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Download Pokemon Crystal Version ROM

Pokemon Crystal Version is a game released by Nintendo for their device Game Boy Color. It was released in the 2000s. It is the first Pokemon game that allows you to select your character’s gender. Pokemon Crystal Version is a remake of the Pokemon Gold and Silver but the Pokemon Crystal Version is better and has more features than the previous parts. It is an RPG game and it is from Generation II.

Many players are looking for the Pokemon Crystal Version ROM, so we thought why not share it in a blog? So in this blog, we will discuss the Pokemon Crystal Version game and also give you the link to download the Crystal Version Rom. So stick to this blog.

What’s New in the Pokemon Crystal Version?

As the Pokemon Crystal Version is inspired/remake of the Pokemon Gold and Silver, so many players ask what’s new with the game. So here are some things that are new in the Pokemon Crystal Version.

  • The first thing that you will find new is the female character. The name of the female character is Kris and you can play with that character.
  • Other than a new character, the graphics of many games have been changed.
  • Other than that, the performance of the game is better than the previous game.
  • In the scenes, some dialogues have been changed slightly.
  • Entei and Suicune have their battle themes, unlike the previous games.
  • Many locations have been changed and new locations have been added to the game. These new locations are better and players like them better than the previous ones.
  • The Battle Tower is added.
  • Multiple gameplay changes have been done and players have many new fight combinations.
  • Many new Pokemon have been added to the game.

More about the Game
Like the previous games, the Pokemon Crystal Version is also set in the Jhoto region, in a town called the New Bark Town. Pokemon Crystal Version was only playable on the Game Boy Color when it was first released. But now many players play Pokemon Crystal and you can also play it.

The graphics of the Pokemon Crystal is better than the Pokemon Gold and Silver. Other than that, you will feel that the performance of the game is better than the previous game. New locations have also been added.

Download Pokemon Crystal Version ROM

To download the Pokemon Crystal Version ROM, use the given link:                                                                       


Firstly, download the ROM from the above-given link. After that, load the ROM in your emulator and enjoy the Pokemon Crystal Version!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the frequently asked questions about the Pokemon Crystal ROM.

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What was special about the Pokemon Crystal?

The special thing about the Pokemon Crystal was that it was released with a female character called Kris. Before Pokemon Crystal, you could not play with a female character. So this was a bit special for the female players.

Is Pokemon Crystal the same as gold?

Yes, it is kind of the same as gold because it is the remake of gold. Many things have been altered and many new things have been added. But all in all the concept of the game is not changed, the game is improved.

What legendaries are in Pokemon Crystal?

There is a total of five legendaries in the Pokemon Crystal. These are:

• Ho-Oh
• Raikou
• Suicune
• Lugia
• Entei

Did they remake the Pokemon Crystal?

Yes, after a long time the creators of Pokemon Crystal remade and released the game in 2018. The remake was released for the Nintendo 3DS gaming console. Along with many other games, the Pokemon Crystal was also added for the 3DS.

Can you play as a boy in Pokemon Crystal?

Yes, you can play Pokemon as a boy. Mainly you can play two characters male and female, you can choose whatever you like and play the game with it.

How can I get Celebi in Pokemon Crystal?

It is not very easy to get Celebi in the Pokemon Crustal. Firstly, you have to find the Celebi Quest and unlock it. The Celebi Quest is hidden in the game. Once you have unlocked the quest, you will get Celebi.

Can I play Pokemon Crystal on the Nintendo Switch?

The straight answer is No, you can not play Pokemon Crystal on the Nintendo Switch. The device is not capable of running the game and it is not yet available for the Switch.


The Pokemon Crystal Version is a remake of the game Pokemon Gold and Silver. The concept of the game is the same but many minor and more changes have been done. We have discussed them above other than that, we have also given the Pokemon Crystal Version ROM download link. You can check all of it above! If you have any suggestions then let us know!

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