IPA Box

This is a free app store platform that allows you to directly install signed IPA files on your Apple devices. This software allows you to download altered and modified applications such as Spotify++, YouTube++, Deezer++, Whatsapp++, YouTube Music++, and others such as MediaBox HD, ZiniTevi, FilzaJailed, iTransmission, ToonsNow, and more.

16. TutuBox

TutuBox app offers the most popular iOS emulators, jailbreak tools, hacked games, and customized apps. This AppStore, like all other app stores, needs a developer certificate to install software or applications, which may be easily canceled by Apple.

17. Zeus AppStore

Zeus AppStore is a new platform that offers signed software or applications that can be loaded on any iOS device without the use of a computer. From a single app, you can get customized software or applications, popular console emulators, hacked games, jailbreak tools, and utilities. Zeus App Store is compatible with iOS 14 and signs IPAs with an enterprise certificate.

18. GBox

GBox app store is a free IPA signing solution that allows you to install any software application or game on your iPhone without the need for a computer. This iOS software or application installs apps using an enterprise certificate and is compatible with all bundles.

19. TopStore


TopStore software is a collection of all the most recent app and game cracks. It is compatible with the current iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max, as well as iOS 14, and, like the other App Stores listed, TopStore does not require Jailbreak or Apple ID to function. On your Apple devices, you may get cracked software or applications for free.

20. iOSGods

iOSGods App is a free AppStore portal that offers cracked apps and game hacks for iOS. This platform focuses on game hacks and modifications, which enable you to cheat and activate unique features in games such as extra money and lives, unlocking weapons or endless ammo, and much more.

21. EonHub


EonHub is a simple AppStore where users can install jailbreak tools, hacked games, emulators, customizations, and torrent clients on any iOS device. This Software Store is accessible via a browser, and you may install any app without the need for a computer. EonHub was created by the Ignition Team and is compatible with the most recent iOS 14.

Wrapping up

We hope you enjoyed our efforts and found the material useful. We do not control any of these websites and are only offering the material for educational reasons.

To be honest, utilizing this type of site is unlawful and immoral because the firms that make these premium apps do not allow individuals to use or crack their software for free. They spent millions of dollars developing these apps and games, and using pirated apps means you are destroying their company. If you hire them to build or upgrade the app in the future, you should compensate them so that they can continue to operate.

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