Subnautica : Below Zero the Ultimate Underwater Experience 2024

Released in May 2021, Subnautica: Below Zero is the latest installment in the popular Subnautica series by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. Set in an alien underwater world, Below Zero builds upon the original game with a new environment to explore, a story to uncover, creatures to encounter, and bases to construct.

For fans of underwater survival/adventure games, Below Zero offers an unparalleled experience filled with mystery, beauty, and danger. In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into everything you need to know about Subnautica: Below Zero in 2024 – from an overview of new features and gameplay to tips for thriving in the icy underwater setting.

Overview of Subnautica: Below Zero

Subnautica: Below Zero is a standalone expansion to the original Subnautica game, set in an arctic region of planet 4546B. Players control Robin Ayou, a xenologist sent to the planet to investigate the disappearance of her sister.

The frigid oceans of 4546B present new challenges for survival and exploration. Players must contend with freezing temperatures, stronger ocean currents, and shifting ice sheets while unraveling the mysteries of the planet.

Key features of Subnautica: Below Zero include:

  • Vast underwater world to explore filled with unique biomes like twisting crystalline caves, kelp forests, and deep lava zones.
  • Craft equipment and bases to survive including submarines, gadgets, and underwater habitats.
  • Discover new creatures like the aggressive Chelicerate Leviathan and adorable Pengwings.
  • Uncover what happened to Robin’s sister through logs, artifact scans, and clues.
  • Use futuristic technology like the Snowfox hoverbike to traverse land and sea.
  • Manage oxygen supplies and body temperature in the freezing climate.
  • Forage for food and farm sustainable energy sources.
  • Build upon the original Subnautica story in an expansive new environment.

With over 30 hours of gameplay, Below Zero offers an immersive survival experience letting you explore alien oceans at your own pace. The world is richly detailed and full of mystery to keep players engaged across multiple playthroughs.

Gameplay Features and Mechanics

Crafting and Base Building

Like the original, Below Zero is focused on crafting equipment and constructing bases to aid your survival. Collect resources from biomes like titanium from crystals and copper from deep deposits to craft increasingly advanced tools, vehicles, and gear.

Build a network of underwater bases in strategic biomes to serve as sanctuaries. Connect modules like the multipurpose room, observatory, and moonpool for docking vehicles. Use compartments like the water filtration machine to produce food, water, and renewable energy. Customize each base with terraforming tools.


Exploring the depths both on land and sea is a major part of the gameplay. Pilot submarines like the Sea Truck to access deeper biomes and outrun dangerous wildlife. Use snowfox bikes to traverse ice sheets and reach land locations.

Scan artifacts and fragments to uncover story elements and new technologies for crafting. Discover wrecks, alien structures, and hidden caves lurking in the depths.


Surviving 4546B‘s freezing climate presents new challenges. Regulate body temperature by wearing insulating gear or using heat sources like fires. Seek out nutrient-rich flora and fauna for food. Use first aid kits to cure injuries from wildlife attacks or environmental hazards. Maintain oxygen supplies from tanks, pumps, and bases.

World Building & Story

Below Zero features a well-realized alien world teeming with life and environments to explore. Biomes range from the twisting crystal caves to the thermal vents of the lava zones. Discover new creatures like the cheeky penguins and massive void chelicerates lurking in the shadows.

Uncover what happened to Robin’s sister through logs, radio calls, artifact scans, and clues seeded throughout the world. The story explores the planet’s history and ecosystem lending greater meaning to your exploration.

Tips for Survival and Progression

Succeeding in Below Zero means learning how to thrive in its dangerous alien environment. Use these tips to progress smoothly on your undersea adventure:

Explore Biomes Thoroughly

Each biome contains important resources and blueprints needed for crafting new gear and advancing the story. Take time to thoroughly explore using scanner tools to uncover fragments and objects of interest. Revisit biomes as you gain new vehicles and equipment to access previously unreachable areas.

Manage Oxygen Carefully

Check oxygen levels frequently and return to surfaces or bases to replenish. Carry extra air tanks on excursions and use recharging stations at bases. Upgrade oxygen capacity at a modification station. Eventually, build a rebreather with unlimited oxygen.

Watch for Thermal Changes

Monitor your temperature gauge when moving between biomes. Seek warmth in caves or build fires to avoid hypothermia in cold areas. Conversely, use chilled first aid kits or the snowfox to cool down in hot zones before taking thermal damage.

Use Beacons

Craft and place beacons to mark important locations like resource deposits, creature sightings, or cave entrances for future reference. Add color codes and custom names to beacons for the organization.

Listen for Audio Cues

Pay attention to musical and audio cues indicating approaching threats like aggressive fauna. Temporarily switch off loud engines in vehicles to listen for signals and identify creatures nearby.

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Use Scanner Rooms

Construct scanner room bases with range and speed upgrades to efficiently find nearby resources. Link scanner rooms into networks for expanded coverage.

Farm Sustainable Resources

Cultivate food sources like potatoes and lantern fruit at bases for reliable nourishment. Plant indoor grow beds or outdoor planters. Harvest seeds to replant crops.

Use bioreactors, thermal plants, or solar panels to produce sustainable power. Stock bioreactors with local fauna like peepers for fuel.

Cook Nutrient Blocks

Cook nutrient blocks at a fabricator for longer-lasting food when exploring. Carry an extra water bottle and food bars for long excursions.

Upgrade Vehicles

Add modules like depth upgrades, storage space, and torpedo launchers to your Sea Truck and Prawn Suit to reach new areas and defend yourself. Customize for better exploration or resource gathering.


Subnautica: Below Zero offers an exciting underwater survival experience in an alien world. With vast oceans and biomes to explore, creatures to discover, and mysteries to uncover, Below Zero builds upon the original game in new environments with new challenges.

Using the tips outlined here, you can master surviving the harsh arctic climate through crafting, exploration, and careful resource management. Immerse yourself in this creative and thoughtfully designed underwater adventure from Unknown Worlds – Subnautica: Below Zero is the ultimate undersea sandbox awaiting your exploration in 2024 and beyond.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Subnautica: Below Zero:

Q: Is Below Zero a standalone game or an expansion?

A: Below Zero is a standalone expansion and does not require the original Subnautica to play. It features a new environment, story, and creatures to discover.

Q: What platforms is Below Zero available on?

A: Below Zero is available on PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Q: Are there multiplayer or co-op modes?

A: Below Zero is currently single-player only like the original Subnautica. The focus is on the core survival/exploration experience.

Q: Are there new biomes to explore?

A: Yes, Below Zero adds several new biomes like the icy Crystal Caves and towering Frozen Vents biomes. New creatures inhabit each one.

Q: How scary is Below Zero compared to the first game?

A: The psychological horror and tension from threats like the Shadow Leviathan are still present. But Below Zero focuses more on exploration over outright scares.

Q: What type of performance does Below Zero require?

A: An intermediate gaming PC or console should provide smooth 60fps gameplay. Low-end PCs may need some graphic settings turned down.

Q: Is there a creative mode like the original?

A: Yes, creative mode returns allowing players to freely explore and build without survival management.


Subnautica: Below Zero is the definitive undersea survival experience, providing a compelling gameplay loop of exploration, crafting, and base building. With its alien vistas and imaginative creatures, Below Zero realizes its underwater world with great artistry and design. For players seeking mystery and adventure beneath the waves both now and into 2024, Below Zero is gaming nirvana.

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