BNSF Emulator- Mainframe Login, Support Number and Applications- Best In 2022

BNSF Emulator- Mainframe Login

Are you looking for a complete guide to the BNSF mainframe login, Applications, and other things about the BNSF emulator? If yes, then keep reading this blog. Because in this blog, we have discussed all BNSF mainframe login and other useful things that you should know about. So keep reading this blog as I start discussing BNSF.

What is BNSF Emulator?

Starting with BNSF, It stands for Burlington Northern Santa Fe. It is an emulator created for BNSF employees or personnel. It is useful for them as it contains most of the info about BNSF. The code of the BNSF emulator is written in Javascript so it is very easy for PC users to use it but the real problem is faced by Android and IOS users.

How to Log in to the BNSF Mainframe?

The process to log in to the BNSF mainframe is very simple. You can use your computer or mobile phone to log in to the BNSF mainframe.

You can visit this link:

After visiting the link, you will have to enter your BMSF user ID and your password. Click on the login and you will be logged into your BMSF personnel account. The process is simple and hassle-free but we recommend that you use a nice browser to do it so that you don’t face any issues.

Helpline Support Number of BNSF

If you have a problem and you are unable to get help from the BMSF mainframe then the last option that remains is to use the helpline number. But remember that you should use it only in times of high danger or problem. You should check the BMSF mainframe first and then the helpline. These are the helpline number of the BNSF emulator: 1-800-893-4357 or 1800-HELP649

BNSF Emulator Applications

These are the four applications of the BNSF emulator.

Rail Pass

The Rail Pass is created for truck drivers of BNSF so that they can easily do their job. With the help of this app, the BMSF drivers can keep track of their drop schedule and pick-up schedule. This app is created to facilitate the BMSF drivers and to create a safe and trusted environment

Updates from the Railway Company

With the help of this application. The users will be informed about any event that is happening. The complete schedule of the event, the place of the event, hotels of the event, and all of the necessary information. This is a very nice application as it can easily notify users about every event.

RF Transmission RP Emulator

This application supports the RF software that allows you to vehicle mount. The user can access it through talent regulation.

MY UPRR Mobile Application

The MY UPRR mobile application will allow you to keep track of rail shipping and see the rail shipping status whenever you want. With the help of this mobile application, you will also get directions on rail shipping. This can be very helpful for the user.

Issues with BNSF and their Solutions

Now, we will talk about the most common errors that users face while using the BNSF emulator.

Unable to Login

The first problem that the BNSF users face is a login problem. Many of them are unable to log in due to some issues. You should make sure that you are entering the right user ID and password and if you are there is a high chance that your ID is blocked from the website. Now you have to access the BNSF from a different source other than the website.

An error of Invalid Token

The following error that people face is an invalid token error. This can only be fixed by the security team of BNSF. You should contact them and tell them the error briefly and they will get back to you with a suitable solution.

Unable to Locate PF key Buttons

If you are one of these users who are unable to see the PF button then the best solution for you is to increase the font size and then try to locate it sometimes the small font size makes it difficult to locate the button.

How to connect to the BNSF Support Team?

If you have a serious problem that can not be fixed without the support team of BNSF, you should contact them on their helpline number. The support team will ask you for some information so you should be ready to give them the following information.

  • They will ask you for your User Name or ID
  • Then your Contact Name
  • Your browser’s name and version
  • They will ask you about your problem
  • They will ask you about the date and time of using the software when the error showed up
  • The name of your service provider
  • Lastly, the name of your system

After getting all of this information they will tell you a suitable solution for your problem. So make sure to give them the right information.


BNSF stands for Burlington Northern Santa Fe. Only the BMSF employees can use the BNSF emulator. It has four applications that can be very useful. We have discussed them above. You can read the above-given article to know everything about the BNSF. Lastly, I hope that this blog was helpful to you. If you have any problems then do let us know

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