Subnautica 3 Release Date, News, Trailer 2024

Subnautica is an open-world underwater survival and adventure game developed by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. The original Subnautica game was released in 2018 and quickly became a hit among fans of survival games. In 2020, the standalone expansion Subnautica: Below Zero was released.

With the success of the first two Subnautica games, fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Subnautica 3. Here is everything we know so far about the potential third installment in the Subnautica series.

When Will Subnautica 3 Be Released?

There has been no official confirmation yet from Unknown Worlds Entertainment on Subnautica 3. The development studio has likely shifted focus to finishing their new game, Silt, which is slated for release in 2023.

However, given the popularity of the Subnautica franchise, it is very likely we will see a third game at some point. The original Subnautica took over 5 years to develop and was released in early access in 2014 before its full launch in 2018. Subnautica: Below Zero entered early access in 2019 and was officially released in 2021.

If Unknown Worlds sticks to a similar development timeline, we may not see Subnautica 3 until 2024 or 2025 at the earliest. Of course, this is just speculation and the developers could surprise fans with an earlier release date announcement.

Subnautica 3 Gameplay and Story Possibilities

Since Subnautica 3 has not been confirmed yet, there are no official details on what the game’s story and setting will be. However, here are some of the likely gameplay and narrative directions the third installment could take:

  • Deeper Ocean Planet: The previous two games took place on ocean planets with a maximum depth of around 1500-2000 meters. Subnautica 3 could take players to a planet with far deeper oceans, introducing new underwater biomes, creatures, and craftable submarines that can withstand greater pressures.
  • Above Water Exploration: While the Subnautica games have focused on underwater gameplay, the third entry could add the ability to explore islands and continents above the ocean surface as well. This could create new gameplay possibilities like land vehicles, base building, and marine animal behaviors.
  • New Player Character: Subnautica 1 and 2 focused on two different protagonists, Ryley Robinson and Robin Ayou. Subnautica 3 could feature a brand new player character with their backstory and motivations for visiting the aquatic alien planet.
  • Alien Civilization: While abandoned bases and technology have suggested the existence of alien intelligence, players have yet to encounter any live alien beings. The third game could finally reveal an advanced underwater civilization for players to interact with and learn more about.
  • Co-Op Multiplayer: Adding a co-op mode would be a major shift for traditionally single-player Subnautica games. But co-op could create some interesting gameplay if the planet and story are designed around team exploration.
  • Expanded Crafting System: New biomes and materials could lead to an even bigger variety of bases, tools, subs, and upgrades that players can construct to improve their survival experience.

Will Subnautica 3 Have Multiplayer Gameplay?

The Subnautica games so far have been strictly single-player experiences without any multiplayer components. In a 2019 interview, Subnautica game director Charlie Cleveland said “We tried some multiplayer prototypes but it diluted the survival experience too much.”

However, they seem to still be considering potential ways to implement multiplayer in a way that stays true to Subnautica’s core survival gameplay. Cleveland went on to say “I’m eager to try again sometime, perhaps with a different design.”

So while single-player will likely remain the main focus of Subnautica 3, the development team seems open to experimenting with multiplayer if they can find a format that complements the survival and exploration aspects that define the franchise. Co-op gameplay would be the most obvious match if they decide to add multiplayer.

What New Creatures Could Appear in Subnautica 3?

The ocean planets in the Subnautica universe have featured some impressively terrifying sea creatures like the Reaper Leviathan, Ghost Leviathan, Sea Dragon Leviathan, and Shadow Leviathan. If Subnautica 3 takes place on a new planet, fans can certainly expect even more dangerous fauna swimming in the depths.

