Codashop Free Fire India: How Can I Top Up My Free Fire Diamonds In 2022 On Codashop

Codashop Free Fire India

Are you confused about Codashop and how to top-up Free Fire Diamonds with that? You are not alone! Keep reading this blog to clear up your confusion! Free Fire has a huge fanbase and it seems to increase day by day. We see millions of fans coming in. With all of this craze, the game creators are not stopping and they are adding new items, cars, and skins to the game.

Most of them are difficult to get free. So the only way to get them is to purchase them. There are a lot of ways that you can use to buy Free Fire diamonds but Codashop is considered one of the best. So in this blog, we have answered the question “How can I top up my free fire diamonds on Codashop”. We will also discuss what is Codashop and how it works. So if you are confused about Codashop, you must continue reading this blog.

What is Codashop?

Codashop is a well-known top website. It is one of the most used and trusted websites when it comes to game top-ups. We all know how important it is to have in-game currency. Without in-game currency, you can not have fun and you can never take complete advantage of the game.

Platforms like Codashop have made it easier for players to get in-game currency. The best part about Codashop is that it is not limited to a single game. Yes, you can top up many popular games including Free Fire. Codashop has a very hassle-free process of top-ups.

How Does Codashop work?
Codashop has a simple mechanism of top-ups. You just have to put in your id and pay for the items you have purchased and your items will be available in your account. Some people think that it is a scam and it can get your account banned. But this is not true, it is completely allowed and thousands of players use Codashop to get game items.

How Can I Top up My Free Fire Diamonds on Codashop?

If you are someone who is not familiar with the top-up process of Codashop then there is no need to worry. Now we are going to share the step-by-step process to top up Free Fire diamonds on Codashop. Make sure to follow the given steps properly.

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  • First of all, open the official Codashop website.
  • After that, see the menu and look for Free Fire from the Direct Top-ups option.
  • Now, you will see a box. Enter your Free Fire ID in that box.
  • Once you have added your Free Fire ID, select the number of diamonds you are willing to buy. You will see a price depending on the number of diamonds you have chosen.
  • Now, you have to pay for the diamonds. You can pay through the available payment methods (currently you can pay through PayTM, Bank, and UPI). Select your desired payment method and complete the transaction. Do take a screenshot of the payment in case things go wrong.
  • After the transaction is done open your Free Fire account. Your purchased diamonds will be available in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions about Codashop that we have tried to answer.

Is Codashop legit?

Yes, Codashop is completely legit. Many players think that it is fake and they will not get their purchased items. But this is not true. It is completely trustworthy. They have been giving their services for many years now and thousands of players buy in-game currency and items from Codashop daily.

Can I buy PUBG UC from Codashop?

Yes, you can buy PUBG UC from Codashop. It is not limited to a single game. Whether it is Free Fire or PUBG or any other popular game. You can buy in-game currency from Codashop.

Is Codashop safe?

Yes, Codashop is completely safe. You will not get in trouble for using it. It is used by many players and the users have positive reviews.

How can I pay on Codashop?

Currently, there are only a few payment methods for Codashop. You can use PayTM, UPI, and your Bank. They might add other payment methods in the future but at the moment they just have three ways.

Will my Free Fire account get banned after Codashop top-up?

No, your Free Fire account will not get banned for using Codashop. There is no risk of getting your account banned.


Codashop is an amazing website to buy in-game items and currency. Some people were confused and they were asking the question “How can I top up my Free Fire diamonds on Codashop”. So in this blog, we have answered this question briefly. We have discussed all the major points. You can check all of it above. In the end, I hope that your doubts are cleared by now. If you have any further queries then feel free to ask us in the comments!

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