Unity Announces New Plans, Pricing And Packages For 2024

Unity, the popular game engine and development platform, has announced major updates to its pricing plans and packages for 2024. With these new plans, Unity aims to provide enhanced value and flexibility to developers of all sizes building games and interactive content.

Overview of The New Unity Plans for 2024

Unity has simplified its pricing structure into 3 new progressive subscription plans – Unity Pro, Unity Plus, and Unity Personal. Here’s an overview of what each new plan includes:

Unity Pro

Unity Pro is a premium plan aimed at professional studios and creators working on commercial projects. Key features of Unity Pro include:

  • Access to the full Unity toolset
  • Additional cloud services like Multiplay and Vivox (for voice/text chat)
  • Priority support from Unity experts

Unity Plus

Unity Plus is designed for professional and highly productive creators working alone or in small teams. Key features of Unity Plus include:

  • All core engine features
  • Additional cloud services like Matchmaking and Game Hosting
  • Standard support from Unity

Unity Personal

Unity Personal is targeted at beginners, hobbyists, and small teams getting started with real-time 3D and 2D development. It provides access to core features needed to learn and launch first projects.

In addition to these 3 plans, Unity is also introducing Plus Verified and Pro Verified higher-tier plans that offer additional services and resources for qualifying studios.

Key Differences Between The Plans

The key differences between the Unity Pro, Plus, and Personal plans lie in the scope of features available, cloud services, and level of Unity support.

Unity Pro provides the full suite of Unity’s professional tools and services for large development teams. Unity Plus offers a solid solution for individuals and small teams, while Unity Personal provides an entry-level option to get started.

Here’s a quick comparison of what’s included in each plan:


  • Pro: Full engine features, cloud services, priority support
  • Plus: Core engine features, some cloud services, standard support
  • Personal: Core engine features, basic support

Intended Users

  • Pro: Large professional studios
  • Plus: Individuals/small teams
  • Personal: Beginners, learners, hobbyists


  • Pro: Custom quote
  • Plus: $25/month per seat
  • Personal: Free

Build Size Limit

  • Pro: Unlimited
  • Plus: Up to 200GB
  • Personal: Up to 2GB

Analysis of The Updated Unity Subscription Plans

Unity’s new subscription plans for 2024 aim to deliver enhanced value to users based on their experience level and project needs. Here’s an analysis of what these packages offer:

Flexibility for Diverse Users

The tiered structure allows Unity to better serve a wide spectrum of creators – from hobbyists to enterprise studios. Beginners can start with the free Personal plan while professionals have full access via Pro or Verified.

Scales As You Grow

With straightforward pricing per seat, users can upgrade within the Unity platform as their team, projects, and publishing needs grow over time.

Added Value in Higher Tiers

The Pro and Verified plans unlock additional cloud services, features and support that power large-scale commercial game development and deployment.

Emphasis on Progress Over One-Time Purchases

Subscriptions encourage creators to keep using and learning versus one-time purchases. This aligns with Unity’s long-term vision.

Expanded Publishing Support

Higher-tier plans gain access to services that simplify publishing games on app stores, consoles, and other platforms.

Cloud-Powered Production

Cloud services like Multiplay and Vivox directly integrate into the editor for capabilities like hosting, matchmaking, and in-game chat.

Prioritized Customer Support

With Personal offering only forums-based support and Pro providing dedicated technical experts, each pricing tier clarifies the level of customizable service available.

Overall, the new Unity subscription plans aim to provide clear value aligned to the needs of each creator or studio through an easily scalable pricing model.

What The Changes Means For Different Unity Users

Unity’s 2024 pricing update has different implications for creators at various stages across the user spectrum:

Beginners & Students

The free Unity Personal plan lowers the barrier to getting started with real-time 3D development. Beginners can access core editor features and forums support to learn and experiment.

Indie Developers

For independent creators building breakout hits, Unity Plus offers a professional toolset and cloud services to scale an indie studio at an affordable $25/month per seat.

Mid-Size Studios

For established studios building console and mobile games, Unity Pro unlocks unrestricted production capabilities including unlimited build sizes and top-tier support.


Larger enterprises that qualify can tap into premium support, services, and resources via Pro Verified or Plus Verified plans suitable for live games and cross-platform releases.


Academic pricing for Plus and Pro plans is available for instructors at accredited education institutions teaching Unity development.

The tiered structure allows virtually any developer at any stage to get onboard, leverage Unity’s leading 3D/2D engine and ecosystem, and upgrade over time as their needs evolve.

Key Questions About Unity’s New 2024 Plans

Unity’s updated subscription plans for 2024 lead to some natural questions for the developer community. Here are answers to some key questions:

Will I Have to Switch Plans?

Existing Unity Personal, Plus, and Pro subscribers can continue under legacy 2019 pricing until their first renewal date in 2024, upon which the new plans/pricing takes effect.

Can I Export Unlimited Builds on Plus?

The build size is limited to 200GB on Plus, but you can export an unlimited number of builds within that size limit. Pro is fully unrestricted.

How Is Plus Verified Different Than Pro?

Plus Verified provides additional services on top of the core Plus plan like managed cloud hosting and expert support. But Pro still provides more features for large studios.

What Happens If I Cancel My Subscription?

You retain access to your Unity project files but lose access to the editor, cloud builds, and technical support while unsubscribed. Just resubscribe at any time to regain full access.