Some new creatures that could appear include:

  • Megalodon-like shark– A massive prehistoric shark species could offer an apex predator threat similar to the Reaper Leviathan
  • Kraken– A giant squid or octopus-like creature with long tentacles could hunt in the deeper biomes
  • Angler fish– These creepy-looking fish could use bioluminescent lures to attract prey in the darker depths
  • Giant turtle– An island-sized sea turtle species could play a role in above-water exploration if added
  • Serpentine electric eel– An eel that generates electricity could pose a new environmental hazard
  • Hermit crabs– Various crab species could inhabit the seabed environments
  • Narwhal– The unicorn of the sea could make an appearance on the planet’s surface and in underwater caves

Of course part of the fun of new Subnautica games is discovering the surprising new lifeforms that lie in wait around every corner, so only the developers know what horrors they might unleash next!

Will Robin and Ryley Return in Subnautica 3?

Robin Ayou and Ryley Robinson were the protagonists of Subnautica: Below Zero and the original Subnautica respectively. If Subnautica 3 introduces an all-new player character, that would seem to suggest Robin and Ryley’s stories have concluded and they won’t be the focus again.

However, there are a few ways the previous two protagonists could potentially return:

  • Cameo voice logs/recordings offering guidance or backstory
  • Appearing in flashback sequences
  • Returning as NPCs to assist the new protagonist in some way
  • Playing a support role in multiplayer/co-op mode

That said, cameos or small roles seem more likely than Robin or Ryley starring again as the main playable character. Their arcs feel fairly complete after the first two games. But fans would probably love even a brief appearance or reference to the earlier characters to help connect the new game back to the previous storylines.

Will Subnautica 3 Be Coming to Consoles and PCs?

The original Subnautica first launched in early access for PC before expanding to the full PC release, followed by PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

Subnautica: Below Zero was similarly first released for PC before eventually coming to consoles. So PC will almost certainly be the initial platform for Subnautica 3 as well.

Given the success of the console ports for the first two games, we can expect Subnautica 3 will also migrate to PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch, though likely not until sometime after the initial PC launch.

There is an outside possibility that Subnautica 3 could be released simultaneously across PCs and consoles if Unknown Worlds expands its development team enough to support the multiplatform launch. But PC early access followed by console ports seems a safer assumption for now based on the franchise’s release history.

Will VR Support Return for Subnautica 3?

Both Subnautica and Subnautica: Below Zero had VR modes added after the initial launch to allow playing the entirety of both games in virtual reality on Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and other VR headsets.

The stunning underwater environments and scary Leviathan encounters translated very well to VR, greatly enhancing the immersive survival experience. Given the VR support added to the previous two titles, it seems very likely that Subnautica 3 will also offer a VR gameplay mode.

VR helps realize the series’ goal of truly making the player feel stranded alone on an alien ocean planet in a way standard displays can’t quite match. VR support has become a key feature fans expect out of new Subnautica games. Unknown Worlds would need to justify not including VR if they suddenly decided to remove that option for the third installment.

Will There Be a Subnautica 3 Trailer Reveal?

Since Subnautica 3 hasn’t been announced yet, there is no trailer currently available. However, Unknown Worlds will likely follow a similar reveal pattern as with previous games in the series once Subnautica 3 is officially in development.

We can probably expect an initial teaser trailer showing off concept art and announcing basic setting details and platforms. This early teaser will probably coincide closely with the first announcement that Subnautica 3 is in the works.

As development progresses, Unknown Worlds will likely release gameplay trailers showing new creatures, biomes, crafting, and other in-game footage. We’ll probably get our first real look at Subnautica 3 gameplay through these trailers maybe 6 months to a year before the full release date.

Just before launch, we can expect a launch trailer recapping the overall premise and highlighting the most exciting parts of the Subnautica 3 experience.

Fans starved for a first look can currently go back and watch the progression of trailers dropping for the original Subnautica and Below Zero to get a sense of how Unknown Worlds builds hype with new reveals.

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How Can I Get Updates on Subnautica 3 News?

