10 Best MiniMoog Emulation VST Plugins 2022

MiniMoog Emulation VST Plugins

In this blog, we have given a list of the 10 best MiniMoog emulation VST plugins. You can use these plugins to create sounds of the classic Minimoog synthesizer.

MiniMoog is a synthesizer that was created by Moog Music in the 1970s. It is the first-ever synthesizer sold in retail stores. Many musicians use it nowadays to develop effects and great music. It is used by all kinds of musicians whether it is jazz, pop, or rock, Minimoog is useable in all of the major genres.

If you are a music producer or just an admirer of the Minimoog and looking for the best Minimoog emulators and VST plugins to make great music, then this blog is a treat for you.

So without further discussion let’s jump to the list!

List Of 10 Best MiniMoog Emulation VST Plugins

1. Model Mini

Model Mini

The first Minimoog synthesizer VST plugin is called the Model Mini. It gives you almost all of the synthesizer features. You get resonance, low pass filter. It also gives you the ADS generator to shape your sound. You can use it in every mode and make great music. It is monophonic with 3 oscillators. You should check it out. Download it here.

2. Model Pro

Model Pro

The following VST plugin is called the Model Pro VST plugin. It provides you with a variety of features that can be used to enhance your music quality. It has 2 VCOs with the pulse and triangle waveform. You get a keyboard and an ADS envelope generator. It works fine and you can work with it smoothly. You can download it here.

3. Surrealistic Plus

Surrealistic Plus

If you are looking for a Minimoog synthesizer that sounds exactly like the original one then this could be your ideal option. It provides you with the same sound quality as the original one. It is better than the original one in the sense that it is digital and provides you with a lot of features like MIDI controls, 130 presets, and much more. It is completely free and one of the best options to choose from. You can download it here.

4. Freemoog

Freemoog consists of 3 oscillators. You can play 8 notes at a time. It is completely free and allows you to create good music. It is praised by many music producers and many producers use freemog in big projects. You can download it here.

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5. MiniMogue VA

The next Minimoog emulation VST plugin is MiniMogue VA. It is around for quite a long time and has improved a lot. It smoothly emulates the Minimoog monosynth and you can create a very similar sound with this VST plugin. You can play 5 notes simultaneously. It has an Arpeggiator and a step sequencer of 16 steps.
You should try it out, here is the link.

6. ASynth

ASynth has 2 oscillators and three filters that can be used to work like the original Minimoog. The highlighting point of ASynth is its interface. It is very easy to use and navigate features. You don’t have to watch a tutorial to figure out controls, you can do it by yourself. You can download it here.

7. Synthegrated 12A

Synthegrated 12A

The next Moog emulation VST plugin is Synthegrated 12A. The sound of this plugin is different from the original Minimoog synthesizer. Unlike other synthesizers on this list, Synthegrated 12A doesn’t provide you presets. You have created sound by yourself. This might bug you but can be a great exercise for you. The interface of Synthegrated 12A is simple to use and your workflow will not be disturbed. You can download it here.

8. VK-1 Viking Synth

The next Moog emulation synthesizer is VK-1. It is based on the DSP technology to create a similar sound to the original Moog synth. It has 3 oscillators and 2 lowpass or highpass filters. Other than that, it provides you with 228 presets that you can use. If you are interested in VK-1 Viking Synth, then download it here.

9. RA Mowg

RA Mowg is an emulation for the Minimoog Model D. It has a pleasing sound. The most highlighting feature of RA Mowg is its GUI. It is very easy to use and recommended for newbies. You should try it out, here is the download link.

10. Pro DG

Pro DG

Pro DG is a PRODIGY for the MiniMoog Prodigy emulation. It is one of the best plugins to emulate the Moog synthesizer. It provides you with a bunch of different options. It gives you the MIDI controls. It has 2 oscillators and a lowpass filter. It also gives you the ADS amplifier envelope. You can use it to create many great sounds. So do check it out, here is the download link.

Synthesizers are a very important part of today’s music production. No song is complete without a synthesizer. So in this blog, we have discussed the 10 best Minimoog emulation VST Plugins. These plugins are very nice and many commercial producers use them. In the end, I hope that we have helped you to find the best synthesizer. If you have any suggestions then tell us in the comments.

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