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Get Free Chegg Answers

Here we have gathered some Chegg answers that you can check out. Many times you need an answer to your school homework questions and you are unable to get them. You might have asked many people about it and searched everywhere on the internet. But it seems impossible to get the answer. We all can relate to this! So there is a company called Chegg.

Chegg is an educational technology company based in California, USA. It provides digital education to the people. It also provides physical textbooks. You can get online tutoring services from them. They are one of the best in what they do.

With the help of Chegg, you can get answers to all of your educational questions. Whether it is math, science, or any other subject, Chegg get’s all of it done. Chegg is a nice platform but there is a slight problem. They give these services for money. If you want to get answers from Chegg, you have to sign up for their paid program.

But don’t worry in this blog we have tackled this issue and given the most suitable solutions. So stick to the end!

How to Get Chegg Answers for free?

There are different ways to get Chegg Answers for free. So we have gathered the best ways to help you. Just follow the given ways and get your answers easily!

1. Crack Chegg Website

The first way to get Chegg answers for free is to use the Chegg cracked website. Many other people use the crack Chegg website to use their services for free. The website is called HomeWorkify. You can check it out here. The process to get answers is simple. Copy the link of your question, then visit the crack Chegg website and paste the link there. After pasting the link, fill in the captcha and click on Get Answer. You will get your answer.

2. Free Chegg Trial

If you didn’t know it before, you can get a free Chegg trial. You don’t have to spend money and you can get free answers. Many people don’t know about it. It is a one-month trial and you can get Chegg services for free in this trial. You can get the Chegg trial by visiting this Chegg Trial link. Once you visit this page, enter your email and other information.

Add a payment method and Create an account, and your trial of 4-weeks will start. After the trial is over. Remove your payment method details.

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3. Use Other Platforms

To get Chegg answers, you can use some other platforms. Quora can be an excellent option. You can check out your answer on They have answers to almost everything. It is like a community of specialists, PhDs, and other normal people. If the answer to your question is not available on Quora then try asking the question yourself.

Other than Quora, you can try getting your answer on Reddit. You might think what can I get on Reddit? But trust me it is not just an app for bluffers and members. You can get information on almost everything on Reddit. You can join groups on Reddit and then ask your questions there.

After Reddit, you can try getting your Answer from Discord. There are communities on discord that help students to get their work done. There are many other educational communities and groups that are very helpful to get your work done. You should join these groups and I am sure you will get your desired answers from there.

Other than all of these platforms, the last thing that you can try is to search for your question on the web. You can get literally find anything by searching across the internet. Many educational blogs and websites are available that have already given answers to millions of questions on almost all topics. So you should try getting your answers from there.

4. Chegg Premium For Free

Now, if you want to get Chegg premium for free then follow the given instructions.

  • The first thing that you have to do is to go to this Chegg Premium link.
  • After visiting the link. Click on Start Creation. Then select your OS.
  • After that, click on Load Apps. Then from the list of the given apps, select any 2 apps and install them and then use them for 30 seconds.
  • Then come back to the website and use enjoy your Chegg premium.

Note that this website gives premium apps in exchange for you downloading apps from their link. This makes them money and in return, you get your Chegg premium.


Chegg is an excellent platform for online education. But everyone can not afford it. So in this blog, we have given alternate solutions to get answers. We have discussed different platforms and websites to get answers for free. So do check them out above. Lastly, I hope this blog was helpful for you.

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