Download iSpoofer Pokemon GO/POGO- Best In 2022

Download iSpoofer Pokemon GO

iSpoofer Pokemon GO/POGO – If you have an iOS device and enjoy playing Pokemon Go, you have probably considered utilizing location Spoofer at some point. When the game was published in July 2016, it became the talk of the town since it was the first of its type, it used augmented reality in the game, and it was significantly different from other games on the market.

When individuals complained that they had to leave the house to play this game, which posed a safety risk, various spoofing applications appeared on the market. These spoofing applications may fake your position and add a joystick to your screen, allowing you to navigate about without leaving your environment. Fly GPS was first quite popular, but the account ban rate became too high. Many other apps were also there, and the issue was the same: accounts were being blocked.

People were looking for the most secure alternative with the lowest account ban rate. One of them is iSpoofer. Because iSpoofer is the safest spoofing tool on the market right now, we thought we’d write about how to get iSpoofer Pokemon GO for iOS.

iSpoofer PoGo Version Details:

Every spoofing application has an edge. Pokemon Go++ was immensely popular among iOS users, but the app’s creator has ceased providing updates for the most recent version of iOS. iSpoofer, on the other hand, is compatible with all current iOS versions. It is available for download and installation for iPhone, iPad, and iPod. The greatest thing is that installing iSpoofer is so straightforward that we’ve included the download link and installation instructions below.

Name iSpoofer
Version 2.2.8 (1.189.0 / 0.223.0)
File Type IPA
  • iPhone
  • iPod
  • iOS
Size 106 MB
Updated Nov 2021

iSpoofer for Pokemon Go (PoGo) Advantages

We have discussed some of the benefits of iSpoofer IPA; moreover, there are two versions of iSpoofer; the first is iSpoofer free, and the second is iSpoofer pro, which has some additional capabilities.

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We have specified which features are free and which are not.

  • You are given a joystick with which to walk and explore the environment.
  • You have the ability to teleport to any area.
  • The IV List is now accessible.
  • You can also encounter an IV Checker for free 10 times in the free version.
  • There is an auto-walking option, however, it is only available in the pro version.
  • Also available in the pro version is a nearby Gym slot scanner.
  • Nearby Radar is only available in the pro edition.
  • Feed your coordination is only accessible in the pro version.
  • Pro version of Feed Radar.
  • The free edition has an improved throw to capture Pokemon.
  • The rapid catch technique is only available in the pro version.
  • Auto GPX is available in both free and paid editions.

Download iSpoofer IPA

Download the iSpoofer Pokemon GO (PoGo) iOS IPA file from the URL provided below. It works on phones that have not been jailbroken. If the link is broken, please let us know in the comments section and we’ll fix it as soon as possible.

Download Now

How To Install iSpoofer Pokemon Go on iOS 15

Step:1 Download iSpoofer from the URL provided above.

Step:2 To install PoGO on your smartphone, you must first install AltStore.

After installing the Altstore, proceed as follows:

  1. Once you’ve downloaded the iSpoofer IPA file to your device. You may use your iDevice to access Altstore.
  2. Navigate to the My Apps area of the Altstore and click the “+” symbol in the upper left corner.
  3. Your iSpoofer IPA files will be shown. Choose an iSpoofer IPA file to install on your iOS device.
  4. Enter your Apple ID and password, and the iSpoofer IPA file will begin to install on your phone.
  5. When the app has finished installing, you may start it from the My Apps area or the phone’s home screen.
  6. Keep taking mind that applications installed through Altstore will expire after seven days.
  7. So, after seven days, go to the Altstore My application area, refresh the list of applications, and press the button directly next to any app to resign it for the following seven days.

Wrapping up

As previously stated, using third-party applications to display a joystick or fake your location may result in your ID being blocked. So keep it in mind at all times, and it is best to utilize two accounts. However, as previously said, iSpoofer is the safest and finest solution available on the market.

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