Since Subnautica 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, there aren’t many official channels putting out updates. However, here are some ways to stay on top of the latest news once there are concrete details to share on a third Subnautica game:

  • Wishlist or Follow Subnautica 3 on Steam
  • Subscribe to Unknown Worlds’ YouTube channel for new trailers
  • Check Unknown Worlds’ Twitter (@Subnautica) and the Website
  • Join the Subnautica Forums to discuss with other fans
  • Subscribe to gaming news sites like IGN, Gamespot, and PC Gamer for coverage of announcements

Once Subnautica 3 is announced, news and updates will start coming much more frequently through all of these channels. For now, following Unknown Worlds’ social accounts is the best way to catch the initial announcement as soon as the third game is confirmed to be in development.

Will There Be More Subnautica Games After Subnautica 3?

Given the popularity of the Subnautica franchise so far, Subnautica 3 is unlikely to mark the end of the series. There are likely to be more installments in the future beyond just the third entry.

In a January 2021 interview, game director Charlie Cleveland said “We’ve built up a lot of tech now over the last eight years of working on Subnautica, so we’re able to iterate and improve on Subnautica much faster than when we first started.”

This suggests the potential for more frequent releases down the road thanks to the existing technological foundation the team has built up. Cleveland also said “We’ve got a strong desire to keep making games in the ocean survival genre. So we want to make another game in the Subnautica universe.”

Of course, whether we see a Subnautica 4, 5, or more depends on how well Subnautica 3 performs. But if the third game meets sales expectations, then the development team seems committed to keep taking the franchise deeper into the alien oceans they’ve created.

Frequently Asked Questions About Subnautica 3

Here are some quick answers to common questions players have about Subnautica 3:

What is the release date for Subnautica 3?

No official release date has been announced yet. Based on typical development timelines, 2024 or 2025 is the soonest we can likely expect Subnautica 3.

Will Subnautica 3 have multiplayer gameplay?

Unknown Worlds seems open to experimenting with co-op multiplayer, though the main focus will still be single-player. Some limited co-op functionality may be possible.

Will you be able to explore land in Subnautica 3?

Subnautica has focused on underwater gameplay so far, but the third game could potentially add above-water areas like islands and continents to explore as well.

How can I get updates on Subnautica 3 news?

Follow Unknown World’s social media and the Subnautica website to catch any official announcements. You can also join Subnautica forums to discuss with other eager fans.

What new creatures might appear in Subnautica 3?

While we can only speculate, some possible new creatures include massive Megalodon sharks, giant squids, angler fish, sea turtles, electric eels, and more to offer new environmental threats.

Will Robin and Ryley be in Subnautica 3?

Unlikely as main protagonists again, but they may appear in cameo roles or recordings to help link the story back to previous games. A new player character is more likely.

Will Subnautica 3 support VR headsets?

The previous two games added VR support post-launch, so VR for Subnautica 3 seems very probable given the immersive underwater environments.

Will there be more Subnautica games after Subnautica 3?

Subnautica 3 probably won’t mark the end of the series. If it performs well, the development team seems interested in continuing to make more games in the ocean survival genre going forward.

Conclusion: The Future Looks Bright for Subnautica 3

While details remain scarce in the absence of an official announcement, the future looks promising for Subnautica 3 based on the success of previous games. Expect an expansive new alien ocean world to explore filled with never-before-seen creatures and mysteries to unravel.

Subnautica 3 has the potential to build on the formula that made the first two titles so compelling while evolving the experience with new features like multiplayer, broader crafting, above-water gameplay, and deeper oceans.

Fans hoping to dive into Subnautica 3 may have to wait patiently into 2024 or 2025 before the next adventure in the beloved aquatic survival series releases. But the wait will undoubtedly be worth it whenever we get to step back into the waters of the next Subnautica game.

For now, all we can do is speculate and dream about what alien wonders lie in wait down in the depths of the as-yet unrevealed Subnautica 3 planet. But when details do finally emerge, the hype will be very real.

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