Can I Use Third-Party Asset Stores and Tools?

Yes, Plus and Pro subscriptions provide full access to the Asset Store and integrations with third-party tools like MonoDevelop, Visual Studio, and Blender.

How Often Are Major Engine Updates?

Unity aims to provide at least 2 major engine updates per year plus weekly patch releases. Subscribers always have access to the latest stable version.

Overall, Unity’s new pricing provides flexible options to meet diverse needs as developers launch and grow professional games, applications and immersive experiences using Unity’s powerful 3D development platform.

Key Benefits of Unity Plus for Most Users

For most individual developers and small teams, Unity Plus offers the best plan with the right mix of professional tools and cloud services at a fair price of $25/month per seat.

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Here are some of the key benefits Unity Plus provides for most independent creators:

Complete Core Engine Features

Build 2D/3D games and applications for over 25 platforms with Unity’s advanced multi-platform engine and toolset. No restrictions or missing features.

200GB Cloud Builds

Ship your finished games instantly to users worldwide via Unity’s cloud-build service. Up to 200GB per project.

Multiplayer Networking

Dedicated game servers, lobby systems, matchmaking, voice chat, and other features to power online and real-time multiplayer experiences.

Standard Support

Get answers fast with access to online documentation plus questions answered by Unity support experts within 1 business day.

Asset Store

Quickly find quality 3D models, environments, scripts, materials, and other assets created by the Unity community and partners.

Scales up to Pro

Easily upgrade to the Pro plan over time as your projects grow and you wish to expand your team.

For serious solo developers or small studios ready to build and publish professional-grade games, Unity Plus delivers an affordable solution with the right blend of services and support.

Unity Personal Lets Beginners Get Started

While Unity Plus is designed for established creators, Unity’s free Personal plan enables anyone to start learning real-time 3D development at no cost.

Unity Personal is a great entry point for:

Students – Learn 3D skills with the same tools as the pros. Unity is used in leading design and game dev programs.

Hobbyists – Realize your interactive 3D project ideas without investing in paid software. Share your creations with the community.

Beginners – Get introduced to Unity and 3D development through documentation, tutorials, and community support.

Evaluators – Kick the tires on Unity before committing to paid plans for commercial projects.

Though Unity Personal has build size and other limits for commercial use, it remains extremely capable and flexible:

  • Complete access to the Unity editor and core engine features
  • Build and export games up to 2GB in size
  • Tons of free learning resources and tutorials
  • Thriving community forums for questions and networking
  • A risk-free way to get started with real-time 3D

By maintaining a free entry point, Unity lowers the barrier for aspiring developers, students, and anyone with an interest in interactive 3D content creation.

Pro and Verified Plans Built for Enterprise Needs

While Plus meets the needs of most independent studios, Unity Pro and Pro Verified provide the additional services, resources, and capabilities demanded by large enterprises and cross-platform releases.

Some key examples of how Unity Pro and Verified plans empower big teams:

Unlimited Build Sizes

No restrictions on build sizes, and maximum flexibility for large projects.

Premier Support

Direct access to Unity engineers and personal account management.

Added Security

Enhanced end-to-end security protections for live games and applications.

Custom Cloud Hosting

Fully managed cloud infrastructure tailored to your game and scale.

Additional Tool Integrations

Added integrations with solutions like Jenkins, SonarQube, and Perforce Helix.

Automated Testing

Tools to automate testing across multiple devices and Unity versions.

Managed Services

Offload tasks like project migration, QA, and performance optimization.

The high-touch services and scalability in Pro plans cater to enterprises launching games, automotive applications, film projects and other intensive 3D workloads.

For small teams, Plus already provides top capabilities – but the door is open to move up to Pro as your hits grow.

Unity’s 2024 Price Changes Aim To Satisfy All Users

Unity’s newly announced subscription plans and pricing for 2024 aim to provide refined value to the diverse range of creators utilizing its leading development platform. From aspiring developers to professional studios, these new options address the needs across the spectrum:

Personal – FREE access enables beginners to easily get started.

Plus – $25/month per seat supplies a complete toolset for most indie studios.

Pro – Unlocks unlimited capabilities and services for enterprises.

Verified – Additional services and premium support when launching at a massive scale.

With these flexible plans tied to clear use cases, Unity continues to pursue its vision – empowering creators across industries to leverage real-time 3D to develop innovative applications and experiences.

The streamlined pricing aims to provide cost-effective access to Unity’s continuously evolving technology, tools and support ecosystems based on each user’s specific needs. As always, Unity offers a risk-free way to get started for free.


Unity’s new subscription plans and pricing for 2024 deliver enhanced value to developers ranging from hobbyists to large studios. Key highlights include:

  • Three tiers – Personal, Plus, and Pro – aligned to user needs
  • Scalable pricing to upgrade as projects grow
  • Added cloud services, features, and support in higher plans
  • Plus plan delivers a complete solution for most at $25/month per user
  • Personal remains free for beginners, students, and learning
  • Pro and Verified enable unlimited production capabilities for enterprises
  • All plans include access to the latest Unity engine features and updates

By simplifying pricing and tying tiers to clear use cases, Unity’s 2024 plans help creators of all types leverage its powerful, flexible 3D development platform. The streamlined options support developers at any stage to get started, iterate, publish, and expand their interactive projects using Unity’s comprehensive tools and ecosystem.

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